A/N: I'd like to think that Annie is ridiculously possessive of Eren and Mikasa, but I'd also like to think that Eren and Mikasa don't let her show others her possessiveness just to tease her, so she's perpetually stuck just sitting there trying to act cool while they keep throwing all those signals at her that make her want to do indecent things.


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And now, without further ado, Chapter 7 of "Broken Minds, Broken Bodies"

Warnings: Some semi-suggestive themes if you squint really hard and cock your head sideways.

Shingeki No Kyojin is not mine, despair all ye' who enter here.

~Rightfully Hers~

A stray touch here, a small kiss there, a lustful look as they passed each other in the hall. She was going insane, and the cause of her being on the brink of insanity came in the form of her two forbidden fruits.

Eren Jaeger, with those bright jade eyes that burnt with an avid determination to slay all the Titans. With his tender touches and sweet, innocent words whispered in the dead of night. With the unnatural warmth of his body, for which Annie was thankful in the long, cold winter nights.

Mikasa Ackerman, the silver-eyed wonder that is said to be worth than a hundred other soldiers put together. With her small, elusive smiles shown only to Annie and Eren within the confines of her room. And her strong, steady heartbeat that lulled Annie to sleep when her nightmares would usually keep her wide awake.

And what they were doing was driving her mad with desire. It was making her hands itch to feel the soft flesh beneath their clothes, to claim their lips as her own, to let everyone know that they both belonged to her, and there'd be hell to pay if they tried anything on either of them.

But she had promised to keep it a secret. Promised that she wouldn't say anything if they weren't ready.

And she'd have to endure the sweet torture they provided until the darkness of the night shrouded the castle and she'd be able to sneak into their rooms and take what was rightfully hers.

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