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It wasn't the frigid air that made Wally shudder when they got off the bioship. It was the place, the memories. He experienced overwhelming deja-vu. The Team going to the North Pole to save the world by destroying an evil machine.

Yep. Definitely deja-vu.

Artemis must have sensed it too, because she tensed instantly and grabbed his hand.

Nightwing looked at the pair, but said nothing.

"There!" Beast Boy pointed towards a large machine that vaguely resembled Reach technology.

It was large and round and had a large orb floating in the center. But this one had a beam attached. It looked just like it had on the flashdrive, which worried Wally. The Light knew what they were doing. That was the scariest part.

Artemis looked at Wally. "You going to be all right babe?"

"Of course," he said more confidently than he felt. "Like you always say: What could go wrong?"

"Wally!" Artemis said with a small laugh.

That saying had become a reminder for them: things actually could go very wrong. But it also meant hope. Hope that things would turn out for the best.

They barely noticed that the young Wally had come up from behind them.

"Oh... I get it," the young speedster said with a devilish grin. "Inside couple jokes. Nice. Any other secret jokes you can tell me? Or just secrets. Secrets work too. Like secret identities, for instance. Hypothetically speaking."

Tigress's secret identity had actually been bugging Wally for a while. He wanted to know who the blonde haired beauty was behind the mask.

The couple just grinned at each other. If only he knew...

Suddenly, a small shadow cast over them. The three looked up, expecting a fight. Instead, they got a very peeved looking Martian. The older M'gann had found them, and she was not happy.

"He-hey there green cheeks," the younger Wally said nervously.

The Martian narrowed her eyes. "You tied me up and locked me in a broom closet!"

"Oh, yeah... that."

"M'gann!" Nightwing said running over to her.

"Nightwing! What did I miss?"

He sighed. "Alot, actually. You see, our, ah, old friends have made a plan to-"

He was cut off by a loud boom, coming from above. Everyone looked up in surprise to see a boom tube opening above them, with three of the Team's last favorite supervillans falling through and landing softly on the powdered snow. Lex Luther, Klarion, and Vandal Savage.

Vandal frowned. "Well well, if it isn't the, young, justice league."

The younger Wally snickered. "Young Justice? What kind of a name is that? Lame."

Vandal continued. "And oh look, you're all here."

"Not all of us," Nightwing said, narrowing his eyes. "And you know that."

"True," Lex Luthor admitted. "But nonetheless, you are sufficient for our cause. After all, when we succeed, the Justice League will be obliterated, your precious Team will be crippled beyond repair. Whoever's left won't be enough to fight back. But you should know that. After all, you did look on that flashdrive, did you not?"

Robin (Tim)'s eyes widened. "How did you-"

"Please," Luthor said. "Did you really think we were that naive? We've known your every move for quite some time. And targeting Manta's submarine? Quite predictable."

"You-you've been watching us?" Batgirl asked. "How?"

"Surveillance," Savage cut in. "But above all else, the ability to travel through time has come in handy."

"Wait... You can travel through time? How?" Older Wally asked, baffled.

Klarion scoffed. "Foolish boy, I am a lord of chaos! I can cast spells powerful enough to make your head spin! Crossing through the dimensions of time and space? Easy." He grinned, stroking the cat in his arms.

Nightwing frowned. "Why are you telling us all this?"

Bart's eyes widened as he glanced up at the ray. It has duplicated in size. "No..."

Tigress narrowed her eyes. "It was a distraction!"

Klarion laughed. "Foolish foolish foolish..."

Superboy (the FUTURE Superboy), just yelled and leapt towards the machine, only to be blown back by an invisible force field surrounding it.

"Conner!" The older Miss Martian shouted and flew over to help him up. She glared at Klarion. "You!" Her eyes flowed green as she tried for a psychic attack. There was a piercing pain. She grabbed her head in agony.

Another laugh. "You really didn't think I would have protected myself from your psychic abilities?"

Miss M just rubbed her skull and moaned in pain.

"Hey!" Young KF shouted, running towards the witch boy.

At that point, all hell broke loose.

The other two Kid Flashes ran towards Klarion at the same time, all coming from different angles. While the older Miss Martian and Superboy still lay injured on the ground, their younger selves went after Lex Luthor. Nightwing, Robin, and Robin leapt towards Savage, weapons drawn. Jabs and punches were thrown in all directions.

While they kept the three busy, Tigress, Aqualad, Artemis and Batgirl charged for the ray. Beast Boy had run off to play nurse for his older sister. Batgirl scanned the force field.

She looked up at her friends. "This force field is made entirely of mystic energy. I don't know alot about sorcery, but I do know that you need to be pretty good with magic to break through."

Aqualad just stood ready. "It may not be much, but I too have been trained in the mystic arts. Perhaps I can weaken its strength."

His attack failed. He was propelled backwards like a rocket launcher.

Tigress ran towards her fallen comrade, who was beginning to stand shakily. She locked eyes with Batgirl. "We need to distract Klarion. Drawing his attention away might be enough to release the spell."

"Worth a try," Batgirl said.

With that, Tigress flipped towards her boyfriend and the witch boy. Wally didn't stop running, just picked her up bridal style like he always did.

"Hey there, babe. Come over just to say hi to me?"

"Ha. I wish. Look, we need to get rid of the spell creating that force field. Can you get the cat?" After years of fighting Klarion, the Team has realized that the way to defeat the Lord of chaos, was by attacking his cat. No one knew why, but it just seemed to work.

Wally smiled. "Sure thing, beautiful."

"Perfect. Mind giving me a quick boost?"

He got the hint and tossed her into the air. She did a spiral, then a backflip, before finally landing in front of Batgirl, Aqualad, and her younger self, looking back just in time to see Kid Flash grab the small kitten, who meowed in protest.

"Teekl!" Klarion shouted.

The distraction worked. The field was lifted, and the four ran towards it. Batgirl instantly scanned it. Artemis just notched an explosive arrow, aiming it at the beam.

"Hold your fire," Batgirl said. "This machine has only t-minus 30 seconds before it shoots. Firing that arrow may just be the final push it needs. If I can reroute the power source, then we can destroy the rest without insinuating any further damage."

Artemis frowned. "Fine, but hurry."

A growl was heard from across the tundra. Wally was now wrestling with a saber tooth tiger, not a furry little creature.

"Wally!" Tigress shouted.

Artemis fired her arrow, but not at the canon. The shock of getting hit was enough to startle the cat, giving Wally an advantage.

An automatic voice spoke "T-minus 10 seconds."

Batgirl clenched her jaw. "Almost... got it!"

Suddenly, the ray aimed downwards, sagging as if it knew it had been defeated. Unfortunately, there was a small kick back from the ray, and it blasted Tigress in the chest. Everyone realized too late. The older Wally stared in horror.

"ARTEMIS!" He screamed without thinking and ran towards her.

"Huh?" The younger KF and Artemis said, looking up at the same time in pure shock, figuring they must've heard wrong.

But Wally couldn't hear anything. She was all he could think about. And he was NOT going to lose her again. And suddenly, without realizing it, he broke his top speed, running faster than ever before. Running as fast as Barry or Bart. It felt like a block had been removed from his mind, a block he hadn't noticed before.

"Whoa!" Bart said in awe, but Wally didn't care.

He just sank down to the ground and grabbed Artemis in his arms. "No... No no NO!" He looked around desperately. The older M'gann had stood up and was flying towards them.

"M'gann," he asked desperately. "Can you do anything?"

"I-I don't know. I could try to shock her back, but that could destroy her psyche."

"Do it!" He ordered. "Or else she's already gone." He whispered the last part.

M'gann concentrated for a second. Suddenly, Tigress gasped.


"Artemis!" He slammed his lips against hers, not caring who was watching. Just enjoying the moment as much as he could. She responded with just as much force and passion. Until a voice cut them off.

"YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" It was the young Artemis, who was marching over, looking angry enough to murder. "THERE IS NO WAY THAT I AM EVER (emphasis) GOING TO KISS KID IDIOT!"

"I... might be sick," young Wally said, sounding nauseous. "I mean, I thought you said she was hot!? Hot... is not Artemis! She's annoying!"

"Excuse me?" Tigress asked, raising an eyebrow.

The two just continued to rant.

Nightwing laughed as he finished hand cuffing Vandal Savage, who was muttering something about insolent children.

The older Wally and Artemis just exchanged a small smirk.

"Can we traumatize them?" Wally whispered into his girlfriend's ear. She grinned.


With that, they pressed their lips together, but didn't stop there. Inserting tongues into each others mouth, hands getting tangled in hair, a simple kiss became a full on make out session in a matter of seconds.

M'gann covered Beast Boy's eyes and turned him away.

Young Wally just gagged.

Artemis turned around and covered her ears, trying to block out the sounds of moaning. She couldn't stand the idea of making out with Kid Dork.

Mount Justice 8:29 EST

"You're sure you can make it home?" Batman asked Nightwing, glancing at the time machine.

The entire League had gathered at the cave after the triumph at the North Pole for small debriefing/congratulations/goodbye party.

"Hey, Batgirl rerouted the power from the disintegration beam to the time machine. This should have enough power to move forward."

"And your original goal to return the-ahem- other Kid Flash to his time?"

"No need. According to the drive, it had all been a set up using Klarion's magic. Kid Flash is safe to stay."

"Then congratulations, Dick. I'd say you've done good work with your Team."

Nightwing smiled. "Thanks. But, uh, how'd you know it was me?"

"Dick, you really think I wouldn't recognize my own son?"

Dick's eyes widened, but he smiled. Bruce rarely ever called him his son. The title was a nice change.

"One other thing, though. Wally was working on a serum last night. Everyone here already drank it. It was in the punch." He motioned to a punch bowl. "After we leave... none of you will remember any of this."

"I know."

Dick wasn't surprised.

"But there are some things I want to know. Since I'm going to forget it all anyways."

"Sure, uh, ask away."

"Who are they?" Batman motioned towards Batgirl and Robin.

"Tim and Barbara? I hope you're ready for a long story..."

On the other side of the room, a young Miss Martian had finally gotten the courage to fly over to the older Superboy.

"Hey," she said.

"Hey," he said, surprised she was talking to him.

"Can I ask you something?"

Conner knew about the serum ,but he still hesitated, eventually relenting. "Um, I geuss so."

"What happened? Between... You and me."

He looked away and sighed. "It's a long story, M'gann, and its one you just have to figure out for yourselves. I would tell you more, but you and I, we're on good terms now. I don't want to mess that up. Just... just be yourself, okay?"

Miss M smiled. She had seen the way he'd glanced at her older form. It left her hopeful that they might be more than just in good terms soon.

Artemis was not having the same happy turn out taking to her older self. She frowned.

"So... you and Baywatch... you live together?"

"And have a dog."

The frown deepened. "Okay, fine, but what happened to Jade? Wally mentioned something about her earlier. Something about love?"

"You won't believe me."

"I just found out that I'm going to date the most annoying member of the Team. Try me."

"She and Roy get together and have a kid," she challenged in a daring tone, as if to say 'I told you you wouldn't believe me.'

The archer's jaw dropped. "You-you mean Speedy?"

"Red Arrow," she corrected.

"No. No no NO. The future is officially twisted and messed up."

Artemis just grinned at her younger self.

"Team," Nightwing said. "It's time to go."

Wordlessly, the future Team lined up, looking almost sadly at their younger personas. The greatest adventure they'd ever had was coming to an end.

The younger Team didn't look too happy, either.

"Hey," Nightwing said, pressing a few buttons on the machine. "We'll see you in the future, remember?" Actually, they wouldn't remember, but he left that part out on purpose.

A bright light ahead throughout the room, instantly binding both teams, and whisking one away for good.


The rest of the Team was mostly mad when they returned. Mad that they hadn't been able to go, too. But eventually, they learned to get over it, mostly because they were just so relieved that Wally was alive.

His memorial statue was instantly removed (Wally asked Artemis if he could keep it and take it home with them as the new centrepiece for their living room. She said no). Wally and Artemis happily moved back in together for the rest of the semester, and what they hoped to be for the rest of their lives.

Dick had rejoined the Team. After seeing Wally again and the completely asterous result in the past, he was motivated enough to get back in the game. Aqualad was still in charge, and he was perfectly fine with that.

Bart continued to live with the Garicks, mostly because there was absolutely no chance of him wanting to move in with his grandparents: not as long as his Dad was in diapers.

So yes, in a weird way, it did all work out.

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