HP and Blood C

By: FunahoMisaki

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"How many times do I have to say it? I'm no one's Angel and my name is not Potter anything!" Saya yelled at a couple of kids wearing red and gold ties in the Great Hall as she fingered her sword, wondering how badly she could beat them before she was attacked in return. The sound of some people landing behind her caused her to spin around her sword mostly out of its sheath before she realized who it was behind her.

"Yuka." Saya said nodding her head respectfully to the purple-blue haired woman who was smirking at her.

"Saya-hime. How did they manage to catch you?" Yuka asked walking towards the girl in the black and red school girl outfit while her secretary and the guards stayed put at a specific hand signal she gave them.

"Some stupid cup summoned me here and when I tried to leave the old bastard and some of his fuck buddies hit me in the back with about six stunners and three blasting curses." Saya said with a snort as she jabbed a thumb at the staff table where Dumbledore was sitting, causing many to gasp at her disrespect for the headmaster.

"Really? In that case I'm surprise you haven't broken his spine yet. Just because you can't kill humans doesn't mean you can't harm them…badly." Yuka said idly while a bushy haired fourteen year old girl in red and gold looked at her with a look that said she was thinking intensively.

"I know that and trust me I'm planning to as soon as I can convince these sheep that my name is Saya and that I'm no one's Angel. They also seem to think that I'll join in some stupid tournament." Saya said before the brown haired girls eyes lit up as she fished something out of her bag.

"Now I recognize you! You're the first female governor of Japan, Yuka Amino! Can I please have your autograph? My little sister looks up to you a lot." The brown haired girl said rambling slightly while Saya smirked as Yuka raised an eyebrow at her in question.

"Eh. Go ahead Yuka. That girl's Hermione Granger and she's one of the ones that seemed to understand that my name is Saya and I don't want to stay here." Saya said with a shrug at Yuka's questioning look causing Yuka to smile slightly at Hermione and take the offered notebook, a regular muggle one. The girl must be a muggle born, Yuka noticed idly as she took out a pen from her coat pocket and signed the paper easily.

"Here you are Ms. Granger. One autograph for your little sister and I'd like to thank you for being understanding towards Saya-hime here." Yuka said with a small nod of her head as she handed the book back to Hermione, causing the girl to let out a small squeal before she covered her mouth in embarrassment as everyone stared at her in shock. Saya on the other hand just burst out laughing.

"Saya-hime?" Yuka asked raising an eyebrow at her friend who calmed down slightly.

"Heh. From what I've seen and heard…her squealing like that is about as likely to happen as you squealing the same way." Saya said causing Yuka's other eyebrow to raise although she looked faintly amused.

"Excuse me but who are you four and what are you doing here?" A woman in an emerald green robe asked looking at the four newer arrivals curiously and warily.

"Ah we have forgotten to introduce ourselves. These are my guards, Lee and Hiroki, my secretary Fujika, they are the Heirs and Heiresses of the Most Ancient Houses of Moka, Tenka, and Sako respectively." Yuka said motioning towards her three companions as she introduced them, causing them to give either a small bow, nod or short wave.

"And you young lady?" The old man asked noticing that she had left herself out of the introduction, causing both Yuka and Saya to snort at what she had called Yuka.

"Young my ass. I turn eighty three this year. Last time I was called young was during that time I was pretending to be a high school student for an experiment." Yuka said in amusement while everyone looked startled at her age except for Saya who was much older than her to begin with.

"But the presses all say that you've only just turned twenty nine." Hermione said tilting her head at Yuka in confusion and causing Yuka to snort again.

"Of course that's what the press says. That's because that's what's written on my newest fake birth certificate. It'd be kinda hard to hide the fact I'm nearly immortal without coming up with a few fake IDs wouldn't it? I just pretend to be my own daughter all the time, claiming that my 'mother' hid me away from public eye for my own safety. Given my family bloodline it's not that much of a stretch." Yuka said causing everyone to gasp, the woman was nearly immortal?! How?

"Nearly immortal? How is that possible?" A dumpy but kind looking woman in dirt covered robes asked from the staff table while Dumbledore's eyes narrowed on Yuka.

"Simple actually. I was dying and Saya-hime changed me into a near immortal in order to save my life. In return I protect and serve her for the rest of my life no matter how long it may be…although she really doesn't need protection." Yuka said at a nod from Saya who then smirked at all the awestruck looks she was getting from everyone else.

"Family bloodline?" A girl at the blue and black table asked curiously causing Yuka to nod with a smirk on her face that made the teachers who dealt with the Marauders pale while two red haired twins nearby looked interested.

"Yes. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yuka Amino, immortal servant and Chevalia to Saya, governor of both mundane- muggle to you all- and magical Japan and Lady of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Amino which are directly related to the Most Ancient and Noble Houses of Slytherin and Hufflepuff…and several of you have managed to piss me off."