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Chapter One

Bella POV

February 24th. 2:23.

It had been two fucking hours. Two whole hours in which I sat at the train station. Sitting. Watching. Waiting.

Crime is very easy to find in the city, but it's hard to track it. There are many different gangs, mobs, or other groups that break the laws. Each one has a way to cover their tracks. It's essential for our world.

I'm more of an independent type. Taking orders from another person isn't something that is in my blood. Only once was I part of a group.

But I soon figured out that a group kind of lifestyle was not for me.

Which was why I was there. I could feel a bead of sweat that was about to drop from my forehead down to the side of my face. Pulling a white handkerchief from my pocket, I dabbed my face.

I pushed all thoughts of the hot sticky weather out of my mind. I had to be focused. James was here. The same person who my acquaintance, Aro, trusted with confidential details regarding his latest drug deal. The same person who has been leaking that same information to one of Aro's enemies- the Russian mob.

Rumor had it that our little Vicky had James wrapped around her finger. "Love" they called it. Love that blossomed when the two met up at a bar and exchanged dangerous information. And that's all it took for James to betray his leader. Romance like that always leads to death in our world. And James was surely going to find that out for himself from Aro, once Aro finds out that is.

But I didn't care about details like that. What I did care about though, was catching James in the act. Because if I could prove to Aro that his most trusted correspondent was in fact a lying son of a bitch, he could give me my next hit. The bastard always knew where the money was and I was itching for some more and while I didn't exactly trust him, I knew I needed those details.

Information is the money of the new age. Of course that information leads to money, but hey, you know what I mean.

Finding a good hit these days is difficult. Since I work alone, I can't bother wasting time finding a good place to steal from. Robbery is easy, once you get past your morals that is. However, what was not easy is finding "jackpots".

For a while, I did all my research by myself. But it was seriously boring and not something I like to spend time on. Aro, on the other hand, loves the thrill of finding treasure. He thinks of himself like a pirate, something completely idiotic, but it gets the job done.

And so I sat there, waiting for some proof.

James, unlike many of his "friends", actually had a day job. I knew this because I tracked him for about a month.


I knew his every pattern and could anticipate his next move. Which is why I knew that he was going to be here in the morning. The idiot always took the same subway at the same time to work.

A big mistake in our world.

I looked yet again down at my wristwatch. He was supposed to be here two hours ago, meaning that he was going to skip work today. Since he was never the kind of person to slack off, the only explanation for this would be that he's meeting Victoria.

I didn't doubt that if he was going out to meet her, he would take the train. He didn't seem like the kind of guy to break routine either.

Turns out, I was right.

Pretty soon, out of the corner of my eye I saw the blue eyed James take a seat on a platform bench. He looked around and I could see him rub his sweaty hands on his jeans over and over again. I smirked and gently pushed my sunglasses towards my face, turning on the camera that was programmed in it.

I hid my face under my hood and sunk deeper into my hoodie. I couldn't have him seeing me and recognizing who I am later. While keeping an eye on him, I scanned my surroundings. There were many other people on the platform, since it was still a busy day for work. Three businessmen in suits were next to me, waiting for some sort of a conference. By James, there was a pregnant woman holding on to her stomach in what looked like pain. Two young college students leaded onto the wall, typing away on their phones.

Everything seemed like a normal day and there were no other safety precautions to be taken.

After what seemed like ages, James finally stood up from the bench. He almost trudged over to the arriving train's platform. I could almost smell the fear of getting caught off him.

I stayed sitting and looked on as he got onto one car of the train.





Finally, the doors started to close behind him. I could feel my heartbeat in my head. I could not lose him.

In three swift strides, I brought myself to the entrance of a different car, hoping that the doors wouldn't close on me. With one final push, I dove into the car and let the doors close behind me with a definitive swoosh.

Looking around, I took note of everyone around me. I chose to sit at a seat where I could easily watch out the window. It was crucial that I know when James got off, otherwise I would be stuck on this train and forced to wait until James decided to meet up with Victoria again.

And I am not a patient person.

The train started to jostle forward, but my concentration was not deterred. I reached up to my sunglasses to feel for the small bump that indicated that it was recording. There was no way I was going to stop recording. If I did, I could miss something.

From my research, I knew that it would take another twenty minutes at least to get to the next stop. However, that certainly didn't make me relax. No, that's just called slacking off. Sitting up straighter, I geared my eyes towards the window. In the off chance that he decided to get brave and maybe jump out the train, I needed to be there for it.

For so long, I just sat and watched. My tinted sunglasses would have made the other people in the car think that I had just fallen asleep. Completely still and alert, I was ready for action.

I could hear the train starting to come to a stop and prepared myself. This station was the same one Victoria was observed at a while ago. James finally started to walk onto the platform, his black briefcase hitting his knees every couple of steps.

I rushed to the entrance to the car but calmed down to a walk as I got off since I didn't want to draw any attention.

Sure enough, I was greeted with a sight of James approaching someone with red hair. Unlike where I got on, the train station that I was at now was crowded. Basically, it was the perfect place to meet someone if you wanted to be undetected.

I followed the pair as they walked towards the general waiting area. They walked about one car length apart, as if to make it seem like they didn't know each other. I knew better.

Occasionally, they would turn around to check if someone was following them. But of course I knew how to avoid their attention.

With one final look behind him, he sat on a random bench. He looked around at the bustling crowd, with each person headed to his or her destination.

In one swift motion he crossed his legs in front of him, knocking down the bag he had on the ground beside him. Soon enough, Victoria sat next to him, picked up the bag, and left.


With a smirk I took off my glasses and boarded another train.

It's time to have a little talk with Aro.

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