Story1 Summary: No closure had been made and all I could do is wait for him. Kuroko's POV when Akashi no longer communicates with her.

A/N: Unbeta-ed. Akashi x female Kuroko. Kuroko's POV.

Disclamer: I own nothing.

I'll Be Waiting

It's been almost a year since I entered Seirin Highschool. A year since I have been separated with him. He still resides in my mind everyday though and there would not be a day when I would not send him a morning and a night mail.

I would not forget the day he confessed to me. The first time I saw him nervous and looking like he did not sure what to say or did not know what would happen. I remember feeling the hard pounding of his heart when he enclosed me with his two strong arms after I confessed my feelings too. The first time I saw him looking very accomplished and satisfied. His facial expression is soft and his eyes are full of emotions. I would not forget how he looked at me and how he smiled at me. I felt at that time that he was everything I could ask for.

I open my phone with a smile on my lips. I began typing my message and then I send it to him immediately. I wanted my message to be the first thing he reads when he woke up.

Sent today 5:01 AM

To: Akashi Seijuuro

Subject: I Miss You

Ohayou Sei-kun. Please don't forget your umbrella today. I heard from yesterday's news that there might be a rain this afternoon.

Mail me if you need anything. I miss you. I love you.

I stand up and began preparing for school. As usual my bed hair is not cooperating with me. I remember Akashi would even help me tame my bed hair when I could not manage it especially when I woke up late. I wonder how he could know something like that but then if it is Akashi, he could do anything after all. I wanted to cut it just a little below my ears so it could be more manageable but Akashi wanted my hair long so I grew it long.

After the usual struggle with my hair I walked to the school still thinking if he had already read the mail. As I see the school's gate, I could see a faint image of a certain red hair waiting. I remember that Akashi would also wait for me at the gate and we will walk together to our classroom every day. When he did not have anything to do for the council he would help me with my library duties.

"Yo, Kuroko" the red head said.

"Ohayou Kagami-kun" I said while bowing. "To think that you could be early sometimes."

"W-well I think I could practice a little" he said.

"Who are you waiting then?" I asked him. "Hmmm a girl perhaps, who could have interest you by the way?"

He did not answer and just looked away so I added. "If you are looking like that she might have already run away from fear."

"What does that mean you bastard?" he said while he walks beside me towards the gym.

Kagami had started his practice as I sit from the bench observing him play. I applied as a manager for Seirin basketball team. As a girl I have a very weak body but I could be very observant especially on basketball skills and plays.

As I hear the familiar sounds of the dribbling of ball and whooshing of net, I remember our practice in middle school. We are required to go early for morning practices and after school practices. It's a daily struggle for all the team members since no one wants to be punished by Akashi. He is the captain after all. Everyone listen to all his orders. Everyone believes in him. That includes myself too. I still believe in him even after everything falls apart.

After the practice we silently went to our classroom. When the teacher is not looking, I always take a chance to glance in my phone hoping I could see a reply from Akashi. My heart aches every time I could not see an incoming message but I could not help myself to keep looking.

I tried to focus in class but I will still find a thing that would remind me of him. I slap myself and concentrate I could not make my grades low because I know he will be mad at me. Akashi would top the class even without effort but he will not make it an excuse to not go to classes and study.

I look at the window and could see raindrops are already falling. I wonder if he received my mail or took the time to read it. I would only receive greetings from him in special occasions and that would be enough to make my day.

He might be very busy. I wonder how a highschool student like us could be as busy as that, but if it's Akashi it might be different. He is a very busy person even in our middle school. He might be already preparing himself to take over to their family's business.

Classes finished and I mailed him again saying he should be careful on his way home. I started to walk home as rain drops heavily from the sky. I tried to smile and hope I could read a reply when I got home.

~Time skips~

You have 0 unread message(s).

Years passed and he would not mail me. The occasional mail would be less and less until he would not care to mail me anymore. I could only see him when we have matches but then I could not talk to him like we did before. I could not say anything anymore to him. I did not know what to say because I feel there is already a big gap in us. I did not know what is happening on him. I could only hear from rumors. I heard he already have a fiancé from a big family just like him.

Kagami confessed to me in our first year but I turned him down. I could not see myself in a relationship with other. I could only think of him.

Have he really forgotten about me? No closure has been made and I could only wait for his reply. In my mind I created thousands of reply once he talks to me again. I would tell him I hated him for making me wait for him but I could not really despise him.

I would repeatedly replay our memories from the past. My mind will then start to wander to the invisible world I created –with only him and me.

After trying hard I could only conclude one thing every night.

I would still be waiting.