Two pairs of sky-blue eyes shot open in surprise, welcomed by the swirling shadows of darkness. His eyes probed into the abyss of night, searching for anything out of place. He found nothing. Confused, Ky shuffled across his mattress, yanking his sheets away from his legs and peeking over the side into the bunk below. Nothing was out of place. His best friend was sleeping soundly underneath, his mouth slightly open and limbs splayed out in a position that could only be comfortable for him.

A little sigh escaped Ky's lips, realising that he was going to have a hard time getting back to sleep, especially with Mr Sleepy Head down there snoring like a steam engine. With a second, much more defeated sigh, Ky gently hung his feet over the bed, searching for the ladder. After finding it, he climbed down as quickly as he could without waking the sleeping boy.

Avoiding the creaky floorboards, Ky reached the edge of the room before grasping the handle, quietly pulling the door open and begging for it not to make a sound. Thankfully the door seemed to be on good terms with him today, it stayed silent. He left it ajar before he began padding down the silent corridor and into the lounge. The moonlight gave little visibility in the fairly large room, and was the reason as to why Ky stubbed his toe on a chair leg, fell head-first over the couch and stepped on what he was fairly certain was the TV remote. "Ow, ow, ow , ow!" He yelped in pain, clutching his foot and hopping around in a small circle, trying to ease the pain.

"Stupid... thing..." He cursed, luckily avoiding stepping on or tripping over anything else, as he reached his destination. The kitchen. Crouching down, he opened the cabinet door and grabbed a glass, nudging it shut with his foot and running the glass under the tap, filling it up with water and, realising how parched he was, gulping it down in one go.

Then, as he went to refill his glass, he heard the most terrifying sound in the world. His mouth dropped open and was hardly aware of the fact that his fingers slipped on the now empty glass, watching as it fell in slow motion before smashing on the floor sending glass spraying everywhere.

He ignored it, seeming to hardly care if he sliced his feet open on the jagged glass as he raced towards the rooms, giving a startled yell when he was pitched head-over-heels after hitting the couch for the second time. Slightly disorientated, he shakily climbed to his feet and sprang back into action; sprinting towards the rooms, skidding around the corner and face-planting into the wall. He allowed himself to give a small, pained groan before pulling himself together and reaching for the door handle, throwing the door open just as another terrified scream ripped through the building and into his heart.

On the bed, caught up in the sheets, tossing and turning, desperately kicking out, screaming and gasping for breath with tears streaming down her face was the source of the sound. Maya. Ky raced to the bedside, dodging frantic kicks and flailing limbs as he attempted to hold the girl still. He managed to slide his arm underneath the girl, pulling her close to his chest to prevent her from kicking out.

Her eyes shot open and she bolted up, pushing herself away from Ky, a scream escaping her lips as she fell off her bed. "Maya!" Ky exclaimed, helping the girl to her feet. "It's okay, you're okay, it was just a nightmare." Ky exclaimed, concern increasing as the girl snapped her hand away in fear. Maya, after recognising his voice, nodded slowly, sliding back onto her bed and wiping her eyes with a little sniffle. "It wasn't real, I promise."

"K-Ky ... It w-w-was h-horrible... I-I-I was s-so s-scared-d..." Maya sobbed, her small frame shaking with fear.

"I know, I know, My." He replied, sliding onto the bed next to her and hugging her tightly, allowing her to bury her face into his shoulder. "But it's okay, you're safe now. I won't let anything hurt you, okay?" He could feel her nod, her tears dampening his top but he didn't care. "Shhh, My. Don't be scared, it can't hurt you."

"K-K-Ky everyone... E-everyone d-d-died...!" Maya whispered, her hands gripping his tee-shirt and curling into small fists. "L-L-Lokar... He k-killed you a-all... I-I-I couldn't... I c-couldn't s-stop him. I-I w-wasn't s-strong enou-enough!"

"Shhh," He soothed. "Maya, it's okay; no-one's dead, okay? Everyone's alive, they're all fine. Believe me, it was a dream it can't hurt you any more." Maya was still shaking and tears were still streaming down her face as she tried to control herself. "Maya, listen to me, okay? I promise you, I will stay by your side and protect you! I'll never let anyone hurt you, I'll always be right beside you. I promise. Okay?"

"O... Okay."

He gently rubbed her back, whispering comforting words into her ear until her sobs quietened and tears disappeared. Five minutes later, a small grin spread itself on his face as he lowered her back into her bed, gently pulling the sheets over her body and tucking them under her chin. He smiled, and after thinking for a split second, leant down and kissed her on the forehead.

"Sweet Dreams, My." He whispered, brushing a loose strand of hair away from her eyes before quietly tiptoeing out of the room and silently closing the door behind him.

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