I'm back sorry I went blank for a bit since I'm trying to get into vampire diaries now yeah I know i'm late as always sigh~ BUT I made three new stories one being a

KolxOC - both are different versions one being someone brought him back from the dead, other one is the same but he was undaggered by her she has a uique charm and ability about her that Klaus wants for himself, but she's team Kol all the way no matter how reckless he tries to be.

Another one is my newest story which is TylerxOC, Where Tyler meets an Egyptian hybrid that's stuck in her ways, while they both have there own demons they decided they want to face them together.

I'm also doing Vampire diaries oneshots so if you would to request one I wouldn't mind writing one, I'm work on this story really soon but I thought I should give you guys an update, I'm pretty sure this I'm going to complete and it might have a book two.