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After Arthur and Alfred's little meet up, things got complicated. Alfred had to be immediately washed and scrubbed down by the maids and he had to be dressed in proper attire, for his clothes he was wearing before were for lower class members. Alfred was now the highest class in the Kingdom. No one ruled above him, not even Arthur, the Queen of Spades. To go from a low class man, to the highest ranked man in the kingdom was a very big jump for Alfred.

Alfred was probably the most clumsy, insufficient, non-working, and lazy person the Kingdom of Spades has ever had as a king. He could probably be taught on how to be a King in three years. Arthur thought of him as hopeless. He didn't even want to bother trying to teach him the basics. So he wasn't going to try. Arthur was just going to leave it was and hope Alfred would learn on his own.

Anyway, today, Arthur woke up and got ready like it was any other day. Although, what made today different, was that Alfred was in the room right beside Arthur. They had agreed on not sleeping in the same room just yet because.. That might be a bit awkward since they just met and all.

Arthur quickly rose from his bed and stretched his arms. He slept very well last night. With some of his stress gone with Alfred's arrival, it would seem like Arthur will be sleeping much better for the next few months. Or until a problem arrives. Whichever comes first will ruin his blissful sleep.

Standing up, Arthur soon went to his rest room to wash up. Stepping into the restroom, he was met with the smell of rose scented water. The petals lying in the water were blue and some were even in the shape of Spades. Rose water was a delicacy in the Kingdom of Spades, so naturally, Arthur had to bathe in it every day. He was royalty after all.

Once Arthur was completely stripped of his clothes, he stepped into the lukewarm water and sat in the relaxing liquid. It always felt wonderful on his pale skin. In all honesty, rose water was what made Arthur's skin so soft to the touch. He liked it very much.

Soon, Arthur was just sitting there without any cares in the world. If looking at him, it would seem that he was sleeping in the water. He had his eyes closed and he was completely still, but in reality, Arthur was actually just thinking to himself. He was just thinking about how the kingdom will go uphill from this point forward since they now had Alfred as king.

Taking a washcloth, Arthur carefully started to scrub his delicate skin. This also helped with making his skin so soft. He soon moved onto washing his hair with some tea smelling soap. The soap itself was made with tea leaves infused with the soap. Hence, making it smell like tea. Soon, Arthur was done with his daily washing routine and he was just left to sitting happily in the large bath.

The sound of footsteps could be heard outside of his door and Arthur froze. Why didn't the maid ask to come in?! He would surely have them fired for invading the Queen's privacy. He took a look at the door and he saw the doorknob was moving.

All too soon, Alfred came bursting into the room and all froze. "A-Alfred?! W-Why didn't you knock?!" Arthur quickly grabbed his towel and covered himself in the water. There goes his way to get dry.

Alfred quickly turned his head away from Arthur and blushed brightly. "A-Ahh.. I didn't know where you were.. So.. I thought that you might be in your room.. And it looks like I was partially correct.." He laughed nervously and turned towards the door. "I suppose that I'll take my leave now." He quickly started to walk out before Arthur could say anything.

On the other hand, the Briton released a breath that he didn't know he was holding. He looked at the now shut door and he could faintly hear the sound of Alfred sitting upon his bed, probably thinking about he did and he was probably trying to calm his ever apparent blush. That was kind of cute to Arthur. Seeing Alfred turn bright as a tomato indicated that Alfred might have feelings towards hi- No. Arthur thought quickly. "Alfred was just embarrassed.." He quickly whispered to himself. But little did Arthur know, for the young Brit has never loved anyone in his life.

Arthur was soon ready to get out of the bath. He looked around for a dry towel and sighed. He was going to ask for the younger man's help.. Great. "Alfred!" He called.

Alfred quickly heard the cry and walked over to the closed door. "What is it, Artie?" He smiled softly and put his ear to the door to hear better.

"C-Could you get me another towel..?" Arthur quietly replied.. "They're in my dresser.." Why they were in his dresser and not in his bathroom? The world will never know.

Alfred quickly ran to the dresser and found the perfectly folded blue towels immediately. "Got them!" He announced happily and walked to the door. "Soooo.. Where do I put them, Artie?"

Arthur blinked and thought for a moment.. Seems like Alfred was going to have to actually walk into the room and hand them to the still soaking Briton. "Just.. Open the door and place them beside the bath.. Try not to look, please.." Arthur was now starting to blush himself..

The door quietly opened and Alfred was looking away from where the Briton was sitting in the bath. He quietly set the towel by the bath and quickly walked out. "There you are, Artie." He smiled at the job well done.

Arthur nodded and stood out of the water and started to dry off. He stepped out of the bath and dried the rest of his body before wrapping the towel around his waist. "Thank you very much, Alfred.." He mumbled. Now that he thought about it.. If Alfred wouldn't have been there.. What would he have done in that situation..? Would he have called for a maid until someone came to his rescue? Would he just get out of the water and walk to the dresser for a towel, leaving a trail of water behind him? He shook his head and stopped thinking on the matter.

All he knew was that he was thankful for actually having a King now.. Especially one as caring and kind as Alfred was.

Arthur quickly walked out of the bathroom once he was done changing into his signature blue outfit. "Well then, our agenda is quite simple for the day. We have to plan for the wedding as well as the coronation and we need to see well you do at one on one combat."

"Sounds good to me, Artie!" Alfred smiled and gently patted the other's shoulder. "Which one first?"

"One on one combat. I was to see how well you are with it personally. So I will be the one training you." Arthur gave the other a slight smirk. This would be interesting.

So the day began with a clash. Literally.

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