In this story Rex and Noah go to hang out, but then something happens to Rex. Will Six and Holiday be able to stop the threat to save Providence and Rex from...himself?]

"Because this is all I've ever known, or at least remember." Rex's hands lit up like a blue circuit board. Isabelle lit up her hand too, but hers was orange. Slowly she touched her hand to Rex's.

"OW!" they yelped in unison as a spark shot out and a pain zapped up their arm. The lights flickered as electricity seemed to be absorbed.

There will be some violence (rated t), and no romance intended. I really hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 10


"Whoa!" Rex said, looking at his hand.

"Again!" Isabella demanded with curiosity.

"I don't know…"

"Do it!" This time Isabella held up both hands. Rex slowly raised his too. As soon as they touched their eyes started to glow (Isabella's orange and Rex's blue). The lights in the room shattered and the backup generator kicked in.

"I…I can hear them…"Isabella said in wonder

"I can too, I've heard them before, but not like this." Rex's eyes wide. Their eyes faded back to normal as they pulled their hands apart again.

The door opened and Jones walked in. "I need you two to do me a favor."

"Never!" Isabella stood up, having more strength since she ate.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice." Jones smirked.

"Says who?" Rex challenged.

"Me." Jones, now having his remote fixed, pressed a button causing a shock to radiate through the teens, bringing them to their knees.

"Ahh!" Rex squirmed


"S…Sto…p!" Isabella stuttered. Jones let go and the EVO teens lied on the floor catching their breath.

"There is an EVO I need captured, not cured, before Providence gets to it." Jones walked out of the room. He stopped at the doorway and thought 'do the lights look dimmer? Oh well'. And continued walking. Rex looked over at Isabella and followed.

They climbed into a jet and flew off too an unknown location. When they landed and got out, they were in a street. There was an explosion in a small flower shop. The front window shattered, revining a plant like EVO.

"I need you to weaken and capture it." Jones instructed.

"Just like old times." Isabella moaned "Except the freedom."

"Come here ugly!" Isabella taunted. She formed her giant blue/orange sword. Rex, following the lead, grew his Smack Hands. The plant, crawling on four leg-like vines, turned and faced the group. It roared and shot out a vine and smacked Rex to the side. Isabella cut off the vine only to realize it grew back. Rex ran up and punched the EVO to the side, taking out a shelf of mulch with it. He formed his Slam Cannon and shot flower pot after flower pot at it. The EVO stumbled backwards and ran into Isabella's hover bike. She slammed it into a wall. The EVO laid there unconscious. Rex and Isabella walked over. Rex reached out to cure it, but Isabella stopped him.

"Just contain." She reminded.

"Iwant to show you something." Rex took Isabella's hand and pressed it to the EVO.

"Wha…? They're so…" Isabella trailed off as she closed he eyes. "What now?" she asked in a small whisper.

"You decide." Rex prompted.

"I want to try curing it."

"But what about Jones?"

"Oh, right." Isabella face showed disappointment that quickly left. "Too bad!" she willed the nanites to shut down, but a signal reverberated through her, blocking the process. The Beta nanite sent an electrical shock to all the nanites in Isabella.

"Isabella?" Rex worried when Isabella yanked her hand back and silently screamed.

"I said no curing!" Jones walked over the broken glass and pots.


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