In this story Rex and Noah go to hang out, but then something happens to Rex. Will Six and Holiday be able to stop the threat to save Providence and Rex from...himself?

"Oh, right." Isabella face showed disappointment that quickly left. "Too bad!" she willed the nanites to shut down, but a signal reverberated through her, blocking the process. The Beta nanite sent an electrical shock to all the nanites in Isabella.

"Isabella?" Rex worried when Isabella yanked her hand back and silently screamed.

"I said no curing!" Jones walked over the broken glass and pots.

There will be some violence (rated t), and no romance intended. I really hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 11


Jones grabbed the two teens' arms and dragged them back to the airship as others came and contained the EVO. Jones threw Isabella into the corner and she slid to the floor after hitting the wall with a thud. Jones then swung Rex around and pinned him to the wall.

"What are you teaching her?" Jones yelled, "You think you're special? Huh?" he then brought his arm back and slammed his fist into Rex's face. Only then did Rex realize he couldn't use his powers for some reason. Round after round fists came. Rex tried to pull away but was too weak

"You're just a piece of EVO trash!" Jones screamed at Rex, so close that Rex could feel his breath.

"Rex." Isabella watched through narrowed eyes. She could feel caring well up inside her, but consciousness was slipping. Rex had a cut that was bleeding from his swollen lip. His right eye was black and almost impossible to see out of. He kept fighting until he felt the cold metal of a knife slip into his side when he tried to slide out from his prison of abuse. Jones knew he had hit his target and let go. Rex fell, his white shirt tuning dark crimson.

"Hey!" Rex walked down the steps to find a young Isabella sitting at the table in her hoodie even though it appeared to be spring. A bowl of cereal sat next to her.

"Give me some!" He reached over to take some. "No fair!" He exclaimed when he found the box almost empty.

Caesar came down next dressed in a lab coat that was too big for him "Where are you going?" Isabella asked.

"I get to visit the lab like mom and dad!" Caesar's voice cracked with excitement.

"Rex!" Rex heard his name echo around him "Rex!" Everything became blurry,

"Help!" Rex screamed.

"I'm right here!"

Rex awoke to see a dirty cement ceiling he knew all too well. He squinted to adjust to the light. When Rex was able to look around he heard a thud. There was a clear panel spitting the room in two, with Isabella on the other side.


Sorry for the REALLY short chapter, I'm working on it.