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You'll get to know the OC Character more in chapter 2 or 4

Previously on the originals

Rebekah was trapped in the basement of the hospital she worked at, the hospital basement that was soon to become her personal hell, as she turned around she saw heard Klaus walking down the steps taking his sweet ol time.

Klaus was about to stab Rebekah in the chest until Marcel jumped on him to only be flung against the wall.

Klaus was just about to stab Rebekah until..

These violent delights will have violent ends.

"Every time I come searching for Klaus I lose a good pair of heels in the process this is slowly starting to work my nerves" A womanly voice said as it caught everyone's attention Klaus face become stone as he stood up still facing Rebekah who was now looking behind his leg to see who was talking but only saw two very damaged beige heels fly down the steps.

Klaus mumbled " Maybe you should invest in some shoe's then" "I HEARD THAT" Klaus sighed softly, waiting for the female who always took her time to come down the steps. Soon there was soft foot steps coming down the steps. " I shouldn't have to invest in shoe's Klaus this is my style for god sakes can't you ever be in some nice garden or something" Finally the women appeared before Rebekah's eyes.

The women from what she could tell from her distance had long leg's and a sickening sweet voice almost like she was mocking someone, then again she could be mocking Klaus right now. "Klaus woah what I miss" The women looked at the scene and smirked "Well this is awkward, usually it's enemies I stumble upon Klaus trying to harm not those who he..cares for" Klaus face harden again, and the women flinched still unable to see him but somehow knew.

All of a sudden a fast blur ran past her at Klaus, The women lifted her leg up kicking the fast blur away the person was tossed into a pile of rubble, the women walked over to the man and squatted down "And you are?"

Klaus finally had enough of these interferences "Iris.." The women named Iris stood up looking over her shoulder "Yes Klaus?" Klaus wasn't expecting her to respond and just sighed again " I'm kinda busy here if you can't tell" The Iris looked down at the man in the rubble " This person is Elijah?"

Iris sighed and walked besides Klaus looking down at a disorientated Rebekah, and then looked over at some odd groaning noise, and saw another man in a pile of rubble. " Klaus let's go" Iris gripped her chest lightly where her heart was " This place it's painful for you, I don't like it" Klaus glared at Iris " Then why did you come! LEAVE I want revenge!"

Iris sighed and noticed he was serious well felt it this time, "Who are you?" Iris turned around to face Elijah " I'm a secret apparently whatever" Elijah stepped a bit closer only to have Iris go into a mauy-thai defense stance.

Elijah took in her sight, she was a tan women was long dark brown hair, she had a strong smell of a garden and a river. She had big doe like brown eyes that harden very quickly, and fair skin almost like she never experienced any hardship, she wore a simple white shirt and her long-legs cover in blue skinny-jeans what shocked him was she was barefooted. 'Who exactly is this women? that kicked me? an original?' Elijah lifted his hands in defeat "I'm not going to harm you" He tried to reason with Iris " I just need to get to my brother."

Iris scoffed " You couldn't harm me if you wanted to, and it's not my place to stand between family members anyway isn't that right Klaus?" Klaus was slowly getting pissed, and Iris rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

Klaus turned and screamed at Iris " THIS IS BETWEEN ME AND MY FAMILY LEAVE" Iris stared up into Klaus angry eyes and walked away quietly. " You're right, go ahead kill your sister and her lover, and then allow Elijah to do whatever he came here for I'll just do as you ask as always."

Klaus hesitate and turned back to his sister, then all of a sudden the sadness he felt before worsened, he rolled his eyes " Damn it Iris!" Iris began sitting on the stairs " Don't mind me I'm just here for the show"

Elijah sped a Klaus taking this as an opportunity and took the knife from Klaus about to stab him only to be kicked again, and have an angry face snarling at him. Klaus sighed realizing that as long as Iris was here no harm will be done to him even if she wanted to let someone else hurt him instinct would kick in.

Klaus looked at his brother " Give me the dagger" Elijah stood up dusting his suit off " I think not brother lets all just talk this out" Iris giggled slightly, but licked her lips softly as Marcel, stood up and smirked at her " Something funny?"

Klaus looked at her " yes something funny love?" Iris stiffened and glared at Klaus who just smirked at her. " Not anymore go ahead talk it out I'm enjoy this." Honestly Iris just wanted to know the full story up to here, she knew about Rebekah, and about Marcel love life, and she knew about Elijah. What she didn't know was what they did to cause Klaus so much pain, Iris touched her heart softly.

Klaus looked at Elijah "Funny how we all are here and the people I loved betrayed me done me so wrong." Marcel spoke carefully "That's not it Klaus we just wanted to be together.." Rebekah spat at Klaus " But we couldn't not with you around." Elijah sighed realizing another situation.

Klaus looked at Rebekah then at Marcel shaking his head " Neither of you could ever know what love was. None of you! I loved you, and this what you do? this is what you do to someone that loves you?" Rebekah plead " It was a mistake! I'm sorry!" Klaus shook his head still hurt he called over his shoulder " Iris come over here"

Iris who was listening very carefully finally pieced certain things together, and even with a pained heart stood up and walked over to Klaus. " Yes?" Klaus walked behind Iris and tucked her hair behind her ear, whispering softly " Tell them your thoughts on love." Iris took this seriously now " Love in my eyes is loyalty, devotion, where you're willing to do anything and everything for someone, love is an enemy, but a friend." Iris looked down at Rebekah which, caused Rebekah to flinch under her cold gaze how can such beautiful eyes be cold " Your love is worthless to me, you say you loved Marcel, but as soon as you felt pain you ran but you're not the worst the worst person here is" Iris turned her gaze to Elijah and grinned psychotically at him " Well I think you know what I'm talking about"

Iris blinked and yawned stretching " This is tiring.." Elijah looked at me "No disrespect but you have no say so here..this is between family" Right when he said that Hayley came walking down the steps looking very so pregnant and confused, Elijah ran to her side to help her down the rest of the steps. Iris harden, and so did Klaus.

" Right..family.." Iris felt her heart really clench this whole experience so far has been hell..Iris turned around to face Hayley and Elijah looking behind Klaus's arm, and Klaus looked down at Iris. " I'm leaving Klaus." Klaus sighed gripping her arm "Stay." Iris flinched and spoke evenly " Nothing is happening here, you're either going to kill her or not" Klaus clapped his hands together " Iris make this interesting."

Iris loved games, but right now she just wanted to get away from this horrid people. " Let's play Romeo and Juliet hide and seek, you two have an hour head start and Klaus and me will come after you, BUT I only will give hints if I see you, sense you or catch a whiff of you I can tell Klaus, but like Romeo and Juliet you two have to be together if you separate, I'll kill you Now lets leave"

Hayley crossed her arms " Who's she" Iris snapped her head to Hayley startingly everyone " You don't get to ask questions here" Now Iris was pissed and walked up the stairs "Klaus we need to have a talk" Klaus rolled his eyes and smirked " Hayley you pissed off the wrong female" Hayley rubbed her head. Iris yelled down the steps " If you want to talk to Klaus come to the hotel room, Le verna road." Klaus looked down at Rebekah and over to Marcel " You two will die if not by my hands, by Iris's because you two don't know what love is."

Klaus ran after Iris.

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