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The day ran the same as any other day. Arthur sighed and set down his thick book. Glancing out the window, he saw that it was once again snowing. Thankfully he enjoyed the cold weather and it was always cold in the Kingdom of Spades.

The four kingdoms each had their own season. The Kingdom of Spades had winter. The Kingdom of Hearts had summer. The Kingdom of Clover had Spring. Lastly, the Kingdom of Diamonds had fall. Even though Arthur's kingdom was always cold, he has blessed his garden with a spell to keep it a precise temperature. He wanted roses, so he had to improve so that they would grow in his kingdom.

In each of the Kingdoms, their seasons would occur all year round. This was no problem for all the kingdoms. If they wanted to go for a swim, they could visit the Kingdom of Hearts. If they wanted to play in the all year round snow, people could visit the Kingdom of Spades. There was no problems.

Although, it hasn't always been where people could freely travel between the kingdoms. There was a time where each of the kingdoms were in war. In response, they all sealed up their borders. No one could get in or out. Citizens are allowed to travel freely now since the war was over. There was no select winner, though. It was a draw between all four kingdoms.

Arthur sighed and examined the white wonderland that was outside the castle walls. It looked like it did everyday. White. Snow was littering nearly everything. He looked at some snow that rested upon the seal of the window. Arthur could go outside to admire the snow, but what would be the point? He didn't have anyone to play in the snow with.

Even when he took up the throne at the small age of 8, Arthur had no one to play in the snow with. He has wished for someone for awhile to come in and fill his lonely life. He's always wished for someone that he could play in the snow with. Alas, no one ever came. Arthur doubted that anyone ever will.. But he still wished. He still wished.

Arthur sighed and stood up. All his studies and courses were done, so he had the rest of the day off to himself. He dreaded this time of day because even he would get bored of reading at points. This was one of those points. Gently replacing the book onto the shelf, he walked out of the library and looked around. Every time he would pass a maid or a butler, they would bow in respect. Arthur didn't mind this, but he found it to be monotonous when he saw that every person faced their head to the floor for him.

Sometimes he almost wished that he wasn't the Queen. It got so ominous in the castle at night.. Not that he was scared. He just wanted someone to share the place with. Of course, when he was a small boy, sometimes the castle scared him at night. But he has moved on from those childish days. Arthur was twenty three after all. He had no time to be worried about such petty things.

Yet again, Arthur was dragged from his thoughts as he heard a rather girly scream getting louder. He looked around for the source of the noise, yet he was rammed into by what seemed to be the source. Arthur was pushed to the ground by the man that tackled him.

"I swear I saw a ghost! Please don't let it get me!" The man sobbed. Who was this big baby? Why had he rammed into Arthur?

"What are you doing here?" Arthur calmly replied. He actually didn't like it when commoners touched him.. They could have germs and get him sick! He was actually a giant germaphobe. Although, he would never admit it. "Why have you rammed into me?"

"I saw a ghost! So I came running.." The man looked up at Arthur. The nameless man's arms wrapped around Arthur's waist and his head lying on Arthur's stomach.

"Ghosts don't exist." Arthur tried to push the bigger man off, but to no avail, the other was far too strong for scrawny Arthur. "Now please get off."

The man nodded and quickly scrambled away after he got a good look at the Queen's face. "I-I'm sorry, Your Highness.." He quickly bowed. At least he knew who he had ran into.. Arthur thought.

"Thank you." Arthur quickly stood off and brushed his uniform free from dirt and possible germs lying on the precious fabric. "Now then. Get up. Tell me your name, boy."

The larger male quickly obliged to the Queen's requests. He stood on his feet and easily towered a few inches over Arthur. "Alfred F. Jones at your service, Your Highness!~" He nodded and bowed. Obviously he had no past experiences with etiquette.. He was clumsy with his bow.

Arthur put a hand to his face and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Well then, Alfred.. I could have you thrown in jail for harming me." He lowered his eyes and examined Alfred. He actually wasn't that bad looking. His shining blue eyes went perfect with his sun kissed locks. Arthur's eyes widened at his own choice of words.. Perfect.. "But I will make an exception. You may leave."

Alfred quickly shook his head. "Actually, I was looking for you. The guards sent me to this weird room to wait for you to see me. But.. I heard weird noises and ran out like a baby.. So now I'm here." He gave a sweet sounding laugh. "Didn't they tell you that I was here?"

"I have not yet been informed. Why was I supposed to meet you?" Arthur inquired. Perhaps he was the one..? No. Arthur pushed those thoughts to the back of his head, but he was oddly drawn to this male..

Arthur quickly raised his right hand. Arthur took a glance and saw an elegant black spades birthmark.. "Y-You're.. the King..?" This couldn't be right. This dolt could not be Arthur's King. Arthur quickly grasped the supposed King's hand and tried to wipe off the mark with his hand. It wasn't coming off. He gently let go and coughed awkwardly. "So you are.."

Alfred nodded happily. "So it looks like we're married now!" He laughed another laugh. It was slightly obnoxious to Arthur.. But then again, this was his new King.. He would have to get used to it. Then again, he would have to teach the man some manners, because he obviously had no knowledge of them.

"I see that.. Before we do anything, I need to get you some lessons on manners.. Also, we need to change you out of.. Those clothes.." Arthur gestured to Alfred's brown shirt and black pants. He was obviously of one of the lower classes. But with a little buffering, he would be fit to be King in no time.. "I hope you're a fast learner."

Alfred nodded happily. "Of course I am! Wait, what's wrong with my clothes?" He blinked and looked towards Arthur.

Arthur casually replied. "They are indication of lower class. You are of First Class now. You need to dress and act the part."

Alfred snickered. He could totally see Arthur with his nose pointed in the air acting all stuck up. His snicker turned into a full fledged laugh.

"What's so funny?!" Arthur demanded. He was obviously not the patient type and he did not take any tomfoolery from anyone. He stubbornly crossed his arms and narrowed his emerald orbs at Alfred, awaiting an answer.

Alfred had to settle down before replying. "I just thought a funny thought~" He playfully replied.

Arthur sighed once more. "We have a long way to go, don't we?" Indeed, they did have a long way to go.

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