I haven't been keeping up with this stoy (like, at all) but I want to thank everyone that's favorited and reviewed - I love reading what you have to say! - you guys inspired me to write another chapter. I don't think I've done Hazel yet, so it's about time we've heard from her.

Also, I would like to appologize to anyone who has felt insulted by this story. It is never my intention to upset anyone - I write this because I enjoy it. I understand that everyone on this site is writing fanfiction (duh) which is completely up to the author's imagination and everyone can interpret the books differently. No one has to sound exactly like the characters either - a lot of my favorite fanfictions are completely OOC. None of this is personal and this piece does not necissarily represent my personal views, but rather the opinions I imagine the characters themselves would have (and as an author with my own interpretation, I could very well be wrong about these opinions. Idk man). So if you feel insulted, I sincerely appologize. I'm sure you are a fantastic author.

Thank you.

Dear Fanfiction,

I would personally like to thank you for taking an interest in our lives. I am honored. Leo has introduced me to computers, which are fairly complicated. I was wondering if you could clarify some computer vocabulary for me as well as answer some questions I have:

What is an "omg?"

What is an "OTP?"

Why/how do you "ship" something? (Leo tells me this is not a nautical expression)

Why do you "die" when something is cute? I speak from experience: dying is not fun or an apropriate response to cuteness

What is a Solangelo? (Leo told me it's Nico's name mashed up with someone elses, but I don't understand.)

Sincerely and best wishes,

Hazel Lavesque

Dear Fanfiction,

Unless you want a hoard of zombies spending a few nights in your closet, I strongly suggest you DO NOT answer that last question!

Best happiness and all that,