In this story Rex and Noah go to hang out, but then something happens to Rex. Will Six and Holiday be able to stop the threat to save Providence and Rex from...himself?

Rex awoke to see a dirty cement ceiling he knew all too well. He squinted to adjust to the light. When Rex was able to look around he heard a thud. There was a clear panel spitting the room in two, with Isabella on the other side.

There will be some violence (rated t), and no romance intended. I really hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 12


"Rex!" Isabella shouted. The sound was muffled, but Rex still heard it. He slid over to the wall. Isabella lowered herself to his eye level.
"Isabella!" Rex hit the panel. It wobbled, but was sturdy. Both teens turned when Jones walked into Isabella's side.
"It's time to train." He said.
"There's no way I'm training with you, or doing anything for you piece of scum!" Isabella backed away.
"Ah, yes. you might not, but the Beta will." With that Rex watched helplessly as Isabella stopped dead. Her hands fell from their defensive positions an her face went blank. Her eyes lit up, but they looked more neon orange than soft white-orange like usual. An EVO was brought in and Isabella was ordered to fight it. The EVO was an ostrich-like thing with sharp needle feathers. It charged at the girl full speed. Isabella waited till the last second to perform a flawless front flip over the animal. When she landed she had already formed her sword. The two EVOs battled, but you could tell that Isabella was exhausted, wether from fighting the Beta or the EVO Rex wasn't sure. Her movements almost mechanical and perfect. An effect of the nanite rather than skill. Isabella and the EVO stood facing each other, catching their breath. Suddenly the animal spread it's flightless wings and sent a shower of sharp-edged feathers flying at Isabella. She flew back, hitting the clear panel. Rex jumped back and watched as the EVO kept coming at her.
"Stop!" He yelled. Jones turned to Rex, remembering that he was still there.
"What did you say?" Jones's voice almost challenging.
"I said leave her alone!" Rex took a step closer to the divider.
"Ok," Jones agreed. "Let's switch targets." The ostrich thing was taken out, and the divide was lifted. Rex wanted to run to his sister, but was weary.
"Maybe she can handle this one." Jones mockingly thought out loud. Rex stood in horror as Isabella stood to face him.
"No." Rex whispered. "Please."
"I thought you liked challenges Rex?" Jones laughed. Isabella started walking across towards Rex, forming her version of Rex's Smack Hands. Rex backed up until he hit the wall. Isabella swung at Rex but Rex dodged. She swung right, then left. Rex could only dodge one and was hooked in the jaw by the other. He fell to the floor, blood trickling out from where he bit his lip. Isabella looked down at him. She pulled her arm back to hit again, but hesitated. Her hands shook and she started lowering them. Quickly she fixed herself and punched where Rex would have been if she hadn't waited. Rex had gotten up an moved to the side, quicker that expected. Isabella turned to face him when he shoot his hand out. Rex made contact to her stomach that was immanently covered in blue lines. Isabella's machines fell apart and she dropped to her knees. Both EVO teens screamed in agony. Isabella's eyes returned to their somewhat regular soft orange and Rex's began to glow blue. The screams continued until there was no sound left, just opened mouths.
"Stop! What are you doing!" Jones ran over to them but was pushed back by some type of invisible shield. Soon Rex let go and stumbled back. Isabella fell to the ground.
"What did you do!" Jones was enraged.
"I cured us both of the Beta nanite!" Rex smirked.
"How?" Jones was amazed that it could happen.
"I just guessed. We had tried things like that before. The last time you locked us up." Isabella's eyes dimmed and she sat up, rubbing her head.
"Wh...what happened?" She asked. Without an answer she remembered. Rex helped her up while Jones was still in shock. Before he could react, Rex and Isabella had fled the scene and locked Jones behind.
"Let me out!" He cried.
Rex and Isabella ran throughout many hallways before finding one lined with cells. Holiday and Six were in one and Bobo and Caesar were in another farther down the hall.
"Over here!" Rex found the security lock and easily hacked it. The doors to the cells slid open and they were free. They made their way outside to find Providence agents fighting Jones's EVO guards in the main warehouse room. The group quickly joined in the battle, glad too see rescue. They quickly pushed back the EVOs and made their way to the helicopters.

"Are you all okay?" Holiday asked, noticing Rex's bruising body and Isabella's exhaustion.

"We're all good." Isabella spoke up with faked enthusiasm. Holiday was going to ask more, but the EVO teens had both fallen asleep. Everything was fine now, they were headed back to Providence.

So, I updated the story ending because the original was crappy.