Life settled down after that. Julie got used to Sosuke's rentlessness. Kaname got used to dealing with a bratty little girl. The days blended into one another. Days into weeks.

"God please dont tell me I was that bad in high school." Kaname muttered after dropping of Julie, whom she had dubbed the brat, off at her mansion.

"No, you were much more difficult to keep track of." Sosuke said as they walked next to each other.

"Well thats a nice thing to say to your girlfr-" she said before shutting up and blushing.

"It is a good thing." he said, walking. "its important to be able to think on your feet, to lose a tail."

"only you could turn that into a compliment." she muttered with a smile.

The walk to the station was long, and Kaname slipped her hand in to his arm. Japan frowned on such a public displays of affection. Screw that. Getting kidnapped, shot at and violated by...Him changed her view on a lot of things. One of her biggest regrets was not doing this sooner.

So she walked down the street, her blue hair standing out, her arm hooked around his making her stand out even more.

"So what we doing tomorrow?" she asked.

"Training day."

"ugh, I new you were going to say that." Training day. Getting body slammed and endless pushups followed by hand to hand training. It sucked, bad. But after losing so much of her life, she was never going to be weak again, not if she had a say.

Training day went pretty much as she expected, sore body, red knuckles and some pretty akwardly hot closeness with Sosuke. Getting home she jumped in the shower and hurried to give him time to shower.

She dressed and walked out and smiled at him as he walked in.

smile on her face, she went to the kitchen and started food. Dinner was simple. They ate in comfortable quiet. A little small talk and Kaname was ready for bed. She finished the dishes and went to their room. Their room. It was still a little scarry.

Kaname undressed, and slipped under the covers. Sleeping in the nude felt, exhilerating, excited. Dirty. Sosuke had followed her, doing the same. Some how, she had gotten used to it. The closeness of him, the feel of his skin on hers. It felt intimate. Something the girls she had gone to school with would have never done.

Making up for lost time, Kaname? She asked her self, smiling.

Another week went by. Then a second. Thats when she started getting worried. She found herself one day, sitting on the toilet, countless open packages in the waste basket. Every one reading the same.

"Kaname? Are you alright?" Sosuke asked, softly knocking on the door.

Not bothering to even wash her hands, she opened the bathroom door with shaking hands.


"Please, just hold me." she said, grabbing fistfuls of his shirt, inhaling his scent.

"Whats wrong?" He asked, alarm in his voice.

"Nothings wrong." she said, looking up with tears in her eyes but a smile on her lips.

"Then why are you crying?"

"Marry me Sosuke." she said, burying her face in his chest. "Im pregnant."

To be continued.