"Doctor, when can we go outside?" The Doctor grinned at Jack Harkness, his... well, he guessed he could call him his boyfriend, since they had been together for four years now,earth time. he put a few more wires together then answered.

"i just need to make a few more adjustments on the Cameleon Circuit Jack, then you need to get dressed, then we can go." they were on a case at the moment, it seemed that some of the students had gained unusual cheeky attitude completely out of the blue, and none of the teachers could figure out why.

"all right Doc, I'll just go get dressed in my suit. by the way, love the new tie.." Jack winked, his eyes on the Tardis blue tie that the doctor was sporting, after the Doctor realised that when Jack would see his red silk tie, Jack would get a sad look in his eyes, thinking about his Welshman.

The Doctor put the last few wires together and Beamed, just as jack bounced into the room, the Doctor feeling a rush of heat going streight down at the sight of Jack in a suit with a blue silk tie and a black silk shirt.

Jack grinned at his Boyfriends flushed face. he decided to distract him by asking a question; " i wonder what the TARDIS looks like now Doctor?"

the Doctor, completely forgetting his earlier thought process, smiled at the Immortal man, bouncing on his toes.

"well we just have to find out once we walk outside wont we?"

Jack nodded.

In the Hallway, a student name Hillory Figg stared at the new fridge in the cafeteria, a sign on the top that said 'Dr. Pepper, new Blue Flavour". she started walking towards the new Fridge and just when she was about to open it, it opened by itself. a man on the other side staring at her, a large grin on his face.

The Doctor Grinned a the young student that was in front of his TARDIS.

"'Ello, I'm the Doctor!" The Doctor saw a flash of mirth in the students eyes.

she grinned before asking, " by any chance, are you Doctor Pepper?"

Jack, who was staring at the screen that showed the TARDIS from the Outside, laughed. and kept laughing. and laughed some more.