Now, before we begin lets set up a few things straight before we delve deeper into this story, and all the ones coming after it.

As you can guess this is set in an AU were Annie met Eren, Mikasa, and Armin and refused to follow the path her previous partners took (You know these 'partners' if you've read the manga.) In other words, the Female Titan arc doesn't happen, and chances are it never will.

The series will not have any established order and will jump between cute and fluffy to dark and depressing to anything in between.

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Let it be known that Shingeki No Kyojin (AoT) does not belong to me, nor do the characters in the series.

~The Anniversary~

The first clue she got was the empty bed she was in. Nobody woke up before her, not even Levi, and the fact that both Mikasa and Eren were missing was a huge red flag. Especially considering that they were both heavy sleepers.

The second one was that their uniforms and civilian garments were all in their place, untouched. In Eren's case it was a pile of clothing bunched up in the corner of the room. In Mikasa's it was a neatly organized closet with everything being color coded.

And the third and most important one was the little calendar pinned on the door, with a little cross marking the current date.

Annie sighed, definitely not a good day.

She grabbed a couple of sheets and left her room.

Their room, it hadn't been her room ever since they moved in.

Annie still had trouble wrapping her head around that one.

She considered going to the kitchen for some tea, or coffee to clear her mind, but decided against it. It was once every blue moon but she'd run into Levi staring out the windows in the mess hall. She didn't want to deal with the man, or anybody else for that matter. Not today at least.

Having forgone the kitchen Annie headed for the roof.

The first time she had been scared, lost, not knowing what to do with the situation at hand. She knew what to do now at least…

Passing Armin's room she heard sobbing. She didn't stop to console the blond, not because she didn't want to but because right now she had two other people to attend to that weren't as strong as Armin, and that needed her to be there for them. She supposed it was normal for him to suffer today as well, he'd been there too after all.

She thankfully made it to the roof without meeting anybody. Well, except for Sasha, who had been apparently prowling the kitchen if the bounty of food in her arms was any hint. However the brunette squeaked and hid behind a curtain drape before she could bother Annie.

She opened the doors leading up to the roof and sure enough, there they were. Huddling together as they stared off into nothingness, tears running down their faces.

Annie's heart tightened with pain.

She could never get used to it, not since she had promised to protect the two broken souls that tried so hard to bear the weight of the world over their shoulders.

She sat down in the middle, draping the covers over the three of them, warding off the cold in the crisp night air that assaulted her the minute she had set foot outside.

They latched on to her, for warmth and comfort in equal measures.

And then they just stayed there, the whispering of the wind the only sound the trio heard besides a strangled sob that occasionally managed to be heard. There were no words that could be said, or at least none that Annie knew would help. So instead she just stayed there, holding them as they allowed their defenses to come crashing down and broke down in her presence.

Maybe she wasn't helping, maybe her presence was not noticed in the minds of the two people in front of her, maybe they were so consumed by their grief that they did not register that she was there for them.

But being there was the only thing she could do, and eventually they'd break free from their tortuous stupor.

Eventually they'd be a broken mess in her arms, clinging to her as they relieved that horrible experience over and over again. And she'd be there, building them back together. Picking up the broken pieces and slowly but surely putting them back in place. It was the least she could do for the survivors of Shiganshina.

Especially in the anniversary of the day humanity received a grim reminder.

Just like last time, this is an un-beta'd story so all mistakes are mine and mine alone.

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