I got a new computer. Took the old one to a friend of mine whose good with computers, well the hard drive was shot. Most of the files had corrupted or something. Anyway I am back in business. I already sent Chapter 7 of Biomass effect to my beta, so expect that to be put up any day now. Glad to be back. It will be a while before any other of my stories get a new chapter since my notes were lost, and Biomass Effect (Being my newest story) was still fresh in my mind. Just giving you all an update.

I'm working on the next chapter for Naruto Look to the Stars while I try and figure out how I was writing the new chapter for Xcom: Phoenix. It's good to be back. This note will be deleted prior to the upload of each new chapter, but will remain on individual stories until they are updated. Thank you all for your patience and I hope you continue to enjoy my stories.