Selina Couple Matcher

Selina's POV

I'm back and now I'm going to get Thalico together.I walked into Thalia's cabin and knocked. Knock! Knock! She opened the door. "Hey Selina what's up?" "Nothing. Can I talk to you in your cabin?" "Sure" I walked in and I sat on her bed. I patted the seat next to me. She walked over and sat down.

"I'm wondering why you quit the hunters?" "Non of your business." "Come on Thalia just tell me." "Okay fine. IquitthehunterscauseIlikeNico." She said it really fast. "What was that?" "I quit the hunters cause I like Nico!" Yes! She likes Nico. "Ahhhh, Thalico" "Thalico?" "I need to go. BYE"

Now off to Nico's cabin. I walked up to his cabin.Knock! Knock! He opens the door. "Hey Selina what's up?" They are meant for eachother. Iwalked strait into his cabin and patted the spot next to me. He came looking confused. I asked him "So what do you feel about Thalia?" "W-What do y-you mean?" "Okay fine I like her." "I new it!" "Just don't tell her please" "Fine"

My plan is in session.I'll use the garden shed. I left a note in Thalia room saying

Dear Thalia,

I need to see you in the garden shed.



And I left a note in Nico's room saying the exact same thing except the Dear part.

I left a screen in the garden shed saying "Nico likes Thalia and Thalia likes Nico"

It's past midnight. I will go check on them. I walk to the garden shed and open the door to find Thalia and Nico having a make-out session. They finally realize I was there and jumped up. I said "Awww, Thalico" Then ran away to my cabin.

Two couples down Five more to go.