Part 2/ The Continuation

Thank you all for the great reviews! As promised here's the continuation. It's pretty long but it gets nice and smutty at the end ;)

Feliciano's head hung to the side as he started to doze off with Ludwig staring at him angrily. He had called him, receiving an angry (and oddly squeaky) response from Lovino.

"Damn it, potato bastard! I'm busy."

"The meeting is about to start! Get your brother and drive here immediately!"

"Why do we have to be there?"

"It's an important international meeting. Besides, I need to talk to Feliciano after." Lovino paused for a second and Ludwig could hear a small growl coming from the phone.

"Fine! We're coming."

Before Ludwig hung up, he could hear Feli in the background groaning in disappointment. Ludwig didn't think much of it. He imagined he just interrupted the two eating pasta at a nice restaurant or getting some gelatos at a café. But in reality they were about to enter Feliciano's bedroom, together.

"Wake up, Italy!" Germany yelled at Feliciano, shaking his shoulders. Feliciano pretended to continue sleeping to avoid speaking at the meeting. Lovino was slumped in the chair beside him, arms crossed. Both of their heads looked like a bird's nest, their suits were wrinkled, and their ties were slung over their shoulders.

"Ah, leave them alone Germany. They looked like they've had a rough day eh?" France smiled at the sleepy Italians. Lovino pouted at him while Feliciano continued to pretend sleep.

"Fine. Let's get back to business then." Germany continued on the topic of tax increases and about the increase in production in consumer goods. Boring stuff both Lovino and Feliciano didn't care about nor knew much about. Lovino just acted like he knew exactly what everyone was saying with small nods while Feli moved around in his chair.

After a few more minutes of nonsensical talking, Lovino leaned towards Feli and whispered, "We were so close." Feli's eyes opened. He looked at his brother and nodded softly.

"Shall we continue when this meeting is over?" Feliciano had a little grin on his face. Lovino smirked and nodded back.

Germany couldn't decipher what the Italians were saying but a smirk on Lovino's face was quite rare.

After the meeting was over, Germany grabbed Feli's shoulder as he was leaving with his brother.

"Feliciano, may I talk to you for a moment?" Feli looked at his brother then back at Germany and nodded. Lovino gave Germany and Feli a disapproving stare as he slowly left the room.

"Yes Ludwig?"

Germany looked to the side, his face slightly blushed. "Would you like to catch up and have some beer at my house?" Feliciano's smiled and his face brightened. He loves hanging out with Germany but then he immediately drew back and frowned. But he was supposed to spend time with Lovino. Germany could see the frown on his face. "It is alright if you're busy."

"No, no. I want to spend time with Germany! But I need to talk to my brother first." Feliciano seemed panicked and ran out the room to catch his brother. He slammed into his brother who was waiting just outside the door.

"Idiota watch where you're going!"

"Fratello, what are you doing?"

"Waiting for you, that's what."

Germany could hear the two blabbering outside and looked out the doorway. Lovino growled as he saw his face appear.

"Would you mind potato head, we're talking here."

"Alright, alright," Germany said as he closed the door and waited back inside the conference room. Feliciano leaned into Lovino's ear.

"He wants to take-" Lovino turned his head away.

"I know, I heard him."

"What should I do fratello?" Lovino rubbed his forehead in frustration

"Don't you think I'm a little more important than him?"

"Yeah but I never get to talk to Germany! I live with you so we can see each other all the time." Lovino gasped in disgust of his answer.

"You're choosing him over me! Damn it fratello!" Lovino was on the verge of crying, his voice cracking at almost every vowel.

"No, no Lovino! I love you more b-but…" Feli couldn't find a reasonable response. Lovino wiped his eyes and stormed away, looking down at the ground as he walked. Feliciano sighed and wasn't sure if he should follow him. He rushed back inside to Ludwig.

"You're brother sounded upset." The German had a slightly sympathetic smile on his face.

"Si. But I decided to hang out with you, Germany."

"Great. My car is right outside the front gate." Ludwig opened the door for Feliciano and headed towards his heavy-duty German SUV. Italy didn't say a word the whole car ride.

Ludwig pulled his car into the driveway of his large estate, again opening the door for Feli to enter inside. Feliciano calmly sat at the living room sofa he hasn't sat on since World War II.

"What beer would you like?"

"Water." Feliciano's voice was low and solemn. Germany didn't argue though and grabbed him a glass of water while he drank a bottle of cold beer.

"How has your economy been lately, Italy?"

"Good. Very good."

"No riots over tax increases? No spurs in production?"


"That's good news to hear. My economy is doing the same though we've had some civilians complain over some tax increases." Feliciano simply nodded at his answer.

"Italy, would you like to start an alliance?" Italy widened his eyes and looked at Germany with a shocked expression.


"Like in World War II. I know that didn't go very well but now that we're in a time of peace and prosperity, an alliance would go well for the both of us!" Italy tapped his foot nervously, unsure of how to answer. All Germany did with their alliance was boss him around and train him.

"I don't know. Brother won't be so happy about that."

"Well, I was planning on just allying with you Feliciano. Your country could split and-" Feliciano made a disgusted face and Germany stopped talking immediately. Feliciano never looked so upset. His eyebrows were creased and his eyes were bright and filled with anger.

"You're not in charge of me Ludwig! I have the right to stay with my brother and I'd rather do that then ally with you!" Feliciano stood up from the sofa abruptly. Germany grabbed his shoulder.

"Wait, Feliciano I'm sorry!" Feliciano shook free from him and was about to storm out of the door before Germany made a final plea. "It's not me Feli! My boss wanted me to ally with you. In all honestly, you're a terrible ally. You make a better friend then an ally!" Feliciano paused in front of the door. He relaxed and turned around.


"Yes. Do you think I want to babysit you all the time like World War II?" Feliciano chuckled a bit. Germany grabbed Feliciano's glass of water and handed it to him. "I'll talk to my boss and try to make a compromise." Feliciano smiled brightly

"Thank you, Germany!" He said as he hugged the German tightly. Ludwig attempted to hug back but he wasn't the best at showing his affection. He just patted the Italian on the back instead.

"It seems you and your brother have gotten a lot closer, ja?" Ludwig smirked and sat back down at the living room sofa. Italy blushed slightly and sat down as well.


"Then maybe you should apologize to him. He seemed quite upset back at the conference hall."

"But I don't want to leave Germany!" Ludwig shook his head and smiled at him.

"There's a conference next week. We could always get gelatos after…i-if that's what you want," Ludwig spoke softly, looking to the side to hide his flustered face.

"Germany's so nice! Let's do it!" Feliciano wrapped his arms around Germany with another hug. He placed his empty cup on the living room table. "I'll see you then!" Feliciano excitedly ran out of Ludwig's house.

"Don't you need a ride back?" Ludwig yelled but he got no response.

Feliciano ran to the nearest taxi and gave the driver the address to his home. It was quite a while away so Feli grabbed his phone and browsed through his messages, trying to see if Lovi texted him at all. He had no new messages. But he did read the last message he's received from him. They read Get over here, Fratello! I'm tired. That was when Lovino was at the train station from his military conference with Bulgaria. Feliciano was late picking him up because he was at the pet shop playing with kittens. The Italian chuckled at the memory.

He finally arrived at his mansion. He paid the taxi driver the fee along with some extra cash. Feliciano ran to the front door, opening it with the key he kept in his suit pocket. The living room was dark and cold. But he could hear something from his brother's bedroom. He took off his shoes and ran to Lovino's room.

Lovino was sitting up in his bed shirtless, drinking from an almost-empty bottle of wine. His face was red and his eyes were teary. When he saw Feliciano walk in he jumped and nearly fell off the bed.

"The hell, fratello!" His voice cracked. He sounded pretty drunk.

"What are you doing, Lovino?" Feliciano walked up the bed and took a seat on the edge.

"Don't talk to me bastado!" Lovino yelled as he turned away. "You're so horrible!"

"You're so drunk!" Feli yelled back with a grin on his face.

"Shut up," Lovino groaned as he took another gulp of his fancy red wine. Feliciano grasped the bottle, pulled it away from his brother and took a long sip. Lovino attempted to reach for the bottle but gave up when Feliciano scooted away from him.


"I think you've had enough." Feliciano placed the wine bottle on the floor of his bed and turned his attention back to his brother. He leaned towards him and narrowed his eyes. Lovino laid his head down on the bed and looked up at his brother's sour little grin.

"But you are cute when you're drunk," Feliciano softly spoke as he combed through his brother's hair with his fingers. Lovino's face was even redder now and his lips were slightly parted, ready for a kiss. But Feliciano wanted to tease him a bit. He leaned closer and rubbed his nose against Lovino's and licked the shell of his ear. Lovino wrapped his arms around the other's neck.

"Don't ever leave me Feli."

"Tch. What a cheesy thing to say Lovi, but I like it." Lovino narrowed his eyes as Feliciano finally kissed his lips. Lovi moaned into his mouth. Their tongues quickly intertwined as Feliciano reached for his brother's sensitive curl. His index followed the curl to the tip, twirling it around his finger. Lovino suppressed a moan as he backed up against the head of the bed. The younger Italian smiled and began to trail his kisses down his brother's neck to his chest. He lightly pecked at his brother's left nipple and then his right.

"Nngh, gentle fratello!" The older Italian's voice cracked as he spoke. Feliciano ignored him and began to nip harder. His brother moaned softly.

"F-fratello. Th-the lube is in the drawer," Lovino said as his eyes darted to the nightstand beside him. Feliciano quickly reached into the drawer, finding a new tube of lube.

"When did you get this?" Feliciano opened it and began coating his fingers with the substance.

"W-when we stopped for groceries before the meeting." Feliciano chuckled and kissed Lovino again. His hand reached down to his brother's fly and began to unzip it. He slid his hand underneath his underpants and began to feel around. He could feel his brother shiver as he found his entrance. He inserted two fingers slowly.

"Ahh, oh god Feliciano!" His brother moaned loudly. Feliciano pulled the fingers out and in slowly. As drool began to fall from Lovi's lips, Feli grabbed his brother's erection and started rubbing it. His eyes shut and he moaned loudly his brother's name again and his brother grinned with utter delight. Feliciano and Lovino were finally enjoying each other, together, alone.

Part 3 coming soon maybe…