I stood at my locker, thinking about my crush, Cristopher. Wondering where he was the last few days. I suddenly saw a note as I opened my locker. It said:

"Allison, if you want to know where chris is, meet me in the library. Bambi"

I rushed there and sat by the stuffed deer we had in our library. I then saw it blink at me.

"Hey. I got the note. Whats wrong"

"They've got him trapped in the dungeon in Jafar's place. You'll have to go to the Villians side of Disney if you want to rescue him"

"oh no! Not MORE villains"

"sadly yes" he replied. I then saw cards running after me so I hightailed it to my locker, pulled out my special stransporting ring and slid it on. And with a flash, I was gone. I was off for another Disney adventure.