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Promo #1

WWE Raw 06/21/2010

*And now a special announcement from the Nites*

Two men around their 30s appeared on screen. Both are wearing dark t-shirts, black vests, and gloves on their hands. The tallest around 6ft and 6 inches, has short black hair, blue eyes, and tan skin. The smallest is around 6ft, has short black hair, green eyes, and light brown skin.

Jason- Hello, my name is Jason Nite. I am one half of one of the greatest teams in wrestling history.

He turns towards his partner who is busy eating a hot dog.

Jason- Dude, your line.

He swallows the hot dog and introduced himself.

Zach- My name is Zachary Nite. I am the other half of one of the greatest teams in wrestling history.

Zachary stares at the camera smiling while taking another bite of his hot dog.

Jason- *Sarcastically* Oh yeah ladies he's a real charmer. Anyways, as you all know we have been making history appearing in pro wrestling 12 years ago. We came to WWE six years ago, but left two years later thanks to JBL and we don't know why.

Zach shrugs his shoulders.

Zach- Some think we did it because we destroyed his limo. Heck, we still appear and destroy his limo after being fired.

Jason nods in agreement- That is true, but I doubt that's why he hates us…oh well it's his loss we had fun destroying his limos.

Zach begins laughing.

Zach- It was a lot of fun and we kicked ass

Jason- Yep, anyways since JBL left we've decided we are going to be making our return soon. Once we do we are going to make an impact.

Zach- And we plan to unleash hell on everyone,

Jason- Yes we are, but first we have some things to say. Recently we have been getting a lot of complaints from fans all over the world who say we are a rip off of D-Generation X, the NWO, The Hardy Boyz, and for some reason Billy & Chuck. I don't know why, we're not like those guys.

Zach takes another bite of his hotdog and speaks while there is food in his mouth.

Jason- Really? You're going to talk while you eat?

Zach- What? I'm hungry, don't you take this away from me. You know what happens when I don't eat.

Jason rolls his eyes and refocused.

Jason- Anyways, we…I am here to tell you we are nothing like any of those teams. First of all we never ever got married on live TV. What we have is a partnership between two brothers who have a love for wrestling. We've got nothing against guys like those two, but we're not like them.

Zach takes out a sausage and begins eating it.

Zach- Yeah, we're not that weird.

Jason ignores what his friend did and continues.

Jason- We are not like the Hardy Boyz, we don't have a hot and sexy lady like Lita. If we did, we wouldn't lose her to a friend who had sex with her on live TV.

Jason and Zach begin clapping their hands.

Jason- Bravo Edge, bravo indeed.

Zach- Yeah, I still don't get why you dump her dude. She was hoooooot.

Jason nods in agreement.

Jason- Yes my friend she was…anyways we also want to tell you all we are not like the NWO. We don't kill a wrestling company, we don't spray paint titles, we don't remove masks from wrestlers, and we don't suck ass.

Zach nods in agreement and goes to bite his hotdog. When he did he begins choking on it.

Jason- We are not like D-Generation X. We don't go around making fart, ass, or cock jokes. We do make jokes, but we prefer to do them that aren't childish. Blowing up a limo now that is funny and is unique.

Zach begins patting his friend on the shoulder to get his attention.

Jason- Not now Zach *Zach begins running around* we are two guys who enjoy kicking ass, we love fighting, and we enjoy the fun we have against our opponents. What also makes us different from other teams is we don't argue and we always look out for one another. *Zach shakes his friend's shoulder* Dude, I told you not now. *Zach tries getting some water bottles, but they were all empty* we are coming to WWE not just to prove we are a great team, but to become the next tag team champions. We will do whatever it takes to be the champs and if you don't believe us *Zach begins losing air and bends over the podium* we will show you.

Jason pats his friend on the back so hard it saves him from choking.

Jason- Isn't that right Zach?

Zach breathes heavily and glares at his friend.

Zach- Yeah...let me show you.

He tackles his friend down and they begin fighting.

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Zach slams his friend against the wall.

Zach- I was choking you son of a bitch! Why didn't you save me!

Jason grabs a sausage.

Jason- Get back! Don't make me use this, I'll do it!

*End Transmission*

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