A Criminal Minds Story: "OUT"

Chapter One

Hello people of FanFiction it's been a while and I I'm sorry also decided on changing my name from LOVESxPAGET to my nickname sorry for the confusion anyway I decided on making Emily and Derek 18 instead of any younger just so I can spruce things up a bit hope you don't minds I hope you enjoy this story as you know not the best writer but enjoy the story line 3

Cold and Alone in Chicago

On a miserable late October day in Chicago a young Emily Prentiss was looking out her bedroom window out to the fairly big sized back yard listening to the much not needed arguing coming from her parents Elizabeth and Anthony Prentiss, Emily just sat there trying not to listen to her parents but just listen to the rather loud rain drops appearing on her window and then a small tear appeared from Emily's sparkling eyes and made it's way down her ivory skin.

Emily knew that she shouldn't have told them she wanted to handle it herself but safe to say she couldn't wouldn't go through with it on her own she was scared she is only 18 years old she was still a baby in her parents eyes that's why she told them hoping they'd help her figure out what to do but instead at this point in time she got sent to her room and she just waited allowing more tears poor from them once sparkling eyes dreading the worst to happen, and then it stop the shouting and arguing ended so she quickly dried her eyes and waited for her parents and then it happened her dad came into her bedroom unable to make eye contact with her it remained that way for an upwards of five minutes then he silently whispers one word.


But Emily was determined to get through to him " Daddy w-what do you mean" deep down she knew what he meant but just need him to here it.

"You know what I mean Emily now out get OUT of my house and do not come back" Anthony Prentiss replied still not making contact with his daughter but just holds the door open.

After trying everything Emily could to stop her father from removing her from the house she received a slap to the cheek from her father so it was clear to her she must leave she gather as much clothing, food, money and any other belongings she had left and took one last look at the house she'd spent in for just over a year and set of not knowing where but just kept walking until her feet hurt.


She thought about going to the police but decided against it not wanting to end up in a stupid care home she reads way to much about all that stuff she reads a lot about that kinda stuff and crime articles from the newspaper cause she badly wants to say away from the politics side of things she always dreams about how amazing it would be to be a FBI agent or a police officer but at this point in time she feels like none of her wonderful dreams will come true.

She spotted a small empty alleyway with a big enough cardboard box in for a little shelter and so she could rest her much needed hurting feet and wondered what her mother would have said to her if she had the guts to look her in the eyes unlike her father and help her out but felt her mother didn't really care if she didn't have the decency to say goodbye or take one last look at her now lonely daughter who will most likely be in the streets for a long time.

"Don't worry baby I promise nothing bad will ever happen to you" Emily promised looking down to her still flat stomach.

To Be Continued...

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