He's at it again. These constant stealing runs.. No matter. It works for what he had planned, after all. Besides, these runs are highly dangerous for Beloved- he could get discovered as having connections to that Thief and the palace would call their forces to take them out- he can't afford for that- never!

It would be so easy.. So, so easy, to just adjust a few things here and there, unknown to the Thief, and erase any of his presence afterwards, letting not a single remnant of himself behind. And if he dies, all the better!

Freud will get what he wants. Even if it's through blood.

Recently, there seems to be eyes on him whenever he went on one of his 'runs'. While normally, he would appreciate more people spreading the rumours around, the eyes seems to be of malicious intent.. Perhaps the same pair from before..?

He would think on it later- he has a bauble to steal and an apprentice to placate-!

It was the last thought on Raven's mind as he slipped from the roof and fell into an alleyway, resulting in broken bones and a fading light from his eyes.

He's late. That was the first thought on Phantom's mind as he closed the stall for the rest of the day. Did he get caught? Or was he busy with a tricky catch? Baseless thinking would get him nowhere, he decided. Getting back to the camp and inquiring further would be the best option.

As he walked back, he could not help but shiver. The eyes were back again. They had disappeared a day ago, and he had thought that they lost interest, but.. They were back now with a strong intensity.. That familiar sound..

Mourning cries.

No. It cannot be. It must be a young child passing or even another man- it can't be Raven- he promised to meet him! Rushing down the path, he was greeted with sombre and sorrowful looks. No- no! Raven can't die- he can't! What would become of him if Master dies?! It's not Master- it can't be! But that body- that oh so, so, untamable inky hair-

His world broke on that day.

Notes: This story has now been abandoned, due to the lack of interest by readers. However, interested readers may want to look for 'Patchwork', in AO3, for a continuation.