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Once upon a time, a handsome, heterochromatic-eyed red head prince meets a beautiful mysterious teal head princess whilst walking in the forest. When their eyes met, they instantly fall in love with each other.

Or so, as told by every fairy tale books those children love to read. However we are not living in a fairy tale nor do we have a prince and princess instantly falling in love out of nowhere then risking their lives for each other. What we have here are two strangers meeting in a commonplace setting for a commonplace reason – school. They did not even know the existence of each other even sharing the same classroom for almost a month now.

Akashi Seijuuro, the boy in the first row and in fact, the very definition of the prince earlier could not care less in his surroundings. He does not ride in a horse and would not have turned everyone's smiles direct at him. In opposite, everyone avoids him and scared of him. He does not mind the crowd nor do they interest him. They are mere pawns that he would sacrifice and used to carry out his undertakings. No one is allowed to be in his world and thus he was all alone.

Kuroko Tetsumi, the girl at the second row beside the window, who might be wearing a very undistinguishable mask, is void of any emotions a fairy tale princess should not be doing. She would not sing nor dance and let every human or animals join her coincidental performance. Even if she suddenly sings everyone would freak out because they will think she is a ghost. She did not attract attention even when she is as beautiful as a princess. No one notice her so she was forced to shut herself in her own world and thus she was all alone.

There are always two sides on a story.

The first time their eyes met, there are no magical fireworks, no singing birds and of course time did not suddenly decide to stop. Rather being enchanted they felt awkward.

Akashi came back to see if the other students leave their task again and would reprimand them if necessary. When he entered the classroom there are no students left but the classroom are already clean. He decided to leave but then he felt a movement on the chair at the back. Unexpectedly, a girl suddenly stands. His eyes met her unreadable eyes. He broke the gaze immediately and felt annoyed.

Tetsumi is assigned to clean that day but no one else help her since there were rumors of ghost moving chairs and tables. Coincidently that incident occurs in her every schedule. As she was about to leave, a red head devil who looks like he was about to eat someone suddenly enters the classroom. Far from being afraid, she let her presence known by suddenly standing. She noticed how he was surprised and silently she felt like teasing him more.

Unlike the prince, Akashi felt he hated the girl for reasons he himself did not completely understand. He just hates everything about the girl. Her poker face that made her hard to read. Her silence demeanor that is invisible to them including him and that makes them unaware of her real intentions. Her very existence is a glitch from his calculated world.

Unlike the princess, Tetsumi felt he hated the boy for reasons she herself did not completely understand. She just hates everything about the boy. His perfect demeanor which makes everyone trust his decisions and let themselves be manipulated. His knowing eyes which makes everyone else ignorant and boring. His very existence is a glitch from her plain world.

But little by little their worlds traverse into one.

Akashi hated her almost invisible presence so he made sure to look for her first every time he walks into rooms. When he finds the girl, he would continue to mind his own world but he peeks every now and then to make sure that the girl is still there. He even changed his seat to the third row so he could see her and not make her notice. Luckily the girl seating in her back is not going to school anymore.

When Akashi was assigned to hand over the test paper he noticed how average her score were. They were unworthy of praise. He gave her the papers while smirking to mock her test results but the girl just stare without breaking. He was the one who get annoyed.

In P.E, he notices how she struggles in physical exam. She always fall and hurt herself along the way. Her weak body is unworthy of his attention. When she is struggling on a bar she suddenly falls. He was about to walk to her just to ridicule her but a classmate stumble upon her. The boy is surprised at first but upon seeing her face, he suddenly blush and instead of being afraid he help her stand up. He was the one who get annoyed.

Akashi enjoyed being alone and did not want to listen to the bickering of other teenagers. Everyone is afraid of him but before, there are girls who tried to confess to him and Akashi shut all of them. In lunches, he would always go to the rooftop to enjoy his lunch and his solitude. Upon arriving, he notice the teal head already seating in the corner. She is not eating but only drinking vanilla milkshake. He wanted to scold and lecture her about her diet but he knew she would not listen plus he wanted to be alone. He is now more annoyed to the teal head.

When he wanted a more peaceful surrounding, Akashi thinks the library is the perfect place. However of all places the teal head is there. She was too absorbed in reading and not minding everyone else. She did not notice that she was already alone. He walks to her front but the girl is still lost in whatever she is reading. He stares at her. He notice how beautiful her teal hair which is flowing an inch below her ears. Her bangs are almost covering her eyes. Her round teal eyes are decorated with beautiful thick lashes. Her skin is as pale as Snow White in books. Her lips are perfectly curve. He was curious if those lips are as soft as it seem. Then the lips suddenly move.

"Akashi-kun?" the voice wakes his trance. Embarrassed, Akashi walks out of the library without saying anything.

Do prince falls in love out of hate or a witch have his heart cursed?

He is now lying in his bed. The room is dark but his mind is still awake. He is thinking of the past events in school. Except in basketball practice, his mind always ends up thinking about Tetsumi. It was becoming more troublesome. He could not comprehend what is happening and what he did not understand annoys him most. He felt sleepy at last and slowly close his eyes.

He felt a warm hand as someone seems caressing his hair. He then smiles before falling deep into a dark snowy dream.

Is she a cursed princess or a corrupted witch? Antagonists have their fair share of reasons but somewhere their stories are lost in the pages of the books.

She hates fairy tales. They are creating false hopes for little young girls that someday a prince biting a red rose and riding in a white talking horse would come and save them from their boring lives. Those stories say that love happens in a blink of an eye and meeting someone for the first time makes you want to marry him instantly.

For Tetsumi, love happens bit by bit and needs constant sustenance. Planting it to the mind slowly and making that someone feel you are all they needed would make a better story, stories that may have no end.

There are always two sides on a story or three depending on the plot the author would like to convey.

Making fun of something he did not know is all that it is at first but she wanted a full spectrum of his reactions. As she watched his boring expressions from his back everyday, she became interested on how to change those facial reactions. She grew obsessed of how he reacts to thing. Something that unbeknownst to other people and something she did not wanted to share with them. She wanted it all and she wanted it all alone.

Creating rumors that some ghost haunted their classroom would make other students had reason to ditch cleaning. This is something a class president would not overlook. He came by looking as scary as he was to others but somewhere she is waiting to crack open that façade. She could exploit those years worth of suppressed feelings. As expected he was surprise to see her. She made sure he would lock his gaze to her eyes. She felt satisfied when he was annoyed.

She hated him because he was getting too much attention from her. She hated his princely and perfect image because he will get all the attention of other people. She did not plan to get emotionally involved to anyone yet she just could not help it. This must be the works of love or should she say chemicals in her body.

It bored her that she was the only one observing. After the first incident, she made sure to make her presence known to the red head. Making a sacrifice is not a big deal and missing people is a commonplace so when the loud girl in her back confesses to the red head she made sure she will be included in those growing statistics. The red head change his seat to her back as her plan and she could feel his constant gaze on her. The feelings of excitement never left the ends of her skins but her face is too blank for anyone to notice.

She adores how responsible Akashi is, that even handing over unimportant papers like test result would be worthy of his time. Test results would not really measure your true worth and grades could not be a judge of character. She just had to be average so no one notice her because this is how society judge people, him included. He smirked at her as he hands her the papers as she just stared on the red head. She love making him annoyed, it shows he was interested in her.

She does not hate physical activity but her body is too weak to comply what her brain wanted to do. She always fall and hurt herself along the way. She noticed the red head looking so she went to the nearest bar. She will make herself fall wondering if he would catch her when she falls. But much to her amusement something else happened as another classmate help her and she saw a different reaction to him that day. She knew that reaction is called jealousy.

Tetsumi like to be alone and be forgotten. She did not want to be noticed, she just wanted to be in the background to observe. Akashi on the other hand got a lot of attention especially from the female population so she had to shut them all. It worked as everyone become suddenly afraid of the red head. There are rumors that all of those who get too close to him transfer immediately from unidentified fear. The red head would always be in the rooftop during lunch just like Tetsumi but the red head enjoyed his solitude so much that he will not notice her. However this time is different because the red head would always see her everywhere he goes. It is as if he was suddenly programmed to look for her amongst the crowd. She was drinking her favorite vanilla milkshake like always when he arrived. She acted like she did not saw him. He was looking at her drinks with his annoyed face. Looks like someone already care for her.

Nothing is more peaceful than the library and the teal head would wait there until Akashi finished his daily dose of torment er basketball practice. It was then unexpected to her that the certain red head would came to visit her and be bold enough to look at her face just directly in her front. She saw as his mismatched eyes travel from her head to her face then stopping to her lips. She then decided to tease him a little.

"Akashi-kun?" the voice wakes his trance. His face reddening as his hair is priceless to her observant eyes.

The wicked witch will die and the prince and princess will live happily ever after.

No they won't after all the story is just beginning. She watched as the red head falls into deep slumber as she caresses his smooth red hair. She brushed her soft lips against his warm forehead as he smiles in his dream.

I will be waiting, my prince.

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