Blood C and HP

By: FunahoMisaki

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Saya was outside on the roof playing basketball with the other kids, the twins on her team while Yuka was on the opposite team as Angel sat nearby watching and cheering both her 'mommy' and her 'papa' on. Angel watched as Saya was about to make a basket from clear across the court where she was being blocked by Yuka and then grinned.

"Papa! Kiss mommy again! She drop ball!" Angel yelled causing half the players to bust out laughing as Yuka and Saya both turned beat red and looked away from each other again as Saya accidentally miss dribbled the ball, which made it bounce towards Angel.

"My turn!" Angel said eyes gleaming brightly as she picked up the ball and turned towards the hoop her mommy always shot it in. Everyone's mouths dropped when little Angel jumped and threw the ball, causing it to arc high up into the air before sinking straight in the hoop. Everyone merely stood there staring for a minute before Yuka turned to Saya.

"She's your kid alright. Are you sure she's adopted?" Yuka asked bluntly causing Saya to nod in both agreement and confirmation. Angel was all but formally adopted by Saya and yet the girl seemed to have so many of her characteristics, as well as Yukas, that it wasn't even funny.

"You turn papa!" Angel said running over to grab the basketball, that was just barely smaller than her, and then throwing it at Yuka's back while she was distracted by Saya saying something. The ball hit Yuka square in the back, pushing her forward and causing her to bump into Saya. This caused Saya to lose her balance and they both landed on the floor again with their lips connecting once more.

"Saya and Yuka sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-" The twins began to sing causing Yuka to jump up and turn on them, her face burning a deep red again.

"You two shut your mouths!" Yuka screamed chasing them around the basketball court while the others laugh and Saya sat up slowly, blinking as she tried to figure out what just happened again as the bell rang to show that free time was over.

"Hey Saya. I know a great place that serves some yummy cake, I w-was wondering if you wanna go there with me? Angel can come too of course." Itsuki asked walking up to Saya at the end of the school day and causing Angel to growl at him.

"Sorry but there's a ceremony at the shrine tomorrow and my father wants us both home straight after school to help." Saya said smiling apologetically at him while Angel smirked as she ran over to Yuka and clung to her leg, another plan forming in her devious mind.

"Papa I scared! Fumito say people go missing! I no want me or mama go missing! Stay please? You can beat up mean people." Angel said with large crocodile tears in her eyes as she looked up at her 'papa' scared. The twins cooed at how scared she looked but inside they were nearly dying of laughter; this girl was a master actress and knew just what buttons to press with Yuka and Saya.

"Now that I think of it." Nene began glancing at her sister as they shared secret smirks while Yuka had kneeled down to sooth Angel.

"I did hear about some missing people-"

"And Yuka is good at beating up people-"

"Maybe she should-"

"Most definitely should-"

"Walk Saya and Angel-chan home!" The other students were looking between the twins at their tennis match style of speaking before the two ended in unison.

"Alright. I'll walk you and Saya home Angel. I wouldn't want either of you to go missing." Yuka said sighing as she gave into what the twins, for whatever reason, and Angel wanted her to do.

"Thank you papa!" Angel said beaming happily up at Yuka as she hugged the purple haired teens neck, causing the said teen to sigh again at the title but hug the girl back. Yuka easily picked Angel up and carried her over to Saya who was watching everything curiously and with a bit of a blush on her face.

"You know you don't have to walk us home right Yuka?" Saya asked tilting her head at Yuka who sighed and smiled.

"Yeah I know but if it makes Angel feel better I don't mind." Yuka said holding the young girl closer protectively and causing said child to smile up at her happily.

"Thank you papa." Angel said smiling happily and cutely up at Yuka who flicked her nose and smiled back.

"You're welcome, my little angel." Yuka said smiling maternally down at Angel who beamed at the nickname and snuggled closer to her 'papa'.

"Now come on. Let's get you two home." Yuka said causing Saya to nod, smiling happily at Yuka as she did so.

"Yes papa. Thank you again!" Angel said giving her 'papa' a small kiss on the cheek that caused Yuka to smile down at her fondly as the group of three left the classroom and began the trek to the shrine.

"Always, little angel." Yuka said pressing a gentle kiss to Angel's forehead, causing the small child to giggle cutely and snuggle further into her 'papa's protective embrace.

Saya smiled brightly as she watched the interaction between the two. Yuka was a perfect 'papa' for little Angel no matter how much the purple haired teen complained about being the 'man'.