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Mount Justice 11:41 EST

"...And that is where we found him." Aqualad finished, staring up unwillingly at Batman, who didn't say anything.

"So what do you think?" Superboy asked, finally breaking the silence. "Another one of Cadmus' runaway science fair projects?"

"No." the Bat answered with his usually firmness. "The tests we performed show no evidence of cloning, and everything down to the uniform indicates no interference from Cadmus."

"So... he's not me?" Wally asked hopefully.

Batman looked up at him. "The DNA tests came back positive. However he is, he's got your DNA all over him."

Wally shuddered at the thought of someone else having his exact genes. "So... he's not a clone, but he's still got my DNA? Bats! That doesn't make any sense!" He shrank back when he saw Batman's glare. "Sorry." he gulped.

"We're figuring this out Wally. Be patient."

Wally wanted to scream. This whole mess had been way too frustrating for him! If there was one code he stuck by, it was that Wally West was a man of science. There was always an explanation for everything. And that explanation could always be found in some scientific principle. At least, that's what he wanted to believe...

The clues just didn't seem to be adding up though. The stress apparently showed on his face. Kaldur and Conner immediately shot each other worried looks.

"My friend," Kaldur said hesitantly. "Perhaps we should-"

"Batman!" Robin interrupted, barging into the mission room. "You have to see this."

The young boy looked out of breath, like he'd just ran the way there. "He's-he's awake."

Wally decided that the infirmary was not a place he ever wanted to be. It reminded him of a hospital, but with more needles, and vials filed with blood. Screens of data beeped around him. A strong stench that smelled a mix between rubbing alcohol and burned flesh filled the air. He shuddered involuntarily.

Black Canary stood on guard outside the door. She looked up nervously as the four approached. Batman made eye contact- as much as you could through that mask, anyways.

"Is he-"

"Yes." Canary cut him off.

Wally had to remind himself how to breathe. 'This is it Wall-man.' He knew it was his last chance for answers. With a shaky breath, he grabbed the door handle and turned.

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