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Time is a peculiar phenomenon.

The Autobots had spent less than half a vorn on the alien blue and green planet called Earth, but the friendships and answers they found there would last for all ages, enclosed in the sparks of those mechs who had felt the heat of the relatively unimportant star upon their frames.

The Matrix would also preserve those important memories, the roar of the Air Force jets, the shouting of the Autobot's organic comrades as they charged into battle to protect their families and new allies.

More importantly, the look on Sarah Lennox's face when she found out her car could stand up, Mikaela's laughter at a perfectly executed prank at the base, Annabelle's first word of, "Hide" or the nights Ratchet had lent his seats to Epps for an ordered night of undisturbed rest.

Time preserved those memories, so even though Sam would leave Bumblebee not 3 vorns later saving Cybertron, he would not truly be gone. Bee's brother would join the countless others who had found friends and family in the 'bots; the ones that Optimus could still occasionally speak with, via the Matrix of Leadership.

Bee never was the same, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing, he was a different person after Sam left, his brother bond never completely dormant, after all, the Primes often known more than they let on.

If for one more moment in the enormous space of a cruel universe, the voice of a single joyous Autobot returned to his friends was more than enough, for Sam's return, for the pain they had suffered, for the love of a brother. So in that one moment, the universe was content,

Then all were one.

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