Aaron had woken up in a odd surrounding. It was very bright and very white. He looked at his body to see his original clothes, only they were white.

"Where on earth am I?"

"You my brother are in Heaven"

He whipped around to see moses and Miriam smiling.

"Wait…so…I'm dead?" Aaron asked, a bit worried it was a nightmare.

"Sadly…yes. But we brought you for a reason" he said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"He's right Aaron" came a deep voice.

He turned to see a big, husky built man standing in white robes and beard. It had to be God.

"Oh…well…what do you need help with my lord" He asked kneeling.

God laughed and helped him to his feet.

"Please that isn't necessary. Now, you, moses and Miriam have a special assignment. Please follow me"

The three followed him to an area with a lake in it. He touched the water with his finger and they saw appear before them, the image of a young woman, no more than 20, sitting on a bench, sad and scared outside of a church.

"Well…she sure is pretty. But, what are we to do exactly with her?"

Miriam punched him in the shoulder in annoyance.

"Ow! What! It was a simple question!" he said.

God sighed and shook his head.

"Aaron, her name is Allison. She's a woman who has lost all hope because she doesn't believe in miracles"

"Wait…in miracles?" asked Aaron.

"in miracles?" asked moses.

"in miracles" replied God.

"Ok is there an echo in here?" asked Miriam a bit annoyed.

Aaron looked at the image then back at god.

"Well why doesn't she believe?" asked Aaron a bit concerned.

"because her heart doesn't believe it'll ever experience one, like finding true love. She was cheated on by another man who was dating three others behind her back"

"wow…well…we're willing to help" said Moses smiling.

God laughed and slapped him across the back.

"I knew you three could do it. Now, I shall make you three alive again but you will be earth angels. Meaning you will live among the modern day people"

All three of them joined hands and smiled as god said a latin chant to make it happen. And then with a flash, they were gone.