In this story rex and Noah go to hang out, but then something happens to Rex. Will Six and Holiday be able to stop the threat to save Providence and Rex from...himself?

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There will be some violence (rated t), and no romance intended. I really hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 1


-Rex's P.O.V-

"Everything looks normal." Said Dr. Holiday

"Can I go now Doc?" I said as I hopped off the exam table in Holiday's office, "I was supposed to meet Noah half an hour ago!"

"I just wanted to catch up on all your exams since you skipped last month."

Holiday gave me a threatening glare as I ran out putting on my jacket.

"Are you sure that this is safe?" asked Noah.

"Of course, you have me!" I confidently told him

Noah and I walked through a hole in a fence at an old construction site. It was late at night so we had to use flashlights. As we walked through the site, Noah asked what we were even doing.

"Are you serious? This place is awesome!" I said. Noah gave me a look that told me he was not amused.

"Ok, Ok so I thought it would be a little cooler." I admitted.


"Is it ready?"

"Yes boss, when should we set the plan in motion?"

"A.S.A.P, I need Providence to crumble!"

-Holiday's P.O.V-

I pressed the communicator in my ear, "Six? Hello?"

"I'm here." He replied.

"Have you seen Rex, he was supposed to be back by now."

"No, I can look if you want."


Where is that kid? If Providence is going to give him some freedom, he needs to learn not to abuse it. I thought as I looked for Rex's biometric signature.

-Rex's P.O.V-

"We're almost there" I assured Noah. A steel beam fell from above

"Run!" I yelled. Noah and I moved out of the way right before the beam crashed to the ground. I was knocked down from the force, but as I stood up I realized Noah wasn't around.

"Noah...Noah!" I tried to find him, hopping he hadn't been crushed. White Knight would kill me if anything happened, if Noah's parents don't get to me first.

"Rex! I'm over here! We have to go around to the entrance, there's too much debris."

I was about to answer him when a shadowy figure appeared. At first I thought is was Noah, but how did he get over here so quickly? I started to walk over to him and ask him how he got over here so fast, but when I got close a searing pain filled my body.

"AAAHHH!" I groaned, "What…happening…No…ah." I could barely speak as I fell to the ground. I don't remember ever hitting the ground.

-Noah's P.O.V-

"Rex?" I heard someone yell, no scream, "Rex? Are you OK? I asked again.

I pulled out my phone and called Dr. Holiday, why? Because I had no idea what to do.

-Holiday's P.O.V-

"Six, have you found him yet"

"No sign, you?"

"Nope, but his nanite readings went off the charts, then flat lined. Hold on I've got to go." I let go of the communicator, and picked up my phone, who would be calling at this hour?

"Hello?"Holiday wearily answered.

"Holiday? This is Noah!"

"Is Rex with you?"

"Yes, I mean no, well sort of."

-Six's P.O.V-

"Six, its Holiday, I know where Rex is."

"Going there now." I turned my hover board around, and headed into the construction area. I floated down to the ground, and looked around.

"Holiday, I don't see anything, I'll report back when I do."

I was walking around looking for Rex, a jump-jet already took Noah back to Providence. I thought I had already inspected every area and was about to tell Holiday we would have to wait until morning, but then I saw the kid, his clothes looked battered and he looked weak.

"Rex?" I shouted as I walked over, when he didn't reply, I started to run. When I reached him, I noticed that he wasn't all there, he was looking off into space, with a blue glow to his eyes.

"Rex?" I asked again. I shook his shoulders waiting for him to wake up and tell me to stop, but he didn't instead he looked at me and in a voice, not his own (more monotone) he said

"ERROR, ERROR CANNOT COMPLY, SHUTING DOWN." As he finished he collapsed into my arms.

"Holiday, I've got him."

-Rex's P.O.V-

I was in a black room, with white numbers spinning all around me, my head hurt so badly, and the numbers flying around me weren't helping.

ERROR, ERROR I heard in my head, or was it coming from the room? I couldn't think, my vision filled with blackness.


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