Chapter 1

The doors of the TARDIS slam open, as Dante had just escaped capture from the guards of one Galadriel, Lady of the Wood. Ducking beneath an arrow that just missed his head, angry shouts were heard as he quickly shut the doors behind him. Taking a deep breath, Dante walked towards the console, completely ignoring the furious pounding of fists on the locked door. In his right hand he held a long rod shaped object wrapped in elvish cloth. He unwraps it to reveal a staff. A wizards staff to be precise. After training with Gandalf, Radagast and the elves, they knew he was ready. Forged out of the enchanted trees of elven territory, and fashioned to look like Gandalf's original staff. Holding it up, he reads an inscription on the side that says: To Dante Price, Lord of Time and Protector of Middle Earth, may the Evenstar continually guide you through your travels.

"Hehe, I wonder what I did to make her followers so angry, I just said hello." He mused to himself out loud while chuckling softly. "Oh well I guess I'll find out eventually."

The matter of the fact was after Galadriel gave him his staff, he had planted a well placed a kiss on her cheek. That is what lead him to his current perdicament.

Dante then turned back to face the door as the pounding of fists gave way to a deep rhythmic thump.

"Hmmm, it appears they have a battering ram. Well best be off, wouldn't want them to scratch the paint."

He than began to hum the song of Misty Mountains to himself as he began to flip switches and pulling certain levers.

Before pulling the last lever, he grinned mischievously and shouted, "Allons-y!"
Dante pulled the lever as the telltale wheezing of the TARDIS began as he slips into the time space stream.

Pacing around the console, he begins pondering to himself.

"So, where to this time old girl? Perhaps we could go to the chariot races in Ancient Rome? Oh wait, last time I went, Cesear put a price on my head. Hmmm? Or maybe pay a visit to the Shimmering Isles. Hopefully, Sheogorath's in a happy mood. Oh, how about-"

He was instantly cut off, as the TARDIS began lerching violently to the side knocking him to the ground. The cloister bell began to toll as the TARDIS was ripped from the time stream and was hurled through the void between dimensions.

"Nononononono! Don't do this!"

Dante desperately tries to stabilize, but the controls were seized and refuse to move. He looks up to see the rotar of the TARDIS' core, which was normally blue, be replaced by a bright green.

"What in the name of Galifrey?! What's going on?! Just hold on! Don't fail me now!"

As Dante scrambled to regain control, he almost misses a voice of a young girl echoing through his mind.

"My servant that existed somewhere in this vast universe, my divine, beautiful, wise, powerful servant, heed my call, I wish from very bottom of my heart and add to my guidance and appear!"

'What the hell?! Who in the name of Rassilon could be this powerful enough to make a psychic connection?'

The monitor began beeping rapidly as he checked to see his destination. Seeing he couldn't regain control, no matter how much he tried, Dante braced for impact as the TARDIS began making its fall into an new dimension.