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Clash. Clang. Clash.

Those were the noises that could be heard coming from the training room at roughly 8 in the morning. Arthur had insisted on Alfred training at that time. It was a nice way to wake your body up and Arthur claimed that you gained the most muscle at that time since your body just finished resting. Alfred knew that probably was not true, but he went along with the stubborn Briton anyway.

Arthur wiped the sweat gliding down his forehead. The Englishman underestimated Alfred's defenses. He was actually pretty good with a sword for a beginner. Although, Arthur was starting to think that Alfred was not a beginner. The American man seemed far too good with a sword to be a beginner.

"Pause for a moment." Arthur put his sword down. He was panting, he needed a drink of water, and most of all he wanted to ask Alfred some questions. So he stopped the training session for a bit.

Alfred quickly did the same with his sword and wiped the sweat from his now glistening forehead. Maybe they shouldn't have washed up before practice. "What's wrong, Artie?" He gave a grin and looked over at the Englishman getting a drink of water from a nearby cup placed at a table.

Arthur finished the glass of water and gently set it down with a hardly audible clink. "How are you so good with swords? Have you worked with them before?" He cleared his throat and crossed his arms, waiting for an answer.

All Alfred did was shrug. "I haven't touched a sword before. They're too costly. I used to be a peasant, remember?" He chuckled lightly at the sentence. "Maybe I'm just a natural?" The American moved over to get a glass of water for himself. All that training they had done made him thirsty, and becoming dehydrated was not on his list of things to do.

"I highly doubt that you are a natural. I have been training ever since I took up the throne and you are almost at my level." The last part Arthur mumbled. As much as he hated to admit, Alfred was almost to his level. It made Arthur kind of mad since today was one of the first times Alfred has picked up a sword, while Arthur has been training for years and years. That's kind of on the unfair side if you ask Arthur, although, he would never say that aloud. He was a gentleman after all.

The King shrugged once again. How was he to know? Maybe he was just blessed from birth with the unnaturally amazing ability to wield a sword. "I'm just saying that I don't know, Artie. Like I said before, this is one of the first times that I have actually even touched a sword, you know? I don't train with swords. The only type of exercise I did back at home was when I rain around the neighbourhood every morning."

So that's why he has a nice build.. Arthur silently thought then quickly pushed the embarrassing thought away. Why in the name of Spades would he think that?! Arthur sighed softly and nodded. "I see.. Well then, doesn't seem like you need as much work done as I thought you would. You seem to be pretty set with defending yourself." Arthur looked at the sky and yawned away the rest of his tiredness. "I suppose we can go and wash up again. I don't know about you, but I can not stand being sticky from sweat for the rest of the day."

The Briton started to head in and soon Alfred was on his tail. "I wouldn't be able to stand it either. It doesn't feel good on my skin if you ask me. Besides, Royalty is supposed to be clean and what not." Alfred jokingly said the last bit. He just wanted to play around with Arthur. The other just rolled his eyes in response.

"Please refrain from joking with your position. Being the King is not a joke. It is a very important duty for you and the entire kingdom. So I wish that you wouldn't take it so lightly." Arthur said quietly, but with a stern tone lying in his voice. "People would kill for your position after all." He quickly added. Arthur didn't want to be morbid, but people would most likely kill to be in either of their positions. That was actually rather frightening, but he didn't show it.

On the other hand, Alfred froze in his spot. "People would actually kill for my spot..? You mean people would and will try to kill me for my position, Artie?" It seemed like all the colour drained from the younger man's face.

Sighing, Arthur gently brought his hands up to rub his temples with the tips of his fingers. "They might, but they won't succeed. We have one of the best militarises, Alfred. Don't get yourself all worked up over such frivolous things. They are not important, so do not worry. I would protect you anyway.."

Alfred laughed at the last sentence. "You? How would a scrawny thing like you protect me, Artie?" Arthur sent a glare towards the laughing man. "What? I'm just saying! You don't look like you have enough muscle to kill a man."

Arthur turned to the younger man. "You just battled me. You know how much strength I possess since I sent you to the ground multiple times. So I would keep my mouth shut if I were you, Jones." With that, Arthur just walked into his room to get cleaned up and readied once again, leaving Alfred in the hallway.

After the two got ready for the second time that day, they had started to work on coronation ideas and preparations. All went fairly well, so that was good. Once they were done with the preparations for the day, it was time for them to have lunch.

Arthur had the chefs make something simple for their lunch. Turkey sandwiches and earl grey. Arthur wasn't hungry, but the American seemed like he hadn't eaten in years. He scarfed down 5 whole sandwiches and he refused to have the "dish water" as he called the tea. The King had water instead. How dare he insult Arthur's precious tea.

The coronation was going to be held in two weeks time. That gave Arthur hardly any time to work on Alfred's act.

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