Still nowhere on the name for the sequel, but I'm posting these little info things just for the fun of it 'til I clear this writer's block. If you have a character or another Pokémon that you'd like me to bio, leave a review or PM me. Be sure to leave the species and nickname. If I really like it, I'll try to recruit one and use your nickname. Or, if I can't, I'll give them a cameo appearance with another exploration team. For a start, I'll be doing the members of Team Righteous.

Officer Magnezone's Exploration Team Records

Name: Rio

Species: Riolu

Category: Emanation Pokémon

Type: Fighting

Personality: Rio is a level-headed Pokémon, if a little naïve, and has a clear-cut definition of right and wrong. He believes in giving a fair chance to each of his team members to prove themselves in whatever they can. However, some speculate that this sense of fairness might be his greatest weakness as he also extends it to his enemies. If the opponent is no match for him, he will offer them a chance to surrender instead of finishing them. As such, this leaves him vulnerable to dirty tricks or underhanded maneuvers. Strangely though, there are no records of any Riolu in the area pre-dating more than a few months ago.

Member of: Team Righteous (Co-founder)

Signature moves: Force Palm, Quick Attack, Endure, Reversal, Copycat

Fighting style: Rio prioritizes speed and evading over landing as many hits as possible. He is no strategist, but is extremely resourceful in the heat of battle. With his ability to sense emotions, no enemy is ever completely out of Rio's sight. However, this sense is flawed in certain qualities and can be tricked if the opponent has sufficient control of their emotions.

Strategy: With his best move requiring direct contact, Rio will often try to close any and all distance between his opponent(s) with a Quick Attack. Depending on how many foes he's facing, Rio will typically open with trying to land a Force Palm or using Wide Slash if it is a small group. When faced with a large group or if the opponent is too fast or too far away, Rio will use either Vacuum-Cut or Iron Thorns to whittle down the opponents. However, should a fight not be going his way, Rio has been known to use Endure to fight to his last breath and then use Reversal to make one last ditch effort to take down the opponent.

Preferred item(s): Iron Thorns

"Meowth says I'm a 'crack shot'… whatever that means…"

Quote: "I will protect my friends with everything I have."

Now that I look at it, this looks a little threadbare. If you have any suggestions for new fields, leave me a message. Like I said, this is just for fun as a little side thing.