Officer Magnezone's Exploration Team Files

Name: Terrence

Species: Aerodactyl

Category: Fossil Pokémon

Gender: Male

Personality: Despite being large and intimidating, Terrence is mostly a jolly Pokémon, blustering good-naturedly about topics such as the size disparity between him and his teammates and his battle proficiency, even when knowing the current power gap between him and said teammates. He is aware of the dichotomy between his appearance and personality, but keeps it a secret while on missions, so that he can intimidate foes.

Member of: Team Rapid

Preferred moves: Wing Attack, Steel Wing, 3 Elemental Fangs, Dragon Claw, Bite, Supersonic, Scary Face, Roar, Agility, Ancient Power

Fighting Style: Currently the largest Pokémon on Team Rapid, he uses his bulk to his advantage with mainly physical moves. Also moves with surprising speed for one so large. Also sports the most versatile movepool on Team Rapid, despite being mainly geared for physical attack.

Strategy: If unable to overpower through sheer size and strength alone, Terrence can use a variety of different crowd-control moves, such as Supersonic for confusing opponents, Roar to clear a path and Scary Face to intimidate the opponent. Agility also helps him to dodge attacks despite his bulk. Ancient Power is not his first choice, as his special attack is not as powerful as his physical strength, but he has it as a back-up and a Rock-type move.

Preferred Items: Power Band

"Holding out for an Ancient Brooch."

Quote: "I feel like a giant on a team of half-pints."