Silena Couple Matcher

Silena's POV

Hello, my name is Silena Beaguard and I'm Camp Half-Bloods couple Matcher. I am going to try to put these people together. Percy and Annabeth, Thalia and Nico, Travis and Katie, Jason and Piper, Connor and Skye, Leo and Reyna, and Frank and Hazel. I have a week to get these couples together.

First I'm going to get Percy and Annabeth together. This going to be really , wish me good luck. They have feelings for each other, but they won't admit it. So, I'm on my way to spy on them.

I saw Percy and Annabeth by the lake. Ding. I have and idea. I went to the Ares cabin. I knocked on the door. Clarisse opened it. I said "Good just the person I needed to see." She said "Why" "Because I am going to get Percy and Annabeth together and I need your help." "That's going to be hard so what do you need" I need you and your cabin to go down to the lake and grab Percy and Annabeth, throw them in the lake. "Okay, as long as I get to throw them into the lake I'm good" She yelled at her cabin and told them the plan. They went to the lake with there torches. Percy and Annabeth looked confused.

The Ares cabin lifted them up and and throw them into the lake and ran away. I grabbed laptop to spy on them. I got the underwater cameras from the Stolls. Percy made an underwater bubble around him and Annabeth. How romantic. They were talking. Until they were leaning in. Then, they were kissing. After there make out session, Percy said "Wise girl will you be my girlfriend?" She said "Yes"

They were floating to the top. I was jumping up and down, until they saw me. Percy asked "Why are you jumping up and down?" I said "No reason" Then I ran away. One couple down. 6 more to go.

I thought this would be fun if Selina would match these people up, because she always wanted to.