Sorry to have taken so long to come back to this story. Promised I would finish it and I will. Just have a hard time with the Annie character. CA season 5 did not fix things! My real life job deals with reading people so it's hard for me to pretend with my writing. I'm far from being a 'real' writer, my mind rules me! Have lots of imagination but can't stray from what I see of the caracters on TV. Admire those who can write the Annie character with her old ways or imagine one that is a lot better than what she's become on season 5! Hope you like this chapter, a short one for me!

Annie was fast to get dress and ready for action "Eyal what are we up against?"

"My eyes outside just warned me we have an intruder in your sister's garage. Seems this person had a key to access the side door! Have a picture. I know the guy, he's # 4 on the International Terrorist Watch List. He's Iranian, my guess, our main target's gun for hire. We aren't dealing with amateurs Annie, this is a highly organised operation."

"We need to call Auggie."

"Annie, think we are capable of surveilling this guy. Don't want to apprehend him, need to know what he's up to and get a tracking devise on his car. Danielle told me there's a way to access the guess house from the cellar. We have a better view of the garage from your guess house. Care to show me the way?

"Eyal, I'm calling Auggie, he is running point on this mission. Our communication is secure, CIA and Tash saw to it."

To that Annie proceeded in calling Auggie, but beforehand secured her phone… knowing full well Eyal might make a grab for it. The look he gave her made her blood chill, but she was certain this was the right course of action.

Auggie was fast to answer, Annie rapidly explained their situation and passed the phone to Eyal.

"Eyal, guessing you're annoyed but Annie made the right call. I do have information that could help. Late last night, CIA surveillance I.D. two Iranians at the airport. They were last spotted near the apartment of our mission's main man! We haven't been able to re-establish their whereabouts since. Be careful, your intruder might not be alone. You may be watching intruder # 1 but a second one may be acting as backup. Annie tells me you have a picture, care to send it to me. And… Eyal, I'm good at what I do, know how to help my ops without stepping into their mission. Always leave them decide how and when to act. When ops are out in the field, they're in charge. I work the problem with them if and only if they ask! Take the intel I just gave you and deal with it or not, your choice. I can stay online but only if you want my help. Your choice! "

Eyal passed the phone to Annie "Keep him with us and send him the picture I just showed you." Annie shot him a surprised look but was quick to stop the smile that was creeping in her face!

Hearing Eyal words, Auggie smiled. Eyal was used to working alone, but was, far and foremost, a professional. He knew the stakes of this mission and, just now, had chosen to work as a team member instead of going it alone. This 'win' meant a lot to Auggie. Before his blindness, he was good at running points on missions and excelled in teamwork. 'Anderson you still have it!'

Eyal continued "Annie ask Auggie if he has the clearance to retask the USA-224 Key Hole surveillance satellite from NRO (National Reconnaissance Office). If NRO didn't change their surveillance routine, that satellite should be hovering over us shortly. We barely have time, but if Auggie can retask it, we could have infra-red images of our location. We will catch our man on film and analyse the intel afterwards. Now, we need to know if he's alone but can't take the risk of being uncovered. The satellite can do it for us. We stay put and only intervene if he tries to come in the main house. My guess is that we'll just have to turn on the kitchen's lights, make as if one of us is getting a drink, and he'll disappear into the night. Hope it doesn't come to that, from experience, we'll lose his trace. His boss won't like him having failled!"

Annie relayed the information and had a smile on her face when she looked back at Eyal. "He was on it before you asked. But he is curious on how you, a Mossad agent, knew so much!"

Eyal looked at Annie and rolled his eyes "Don't be naïve Annie! It's a tactical surveillance satellite. You know about ours, we know about yours! OK, now Annie, we are at basement level, how do we get to the guess house? It was you safe-house, securing a covert entry is the first thing we do. How do we get inside without being seen?"

"Well… I can but… you're not going to like it. She proceeded to move a life size poster and opened a small door that revealed a very short passage that linked the main house to the guess house."

"Annie, my shoulders won't pass through that tiny hallway! Girl, till Auggie gets back to us, you're on your own on this. You up to it?

"I'm up to it. Eyal, I went dark not soft!"

"Never doubted you, just watching over you, can't help it! Once you're in, we go radio silent. You get in the guess house, observe the guy and wait… nothing else. He won't be long, he needs to get out before dawn. Annie no Mataharie moves, am I clear?"

Annie grinning at Eyal, "I love it when you're looking out for me, your eyes get that dark worried look, it's sexy!"

"Annie not the time, but I'm taking a rain check on this discussion! Come on, let's get you into this woman only passage! What were you thinking when you made this?"

"I was a rookie at the time and never thought I'd have to use it in a mission situation. It served as a safe entry to hide from Danielle: I'd get in from the back basement window, took this tiny hallway and bingo…got in my house. Danielle would still be watching from the front when the lights would go on! She always wondered how I did that. Told her when I came clean about being a spy!"

"Annie be careful in there. If I have to barge in to help you our covers will be blown and this mission will be over before it began!"

"And my sister will be in limbo land! Eyal, I know the stakes, I will not put my sister in jeopardy, and I'm no more an unpredictable rookie. Think you are going to have to get to know me all over again."

"And what I wonderful experience that's going to be! But for now, my little seasoned spy, get going!"

Eyal didn't want to worry Annie but he had the beginning of a real bad migraine. The meds he had taken had temporarily managed it but he knew it would be back with a vengeance. It's now that it chose to stricke. He had a high threshold to pain but these migraines could bring him to his knees. Dr. Longstrong had warned him that he could still suffer migraines since it would take some time for the compress vertebra to heal and his therapy to take effect. He took a mental note to warn Rivka that after this mission he would take some vacation time. Needed to gain some control over these migraines and give his treatments time to take effect. His mind wandered to Annie: it would be pleasant to have her hovering over him. He could, for a short time, accept that situation!

'OK Lavin back in mission mode': Annie seemed to be behaving and only keeping a watchfull eye on the target. His phone vibrated. It was Auggie.

"Eyal happy to confirm that our guy is alone and from the picture you sent, it's the same guy CIA picked up on at the airport. So guessing there's one more target on the loose and up to no good! The images the satellite has capture show our target, you two and Danielle. You said you had a Mossad friend? He not in my scan. Also Eyal, we are detecting some radioactivity. My guess our target is installing some kind of tracking device."

"Good catch for the radioactivity, don't want to frighten you but that could also mean a bomb! As for my friend not being detecte, he is prepared Auggie, he's Mossad and long gone."

"OK can we stop playing 'Who's the best agency' and get back in mission mode. If it's a bomb, you better get on it now! We have a two hour period till dawn but my guess is that he should be leaving shortly. What's next Eyal?"

"Well, sent Annie in a recognition and happy to say up till now she's behaving."

"Ha! You couldn't get in the safe slim line passage? I couldn't either! Keep me posted Eyal. I'll read up on the latest bomb desamorcing techniques, just in case."

"Good thinking, hope it does not come down to that. Auggy, I'm in no shape to thinker with a bomb."

"I'm guessing, you have a migraine. Eyal, I've been there, had some real bad ones after my accident. Still have them on occasion. If it's a bomb, I have ways to help you. Trust me on this, sadly it's kind of my field of expertise!"

"Cross that bridge if we have to, but thanks for the vote of confidence. Happy to see you're not replacing me with a CIA 'prop'."

"Eyal even with a headache, you still have my vote to best diffuse a bomb. Told you I leave the ops run their mission and I only help if needed and asked. I'm always true to my words… well maybe with the exception of a certain blonde! Talking about Annie, she has no experience whatsoever whit bombs. She might try to 'take over' don't leave her. Since she's been back, she hell bent on proving herself and overdoing it a bit."

"Notice that, it will pass."

"I hope because if it doesn't, she going to die trying!"

Eyal now sure that their visitor was alone and very much occupied on whatever task he was up to, Eyal carefully opened the basement door. He surveyed his entourage, found the suspect's car (Eyal's Mossad colleague had described it) and stuck a tracking device on it. 'Job finished here, now to get in the guess house and surprise Annie'. Opening a window and putting on his best smirk, he successfully surprised a very concentrated Annie!

"Eyal, what… how. Jesus, you scared the hell out of me!"

Eyal put a finger to his lips, opening the radio, starting a fan and pointing it toward the windows directly at the 'object' the target installed.

Eyal smile was revealing all of his jet white teeth, he was proof of himself! "If it's a tracking/listening device this will cover our conversation. Just got Auggie on the phone, our target is alone. There was also some radioactivity scanned. We are guessing our friend is installing, like I just said, a devise of some sort or a bomb! Neshema, this mission is in full swing!"

"Or a bomb, you're kidding! Eyal, he's leaving. Hurry, we need to follow him."

"Annie, we NEED to get an eye on the gift he just spent his 'valuable' time preparing for us! We I.D. him, I put a tracking device on his car, Auggie will take care of drilling down on him. I need you with me."

Annie looked at Eyal and said in a concerned voice "You have a migraine don't you? I'm sensing it in your voice."

"You and Auggie are real good at guessing my mood! It's manageable for now but we need to see what we are dealing with."

"Eyal, if it's a bomb, I could desamorce it with your instructions. I can handle it."

"Annie, you never did that kind of work. Look, know you want to show CIA that you came through your last mission better than when you went in. You don't need to prove yourself to me, Auggie or the whole CIA. Annie, you're a remarkable women and an exceptional spy, take it slowly, and give yourself time. If it's a bomb I can manage it. Auggie is going help if necessary. He assured me he could guide me through it even if this headache becomes a full blown migraine. You told me to trust Auggie, I listened Annie. If it's a bomb, take it as a learning experience. I/we don't expect you to become CIA wonder woman!"

With that Eyal lightly kissed Annie's forehead.

"Eyal, how do we get to this device without it getting to us first? We don't even know what we are dealing with."

"My dear Annie, we get into character, our mission remember: Me and Danielle as a new 'couple' and you as the very annoying third leg! You know the saying, two's company, and threes a crowd! You get back into the main house, snuggle in with Danielle, wake her up, and write her a note to explain all of this. I'll make as if I just got out of bed in this guess house and strolling to Danielle's kitchen to make my love and YOU some breakfast. I'll sneak out in the garage with Danielle to finally be alone with her, we smooch and I try to get my eyes on this gadget. We got to assume that we now have eyes and ears on us."

"Eyal, if we have eyes and ears on us, they might be seeing and hearing us as we speak, not good for our covers!"

"Sure they can't hear us with my set up - radio and wind fans always do the trick, but, yes, they may see us so pucker up Mrs. Walker and don't fight me."

To that Eyal pushed himself hungrily on Annie and began kissing her very passionately!

Annie came up for a breather, just to see Eyal's eyes eating her up! "OK, care to explain what that was all about? Let's say it was not unpleasant but you're supposed to be my sister's boyfriend… you got the wrong sister!"

"If they can see us, they'll sum it up to me playing around with both sisters. Annie want you to know this will be one of the hardest cover for me to pull off."

"I know Eyal, don't worry about me and my feelings. I've pass the last months not feeling nothing, being empty. It's just wonderful to be able to experience my heart beating at the sight of a certain someone, to feel my stomach twist with desire and to feel … feel the warmth of your kissed! I also want to experience some jealousy. I'm like a kid in a candy store, Eyal. Please don't laugh at me I know my words must sound abnormal."

"No Annie, I just love what you just said… did I hear the word jealousy… Stay with me, I know where I'm heading and have a pretty good idea of what will happen at certain points. It's a journey I'm looking forward to taking with you once this mission is past us!"

Eyal had such a boyish grin that it pushed Annie to steal a kiss from him!

Eyal guided Annie to the woman only passage and watched her leave. It was now his turn to steel kiss and best of all she responded with passion. It was a send-off that left them both tingling with desire for more. This was going to be, for him, a hard cover to maintain. They had played around each other for more than two years, he had built a desire for her that was now a volcano ready to erupt and to his delight she was wanting to explore her feelings for him. His feelings were quite clear: He loved that woman, even more now that she needed help/ his help in coming back to the old Annie. He knew that Annie would never be back 100% but from what he could see some of her old self was emerging. He even liked what he was seeing; gone were some of her annoying ways (well only some.. not all), replaced by more mature manners!

He would enjoy helping and getting to know the new / hopefully better Annie but for now he needed to play up to her sister, seek treatment for his migraines and deal with the consequences of being in a relationship with a spy from a competing agency! Lavin, just trust and follow the yellow brick road - take one tentative step and then another along this journey and hope it will end with both of your heart being healed!

To be continue