PLEASE READ ALL OF ME SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THIS NEW STORY! So after having UTWW a hit and my other stories, I wanted to start and new one and this story won by most votes. This story is called Figments of the Imagination and the reason being is well, pretty simple.

Inspiration came to me during my psychology class my senior year. I even had my teacher help me with some parts of it that I couldn't pin point together. Now is the time I need you guys to really pay attention.

Psychology is in this story. Not a lot, but a couple things will need to be sorted out. Most people don't read the authors notes, but I need you guys to read them. They will help you guys get a better view of the story and understand it better. The bottom authors notes will clear things up after the chapter, so if you don't understand anything, look at the bottom note. The top will give you a short disclaimer that will never change and anything about me saying thanks and what not. A simple author's note it will be.

Now, what authors note are you going to look at if you don't understand something?

The bottom or top?



The reason I wrote this is not to waste your time and my time, but because you need to understand why Liz and Patty are always in Italics. Why Soul talks in different fonts (like Bold, and Bold and Italics). Make myself clear?

If you still don't understand something, just PM me and I will clear things up, yes? Great! Thanks for reading this guys! I love you! And enjoy this new story!

((EXTRA: I should be posting the first chapter this weekend or maybe tomorrow even. I'm writing the epilogue to UTWW right now while doing homework and trying to edit the story so it will all make sense. :) Thanks a bunch guys! I hope you guys are as excited as me to read this!))