Meow, peoples! Sanguis here.

I have to apologize since I ran into some, uh, technical difficulties with my microSD card... I'm still trying to salvage what remains of my complete and current works-in-progress... Hopefully I can still recover the last few chapters for TTW, RxB:TLC, THGC, and the others.

For now, here's a bit of a one-shot I thought up during lunch break... And typed (AT WORK NO LESS!) during my last break for the day.



I lean against a tree, aware that my breathing is becoming ragged. Damn Beowolves and Ursaj. Who knew those things could learn how to fight together?

I glance to my back, and the droplets of blood giving my trail away can still be seen. I can't do anything about it; I have to lead them away, otherwise everyone else risks getting killed.

For some reason, I heard the bards' song a few nights ago in my head. Awkward, yes, but how fitting.

The realm's bleeding;
it suffers, old and weak.
No further argued,
there is war at hand...

Old I most definitely AM not; but the way I am now, there is no sense in denying. The last scuffle I was in left me bloodied and battered.

War indeed, it is. A war between humans and Grimm. One that I sincerely wished my daughter was not born into.

Then after all, I sense the end is starting;
These lunatics deny the truth!

I could not suppress a chuckle. Who ever in their right minds would even dare think of conversing with a Grimm? Hah, lunacy indeed!

The misery's shown;
I'll be alone in this hour.
I face the unknown,
Witness the end...

Perhaps it really is awkward that I am thinking of a song in the middle of my situation... And I am singing to it to myself as well. Thank Lord Monty above that no one is around, otherwise I would probably never be able to live this down.

That is, if I live through this.

I'm bleeding, I'm fading,
Here in my final hour;
When long-lost memories return
And a voice keeps calling,
"All dead and gone"...

Lots of good Huntsmen and Huntresses have given up their lives. Yes, they're all dead and gone... But they're remembered.

I know I will not fail!

That line, when sung by the lead bard - Hans, I think his name was - made me feel like I really could not fail. He's a really good bard if he could make a hardened old man like Qrow shed tears - manly tears, he keeps on saying - over a song.

No one lives forever
All that really matters
Find the one
This world is sacred!
War, it's now or never!
We shall stand together, one by one;
This world is sacred,
I'm coming home.

Home. My thoughts go flying back.

Back to my baby, my daughter. I already have my "one".

A glance up and all I see is a sea of black, dotted with red, slowly crawling towards me.

I'm so sorry, my baby. I don't want to do this, but it has to be done.

I'll be the sacrifice.

Just so you can live on in peace.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

I can only pray that you forgive me in time.

Ruby, my baby.

I love you.

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... Don't kill me, please?