HP and Blood C

By: FunahoMisaki

(A/N: I own nothing and what if when FemHarry was four her magic reacted violently to her being beaten so close to death by her relatives that it sent her into the past, to Japan…and changed her into the girl that would then grow up to become known as Saya Kisaragi? Now a year after The Last Dark epilogue Saya was found by the wizards and forced to attend Hogwarts but…her friend and Chevalia will not take this laying down. AU OOC Good! Witch!Yuka and femslash.)

Governor of Magical and Muggle Japan Yuka Amino had just walked into her office and sat at her desk, sipping some coffee she had bought on her way to work as she looked at the newspaper on her desk and raised her eyebrow. Her secretary, some kid barely old enough to be out of school, was a young witch who had been ordered to only put a magical paper on her desk if there was something in the paper that Yuka would find of interest. Yuka set down her coffee cup and picked up the paper, hmm it seemed to be that rag from England The Daily Poet or something like that.

Yuka smirked at that, she loved to read this paper sometimes just so she could poke logic shaped holes in their reporting and bash the rag with some of the other magicals who worked with her. The England wizards thought that they were so far ahead of the rest of the world while in reality they were still stuck a good few centuries in the past while everyone else was at least modern if not advanced.

"Missing Girl-Who-Lived found huh? Poor girl being stuck with the ignorant fools in England." Yuka said reading the headline in amusement before even glancing at the photo, which she did while taking another sip of her coffee. The photo of the 'GWL' caused Yuka to spit out her coffee in shock when she accidentally inhaled too much of it and it burned her throat. If the twin pigtails and the uniform weren't enough proof, even without color, the sword and eyes certainly were.

"Saya-sama is the Missing Potter heiress?" Yuka asked herself shocked as she stared down at the picture of her mistress, the woman who looked like a teen but was much MUCH older than that staring back up at her with a scowl before blinking at the familiar face. The picture mouthed something and Yuka's eyes narrowed as she read her mistress's lips, it was a useful skill she had learned years ago when Saya first saved her life and changed her before the experiment.

"Seventh Tower town experiment?" Yuka muttered to herself as her secretary came in to give her the schedule for today only to stand there silently when she saw that Yuka was reading the paper and thinking intensively. Yuka quickly skimmed through the article on the missing 'Potter girl' as they were calling before the meaning of the apparently coded message was clear to her.

"Those bastards!" Yuka snarled slamming her fist onto her desk and cracking it clean in half as the coffee cup toppled over onto the carpet and the secretary gave a small shriek of surprise.

"Ms. Fujika clear my schedule for today immediately and get a portkey ready to take me to the England Ministry of Magic. The 'Missing Potter Girl' as they're calling her is one of our citizens! They've kidnapped her from our country and are planning to rewrite her memories!" Yuka ordered her eyes snapping up to her assistant who looked shocked for a minute before springing into action.

"Ma'am what about your protection detail?" Fujika asked as she readied the portkey and hurriedly rescheduled everything, which wasn't a lot for today much to her surprise, for some time next month.

"I can protect myself but it will be good to have intimidation on our side. Get two of the magical guys and get them in here an hour ago." Yuka ordered causing the young woman to nod and call up just the right people. The two particular people she was calling were scary as hell in appearance since one of them was about six feet tall and built like a tank while the other one was lean but faster than most of the other guards, he also had several scars on his face and arms that made him look much scarier.

"Lee and Hiroki are on their way up now ma'am. Do you wish for me to come with in case you need anything?" Fujika asked as she grabbed her PDA from off of her desk just in case.

"Yes. Also make sure you have your camera and recorder on you so that we can film their crimes for either a court case or blackmail, whichever would be more effective." Yuka ordered without glancing up from the picture of Saya even as the purple-blue haired woman pulled open a drawer in her desk and took out a loaded .45 millimeter gun. She turned away from the picture for a minute to inspect the gun for anything briefly and the checked the ammo before nodded and slipping it into a holster that was hidden under her dress suit jacket.

"Yes ma'am. The portkey is ready and I've taken the liberty of informing the Japanese Ministry of Magic who already agreed to let you confront them yourself in person." Fujika reported causing Yuka to nod as she took her finger and traced the outline of Saya in the picture, applying a bit of magic to cut that part of the picture out. Yuka smiled down at the picture of her friend and mistress for a second before tucking it away gently within one of her suit coats hidden inside pockets just as the two guards walked into the room, holding a length of rope in between them. Yuka nodded at them and stood, walking over to touch the rope that had began to glow blue.

"Good now let's go. Just because Saya isn't able to kill humans doesn't mean she can't harm them, and I'd rather get there before she obliterates all of England without me."