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Chapter 2: That LUCKY BASTARD

Waking up to the sound of the annoying sound of the alarm clock, I wonder why I even buy the accursed thing in the first place. I sit up tiredly on my bed and look around my familiar dorm room with minimum interest. I'm not a very big fan of coffee so morning is my natural enemy, usually I'll sleep in a little later and go to school late but right now I don't feel like going back to bed which indicated that last night I was in a bad mood. I can't remember why though.

Going through standard morning routine with my mind on autopilot, when I've finished changing and look at myself in the mirror, it all coming back to be with a wave of irritation.

Nothing weird happened and turned me into a sexy k-pop star overnight mind you. Everything look normal, short black hair, black dead-fish eyes, average stature and physique, overall analysis: AVERAGE which in turn mean completely normal, except the fact that there is a bruise on my cheek. I'll have to find something to cover it later but doing that mean constantly being reminded of it which aggravate me further.

After making myself look presentable with some bandages, which take long enough to make consider just staying at home and sleep it off, I go to my fridge to find something to eat. It's not because I realize the "Important of Academic Achievement" that the teacher have tried so hard to brainwash us with, it's just that this is the last day of school before summer break so I think it's courtesy to the teacher that I show up on time for class for ONCE, I'll probably just sleep through it again … like always.

The fridge is filled to the brim with multi flavor ice-cream with the label say "Haagen-Daz", today is chocolate day, I take one out along with a milk carton on the fridge door. A lot of people is worry when they saw my eating habit but I never give it much thought, after all the first criteria when choosing food is taste, not nutrition, at least for me.

It's not like I have a massive insatiable sweet-tooth or anything, it just that it's the only thing that I haven't gotten sick of, yet. When my parents agree for me to move here they've expressed their concern that I can't handle living alone since I have always been a slacker and only occasionally help out with choir. Back then I've said that I'm only slacking because they did all the work, if there is no one to help me I'll definitely do it by myself ... Yeah it turned out I'm just a slacker after all, and cooking proved to be a disaster and too much of a hassle.

Now I think a lot of you would start imagine that my room look like a dumpster. Well sorry to burst your bubble, I maybe a slacker but I enjoying things neat and orderly live on Haagen-Daz, take out and avoid a mess as much as possible so I don't have to clean it.

Speaking of clean it I just finish my breakfast, I wash the glasses of milk immediately so that it don't pile up and let the ice-cream container join its cousin in the overflowing sink, may be I have to take them out … soon … Anyway time to go.

It's still early in the morning so there is not a lot of people on the road, maybe the fact that this is the last day before summer break help. Damn it I'm starting to have second thought about this whole "courtesy to the teacher" things. Too late, already out of the dorm, may as well the through with this.

Stopping by Green Mart to get my weekly Jump, the place is mostly deserted except for a brown hair girl reading mange for free in the corner of the shop. She wears the uniform of some prestigious all girl school, Tokiwadai I think, so I guess not all of them are high-class ojou-sama after all. Well doesn't matter, she definitely not my type considering how … undeveloped she is.

A certain high school, not I'm serious, it's the actual name of the school, which I agree is stupid by the way. It's very … average for a school in Academy City, having a flat campus and having the front and back building with the front being the new one the back being the old one, both are a typical Japanese building, oh and we have a pool too.

I quickly go to my classroom, find my seat in the corner of the class and start reading my manga. After a while, suddenly there is a slap on my back, damn I hate it when people do that.

-Yo Kuro! You're early, and awake too no less, that's strange, don't tell the world is gonna end! Heck I didn't expect you to be here in the first place, especially the last day of … wow what happened to your face man!

The chatter box is Nishimura Nakago … maybe. To tell you the truth I haven't got around to remember all of my classmate name and this is the last day at school, sometime I feel like I don't even belong to this world. I only know this guy name because he sat next to me last year … I think. He's a pretty popular guy in class and some time I wonder why he's even talk to me, when I ask him he just said that I have no idea what the girl in my class think about me, which in turn, confuse me even more.

-Nothing, can you at least let me finish this!

Trying my hardest to concentrate on the magazine which proved to be futile since people are beginning to filled the class, the noise slowly rise up and Nakago show zero care.

-A fight again?, I don't know why you get in to fights so much but you should stop or at least get better at it …

It's not my fault those delinquent find my look insulting, well in my eye maybe they're lower than dirt waste of time but still, and I did get better at it, the "lucky bastard" yesterday just got me with a sucker punch, damn it thinking about him make my anger rise up.

-… at this rate the girls who like you will find you harder to approach and you'll never get a girl friend…

Easy for you to say, you already got a girlfriend. What girl in their right mind would like a silent brooding lazy-ass anyway. If they are I'll know, trust me, I know this kind of stuff, I'm no those dense harem protagonist in manga, I can't even be like them if I wish.

-… but lately the girls only has their attention on some first-year, the Delta Force they're called, especially Kamijou, he's a chick magnet and I heard that he's planning to build a harem, that LUCKY bastard, my Kiriko lately have been talking about him all the time, if there is girl you like then go for her quickly before it's too late. Life is short, you gotta take it more seriously man, I mean is there something you want to do, some dream you want to reach …

And he keep going like that until the teacher come, I just give my two cent here and there. Strangely enough, I find it comfortable, maybe it's because i don't like talking much and he need someone to listen to him, that's how out friendship work, and i'm fine with it.

-Oh and i have something to tell you, meet me on the roof at lunch break. Don't worry it's not a confession.

And with that he scramble back into his seat, the teacher wait until the class has settled down before beginning his lecture.

Here we go again, after a fierce battle, despite all my valiant effort to keep my eyes open for ten minute, i finally succumb to my laziness and fall asleep.

-Sorry i'm late, the teacher want to have a word with me, so what did you call me here for.

Nakago stood facing away from me, he's wearing earbuds, strange, he normally not very into music, i was about to call out for him a gain when he suddenly said.

-Have you ever heard about level upper?

The walk home seem longer than usual, i keep looking at my bag, in there is a old model mp3 player that contain "level upper". As i mentioned before Academy city is a giant research facility about superpower, the power come not variety in type but also in level, the higher level you are the more crazy stuff you can do with your power, the highest currently being level 5 who can basically laugh in the face of physic and science and the lowest is level 0 whose power so insignificant that it's not worth mentioning.

Everybody starting level is different and you can go up by practicing and patience, like level grinding, just more frustrating. Some can continuously advance from lv1 to lv5 like the case of the #3 but other can't improve no matter how much they try and the fact that higher level ESP will have more stipend, opportunity, respect lead to a hierarchical social structure that not unlike discrimination which is why we have "skill-out",loser thugs wannabe who unsatisfied with their placement but instead of improving themself, they band together and attack higher level student for the sake of proving them self and "rebel again the injustice of SYSTEM SCAN".

But well that what's happen when you give super power to a bunch of teenager and letting a machine determine the potential of human, you know what they said:" Artificial intelligent is no match for Natural stupidity".

Back to the topic, you see having higher level is the same, if not greater than having higher grade, and more appealing at that but if that the case, why is level upper still remains as a rumor? An easy way to rise power level should be consider a major breakthrough and made public as soon as possible, in the first place why listening to a song make you " level up" in a game base on quantum physic anyway?

Well somehow it work, it's hard to not believe a guy who jump off the roof to prove something to you. Nakago's power is level 1 Telekinetic, not a very flashy power but he enjoying laughing at my shocked when hovering 50 feet above the ground, that bastard. Then he proceed to rant about how awesome it is, complain about how much it cost and says it's totally worth it. He hastily press the mp3 player into my hand , mumble something about Noriko and "bros before hoes" before sprinting off, poor guy, must have hold all in that in from last night.

Some shouting from afar bring me back to reality, some guy is dashing through the crowd like being chased by the devil, he's coming straight at me, constantly shouting "Make way". Wait a minute, that guy look familiar, spiky hair, a certain high school uniform, even their voice sound alike. Maybe all of my irritation will be vented after all, I immediate stand in the middle of his path.

-Hey you!

It took a second but recognition flash through his face, yep that's the guy alright. Time for some beat down.

-I'm gonna fucking rip you a new one you bast...

A punch is threw at my face before i even finish but i manage to side step just in time, like hell he's gonna get me a second time. He continue running without missing a step, so that's how it is, when i catch him he is dead. I immediately begin chasing him but before i even take two step i was shoved from behind, a bunch of noisy thug is running after him, obviously not for an autograpth, pushing down everyone in their way.

-Get out of the way!

-Get that fucker!

-That coward is pretty good at running away!

Look like i have to get in line ... fuck it that bastard it not getting away. I instantly get on my feet and give chase.

Turn out that bastard isn't running very fat, it's just those monkey-IQ delinquent have been having too much alcohol, cigarette and wearing boot with no functionality. Suddenly, all the shouting stop, my body go numb and at the speed i was running, i hit the asphalt rolling. I can't feel anything but the fact that my body is convulsing mean that i was it by electric, most likely from an Electromaster. I tried to look behind in an awkward position, people is parting way for a girl who's sparking like a tesla coil which make it even harder for me too see her exprssion, several thugs behind me suffer the same fate. She continue walking nonchalantly without paying attention to the battlefield-like scene around her, mumble something about "idiot" and "good samaritan".

Maybe i should have get in line after all. That LUCKY bastard

When i manage make it back into the dorm, it's almost curfew, fortunately i was able to drag myself out of there before Anti-skill arrive. Next time, screw " teacher courtesy", and i'm gonna freaking find that guy and give him a beating even if i have to turn the school up side down ... That is if i could get off my lazy ass and actually do it though, it seem hardly worth the effort ...

Going about the usual evening routine, take a bath, have a quick dinner which mean another ice-cream can join the overflowing pile at the sink ... maybe i should REALLY take them out ... soon ... Flipping through the channel of the TV and found nothing interesting, i turned it off, useless piece of scrap. There is only one thing to do before bed which is "level grinding". I know that in this mood i'll probable don't get anything done and will just wait my time but i've already skipped last night and considering my lazy nature, i shouldn't make that a habit

"Level grinding" is just a fancy way of saying practicing, and no i don't go around picking a fight with random people and earn experience point, my power doesn't work that way and no one in their right mind would do it anyway. My grinding is much more boring, it consist of a incandescent light bulb with its outer glass bulb and filament removed. My goal is to create a coiled coil of pure tungsten filament in the right size, it's harder than it sound, at least for me, if the shape is not right and filament will snap and if the material is not pure it'll not light up at all. I touch the model filament for preference.

Judging the concept of creation.

Hypothesizing the basic structure.

Duplicating the composition material.

Don't worry it's not a spell you occult lunatic, this is the city of science, magic is not real, it's my mantra, my guideline of sort, i have perfect the first two line in six month and have been working on the third ever since.

The first one snap as soon as i plug in.

The second one doesn't not light up and instead emitting worrisome spark.

The third one make a small explosion.

Just as expected the frustration adding up to the irritation is even worse than last night and the numbing hand didn't help much but i keep changing the light bulb and try again and keep going at it until mid night. Now i know what you're think, this is nothing like the slacker that always fall asleep in class. Well it's not because the event today ignite my hidden firery passion or anything. It's just that my power, as well as esper power in general, have always been a interesting subject to me. As you all know esper's power is based on a hard-to-name quantum theory but in layman-s term, esper are people who project their personal reality into the outsite world.

You see everybody perceive reality in a different way and esper are people who's capable of replacing the standard reality with their own personal reality, effectively make the natural law of the world like physic dance in their hands. It's because that an esper's power is borned from one's own personal reality that it's often believe to reflect the owner reality. The more someone's disconnect from the standard reality and in touch with their own personal reality the more powerful they are.

Called my ignorant but that's why i don't really hate SYSTEM SCAN or this hierarchical social structure. To me level 0 are those that take reality at it is and is bounded by it they believed that they've worked as "hard" as everyone else but can't improve, went something doesn't go their way they blame their circumstances instead of improving themself. Those who see the world through their own eyes, keep chasing their dream and ambition even if it's impossible, those who disregard the cold hard rule of reality, break out of it, make their own rule and following it are those that deserve respect even even if they're not always the nicest guy. The power to change is not to be earned but to be taken by those with enough courage.

"Is there something you want to do, some dream you want to reach."

But if one's power reflect one's own reality, then what's about me, the one who possess the power of a FAKER. How do i see the world differently from anyone else, what is my dream, my ambition, what's giving me the power to bend reality and why is it in the form of FAKING it. Is there a reason for me to possess this power, is there any meaning, what is my purpose in this world. I have been practicing my ability, looking for the answer, but no matter how much i try i can't take another step, i'm not blaming the system, the problem obviously lies in myself. Maybe it's because i don't have a goal, a dream to strive forward too, i've been walking aimlessly around, unable to fine the finish line. But it's exactly because i don't know what my dream is that i've been working so hard on my ability to find it in the first place, it's a paradox circle and i'm stuck ...



Or may be it's because i've got it backward ...


... Maybe.

... Just maybe.

My eyes fall on the school bag that's thrown haphazardly in the corner of the room, inside it is a old model mp3 player contain " Level upper".

I still don't trust it that much, in fact, i know it's gonna end badly, if it's really as convenient as people say then everybody should have been using it already, after all isn't the reason this city is founded in the first place? There gotta be some catch and i know i'll get what i deserve for this act of "cheating"

... But ...

It's not a convenient shortcut that i want in the first place. No. What i want is a glimpse of what to come, i don't desire a goal but a starting line, all i want is a first step out of this never ending routine. the only question is, is there really no other way? Is the price really worth it.

... Doubt ...

... Deliberation...

... Hesitation ...

... Delaying the inevitable ...


As i got the bed, earbuds in ears, the last thing i see is a shadow falling through the window before the familiar yet somehow strange embrace of sleep claims me.

A/N:You may not like the way my OC way of thinking, it's suppose to be that way because trust me i hate him too but that's the reason he will have to change.

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