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Promo 4#

WWE Raw 07/12/2010

*And now a special announcement from the Nites*

Jason and Zachary Nite appeared on screen wearing white shirts, vests, and gloves.

Jason- Hello everyone, my name is Jason Nite and I'm the man who found Waldo. He is hiding out in Alaska after he got tired of people finding him.

Jason turns towards Zach who is playing with a Rubik's cube.

Jason- Really? Every time we do this you are doing something dumb.

Zach turns towards the camera.

Zach- I almost got it. Relax this will be done just as soon as Iā€¦damn it!

Zach tried to finish it, but got frustrated.

Zach- I'll be right back.

Zach leaves for a minute and comes back after an explosion occurred in the background.

Jason- You blew it up didn't you?

Zach nods his head

Zach- Yes I did. My name is Zachary Nite and I'm what every woman wants from a man. Good looks, a sexy body, and a lot of stamina for fun time in bed.

Jason- Yeah, I highly doubt that. Anyways, we are back because once again we are getting comments from people about what we said last week and how we claim to be a great tag team.

Zach- we call them a bunch of whiny little babies.

Jason nods in agreement.

Jason- We are the greatest tag team in wrestling history. We have beaten the best in the business and have been tag champs so many times I forgot how many we've won.

Zach fakes cough while saying the number.

Zach- 12 times.

Jason- But who's counting right?

Zach nods in agreement.

Zach- Anyways, as for what we said who gives a damn? We spoke the truth and if the so called Cenation has a problem with it then go cry to your little hero.

Jason- We also are also sick and tired of people thinking we aren't as good as the Legion of Doom, the Hart Foundation, the Wild Samoans, the British Bulldogs, or the Dudley Boyz and we're nothing like them

Zach turns towards his friend.

Zach- Really? You people think we aren't good as those guys? Well, you would be right. We aren't them we're better and we're not as good as them we're better in every way.

Jason- And that's not us being cocky or being confident. We have proven in the past we are the best team in pro wrestling in every way. We have defeated the best teams all over the world and have accomplished more than these teams have done in their lives.

Zach- You don't believe us? Then here are our reasons why we're the best.

Jason- We don't wear face paints like LOD or wear football gear when we come out to the ring. Face paint would ruin our good looks and wearing football gear is not very fashionable.

Zach- We don't wear pink outfits or trained in a dungeon like the Harts. We've got nothing against Pink, but we wouldn't wear it to the ring and we didn't train in our parent's basement then called it a dungeon.

Jason- We aren't Samoans with ugly hair styles, we're not from Britain where the women are so ugly that the only ones they can date as ugly as them is those bulldogs.

Zach shudders.

Zach- They are sooooo ugly. We are also not like the Dudley Boyz. We don't wear glasses, we don't put people through tables we put them through anything we can get our hands on, we don't say "What's up!" That went out of date like their outfits.

Jason- And unlike other teams we have never broken up for stupid reasons. Jealousy, fighting, or a woman. That is what makes us the greatest team in professional wrestling.

Zach- We're better than any past teams in every way. We are younger, stronger, more experienced, and have beaten the best teams in world to get where we are today.

Jason- We were kicked out of this company years ago because they knew we would rule the tag team division. Now they want us back to help fix the mess they made.

Zach leans forward to the camera.

Zach- Hart Dynasty, Usos you guys enjoy your Tag Team Championship match at Money in the Bank. It doesn't matter to us who wins the tag titles. In the end the winning team is only holding those titles until we take them from you.

Jason- So, shine those titles real nice because when we arrive we will take those titles and become 13th time Tag Team Champions.

Zach- So boys, get ready because next week we're here and we will make an impact.

Jason- Watch your backs boys, we're coming and when we do it will be a night no one will ever forget.

They turn off the camera and on screen turns dark.

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