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Chuck Vs. The Goodbye Part 3

Morgan and Alex sat in the van next to each other staring at the monitors and listening to the chatter. The managed to tap into the security feed at the airport and the hotel cameras. Alex spoke up. "Look Morgan." She pointed to the monitor showing the airport. "There's two of the men."

The two men stood at the curb waiting and looking around like they were expecting a car or someone else to arrive. After a few minutes a black Crown Victoria pulled up and they got in the back seat. The car drove away immediately after the doors were closed.

"Chuck." Morgan said into his microphone.

"What is it?" Chuck asked.

"Two are on their way from the airport."

"Roger that. Out."

"Morgan?" Alex asked.


"Are you still scared of my dad?"

"I'll have to admit I am sometimes. But I'm far more scared of you."


"I love you Alex and after what I did to you when under the influence of the bad intersect I want to make sure I don't do anything that stupid again."

Alex wrapped her arms around Morgan's neck before giving him a kiss. "I love you too, Morgan. Don't be too afraid of me though. I do like it when you take charge." She winked at him.

A growl could be heard through their earpieces. "Don't forget we can hear every word you say." Casey warned.

"Awww dad." Alex said.

Morgan spotted a large entourage coming out of the airport. "The Vice President and Secretary of defense are heading over now." He announced.

Alex looked out the window just in time to see a black SUV pull up. A single man got out and the SUV pulled away. They ran a facial recognition program on his as they weren't sure who he was. After a few moments his name popped on the screen. "That's interesting." Morgan said.

"What?" demanded Casey.

"Deputy Director Rogers just entered the hotel by himself wearing a disguise."

Alex switched to the hotel security feed. "He's walking right by reception. He must have already checked in. I'll follow him on the feed."

Sure enough Rogers exited the elevator, but not on the twentieth floor but the twenty-first floor. "He's getting out on the same floor as you are and is heading your way."

Casey drew his gun and went to the door with Roan. They waited. Rogers drew closer and closer to the end of the hall but before he reached the honeymoon suite he stopped at the room across the hall and took out a keycard. He opened the door and quickly stepped inside before closing it again.

"He's right across the hall from you. I wonder if Beckman is in there."

"I have an idea," Chuck said. "Let's order room service and have it delivered to that room after Rogers leaves. We'll see if anyone else opens the door. Roan, you better get down to the bar with Carina and Zondra."

They didn't have to wait long. Rogers sans disguise left the room fifteen minutes later. He went straight to the bar. Zondra was sitting alone at the bar nursing a glass of white wine. Roan and Carina were sitting at a table in the back of the bar where they were partially obscured with a tall plant and dark lighting. Predictably, Rogers made a beeline to the bar and struck up a conversation with Zondra after he ordered a bourbon on the rocks.

"Did it hurt?" Rogers asked with a grin as he looked Zondra up and down.

Zondra groaned inwardly at the cheesy line. She decided to play along. "What do you mean?"

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"

Zondra chuckled. "I haven't heard that cheesy line since college. Surely you've got something better than that."

Rogers grinned. "It worked didn't it? It broke the ice."

Zondra looked at him. "I could break the ice too."

Rogers raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"I could pour your drink in your lap. The ice would cool you down."

Rogers chuckled. "I guess I deserved that. I like that in a woman."

Zondra looked questioningly at him. "Like what?"

"A woman who can dish it out as well as take it. My name is Frank." He offered his hand.

Zondra took it. "Sally." She responded.

"Are you staying at the hotel?"

"No. I work just down the street. I like to come here for a drink sometimes before I head home."

"I'm glad you did when I was here. I'm staying here for a few days."

"I hear it's a nice place. My friend says the twenty-first floor is the best one."

"I wouldn't know," he lied. "I'm on the twentieth floor."

Zondra nodded. "It was nice to meet you. I'm going to head home now. Enjoy your stay."

Rogers put his hand on her arm. "Can I buy you another drink Sally?"

Zondra pretended to think it over before responding. "One more drink."

Rogers smiled and waved the bartender over. I'm going to have some fun tonight, he thought.


The Vice President and Joint Chiefs all arrived at the hotel and went straight to the meeting room to make some telephone calls prior to the 8pm meeting. About fifteen minutes later everyone was there except for Rogers and Beckman.

Back in the bar Rogers signed the bill to his room. Zondra took a peek while pretending not to. He charged room 2412. Rogers reached into his pocket and pulled out a key card.

"I have a meeting to go to that should last about an hour and a half. Wait for me in my room? You can order room service." His eyes were pleading with Zondra to say yes.

Zondra decided it would be best to not be eager. "If I agree, just what do you expect will happen?"

"Sally," he said. "I've enjoyed talking to you. I thought you might want to continue this later."

"Why not continue this here?"

"I thought you might be hungry. As I said you can order room service on me. No assumptions."

Zondra pretended to think it over some more before nodding. "OK. No assumptions." She took the key card. "What's the room number?"

Rogers smiled like the cat that caught the canary. "Room 2110. Order what you want and make yourself comfortable. I'll see you in a while."

Zondra smiled back at him with a wicked smile. She reached out and pretended to straighten his tie while planting a bug in the knot. "I'll see you later."

Rogers left the bar hardly believing his good fortune.


Sarah ordered room service for the room across the hall from them on the twenty-first floor. When no one answered the door Sarah came Chuck came out and said he accidentally said the wrong room number and took the food. "Either no one else is in the room or no one is keeping guard on the general. I have the feeling she is somewhere else."

"I think you're right Chuck," said Sarah. "They wouldn't leave her unguarded."

While pondering their next move, there was a knock on the door. Zondra, Roan and Carina stepped inside. Zondra said "I planted the bug and I think I know where the general is being held."

Everyone looked at her expectantly.

"When Rogers gave me his keycard he told me his room number which is the one right across the hall from here. But when he signed for the drinks, he charged room 2412. I think Beckman is in there."

"Unless he's trying to get someone else to buy his drinks. I think you're right. Let's take this cart up to that room and check it out."

Chuck and Sarah stayed behind to monitor the conversations and Carina, Roan, Zondra and Casey went up to room 2412. Chuck hacked into the hotel database and discovered that the room was registered under the name of PD Smith. After reaching the room, Carina knocked on the door. "Room service," she called out.

After a few moments they heard a voice through the door. "We didn't order anything."

Carina said "I have it right here. An order for Mr. PD Smith." The door opened a crack and a hand stuck out. "Let me see that."

That was all the opening Casey needed and he barged through the door with his gun drawn. A quick elbow to the jaw knocked out one bad guy and a right to the chin knocked out the other but not before he could push an alarm button on his wrist watch. General Beckman was tied up in a chair with a gag over her mouth. She was quickly freed by Roan. "How did you find me?"

Roan chuckled. "I called the best spy team in the world and got some help from their friends. You better get down to that meeting."

After straightening out her uniform, the general marched with Roan down to the meeting room. Before she got there, Rogers noticed the alarm and made up an excuse to go to his room for a minute. He entered one elevator to go up just as another elevator opened and out stepped the general and Roan. Once he reached the floor above, Rogers headed to his room and spotted Zondra entering the room across from his. What is Sally doing in that room?

Rogers reached into his ankle holster and pulled out his spare gun. He knocked on the door. Sarah was returning from the bathroom and was closest to the door. Expecting to see Roan she opened the door. Rogers barged into the room shocked to find it full of surveillance equipment and some people he knew. Casey, Carina and Sarah were very familiar to him although he had just met who he thought was Sally. The other man also looked familiar although they had never met. So this is Charles Carmichael, he thought. "It's over Rogers." Chuck said. The general is talking to the Vice President and the joint chiefs as we speak. "

Rogers was shocked. In a panic he looked around the room. Casey, Carina and Zondra had all pulled their guns and were pointing them at him. He noticed a very pregnant Sarah Walker was still standing next to him. Rogers grabbed Sarah around the neck with his left arm while pointing his gun at her head. Alarmed, Chuck immediately jumped to his feet and started toward Rogers.

"Back off Carmichael or I'll kill her and her baby."

"You don't want to do this," Chuck pleaded as he continued to step forward.

Sarah's eyes were wide and she finally realized what Chuck was doing. She nodded almost imperceptibly at him to let him know she knew.

"Give me the gun Rogers. You're not a cold blooded murderer." Chuck stepped within arm's reach.

At that moment Sarah raised her right foot and stomped as hard as she could on Rogers' instep and immediately dropped to the floor. Surprise and pain overtook him as Chuck landed a left hook to Roger's chin knocking him out in one blow. The gun fell free from his hand as he went limp on the floor. Casey immediately drug Rogers away and cuffed him while Chuck clung to his wife.

Sarah clung to Chuck as well but then felt a sharp pain. "Ooooh, Chuck."

"What is it sweetheart?"

"Oooooh. There is another one. You better get me to the hospital. I think it's time."

Casey said "Get her to the hospital. We'll take care of this one."


About ten hours later at Westside Medical Center three new babies entered into the world. As predicted by both Chuck and Sarah, Emily Rose Bartowski came out first although they never knew if her brothers were perfect gentlemen and let her out first. Luke Charles Bartowski was second and Stephen Jack Bartowski was third. Emily had her mother's blue eyes and blond hair while Luke looked like his father. Stephen had brown curly hair and blue eyes and each weighed in at just under six pounds. Mary and Emma managed to make it to the births but sadly and not unexpectantly Sarah's dad did not. Devon and Ellie were also there along with Morgan, Alex, Casey and Gertrude, Carina and Zondra.


Three years later.

Festive sounds came from the house with the red door and white picket fence. Music was heard coming from the back yard. A bouquet of helium filled balloons was tied to the brown wooden mail box and two signs were placed in the front yard. Beneath the mail box hung a wooden sign with the name 'Bartowski' written on it in white lettering. One of the signs in the yard said 'The Party's Here' and the other said 'Happy Birthday.' Children were running around inside and outside the house laughing and having a great time. Inside the living room were neighborhood families talking and a stack of wrapped presents were in the corner.

Big Mike turned to his wife Bolonia and asked "Have you seen Morgan and Alex? I want to hold my granddaughter". They had gotten married two years earlier and their baby was six months old.

"I think I saw them in the backyard listening to the music. Jeffster has really improved. The two new freulein back up singers really have added to their sound".

As they headed to the back yard they passed Emma, Mary Bartowski and Jack Burton who were talking in the family room with Molly and Clara. Devon and Ellie brought platters of food from the kitchen to share with the guests.

On the kitchen table was a huge Star Wars themed birthday cake with three candles and the words 'Happy Birthday Emily, Luke and Stephen' scripted on top. The cake had miniature characters from the "Empire Strikes Back" and their favorite characters Lando Calrisian, Yoda and Princess Leia.

Honey and Woody Woodcombe stood by the cake with Honey holding her youngest grandchild, Devon Jr., trying to keep him from sticking his fingers in the cake. Casey and Gertrude looked on with amusement.

Skip and other members of the Buy More crew stood in the back yard listening and swaying to the music as Jeffster played their latest rendition of Take on Me.

Emily, Stephen and Luke came running into the house wearing their super hero costumes, complete with capes. Chuck stood by the door frame of the family room with the fireplace holding his ruler and pencil and corralled each child before they ran by. It was time to be measured for posterity under Sarah's and Chuck's names carved above. Sarah stood nearby leaning against the wall smiling while watching Chuck struggle to get their three children to hold still long enough to be measured. After finally succeeding in the task, they ran off and Chuck walked over to his wife to share a sweet kiss.

"Can you believe it's been three years already?" Chuck asked his wife.

Sarah shook her head. "Nope. But I think it's time to even things out."

Chuck looked quizzically at Sarah. "What do you mean sweetheart?"

Sarah pulled Chuck in for a kiss. "Do the math honey. There are three boys and only two girls in our family. I want another girl to even things out. We've been practicing enough so I think we can do it again for real."

Chuck grinned. "Well you know what they say – practice makes perfect. But you know, the gender is not guaranteed."

Sarah chuckled. "I know."

"What if we have another boy?"

Sarah looked seductively at her husband. "Then we'll have to keep practicing and then try for twin girls."

Chuck laughed. "I love you Sarah Bartowski."

"I love you too Chuck Bartowski."


A little while later, a government limo pulled up to the curb in front of the house. Two burly agents got out and one opened the door for a diminutive red headed general in street clothes who exited the car on the right and waited on the curb. Out of the other rear door stepped Roan Montgomery carrying three birthday presents. After joining Diane Beckman at the other side of the limo they walked up to the door of the house. Under General Beckman's arm was a large manila envelope addressed to Charles and Sarah Bartowski at Carmichael Industries. Stamped on the envelope were the words 'Top Secret.' The return address was for the White House.


A/N 2 - an anonymous reviewer asked me to basically re-write the entire fifth season. I never intended in this story to do that. I liked the last season for the most part except for the taking away of Sarah's memories and the ambiguous ending. I just wanted to change the last five episodes and that is what I did. Hope you liked it.