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"Alright Eater, let's have a simple chat." Stein walked in the room, Soul sitting cross-legged on his bed. Soft jazz was coming out of his phone while Maka was on her bed, facing him. Soul looked over at Maka and she shrugged. Soul tossed the phone to her and he followed Stein out, going through many different hallways. They reached a room and he sat in one of the chairs, Stein sitting across from him.

"I want to talk to Eater." He said. Soul stayed quiet and waited for Eater to show up, but nothing happened.

"One dose of the pills shouldn't help this fast." He mumbled. Soul twitched his head and growled.

"Fucking prick. I just don't want to talk to you today. You're trying to get rid of me." Stein looked at Soul, his eyes were dark and he had an evil look in them.

"Don't speak to me that way." Stein warned.

"Forgive me oh wise one." Eater let out sarcastically. "What are you going to do? Lock me in a hole? It's not going to help, once I leave Soul's body here, he gets punished, not me." Eater smirked.

"You don't technically leave, you temporarily go to the back of his mind." Stein spoke. He suddenly got an idea, snapping his fingers. "That sounds like a great idea…" He mumbled.

"What?" Eater asked, leaning back and resting his hands behind his head, his feet on the table.

"An experiment, to see how you're brain works with two minds in them. Maybe some shock therapy can help." Stein grinned.

"You're fucking sick old man." Eater spat, standing up.

"Sit down Eater." Stein warned.

"Make me." Eater growled, storming out of the room and down the hallway. Soul's head twitched, Soul going back to normal and turning back around to the room.

"I'm sorry about that." Soul sat down on the chair, Stein watching him closely.

"Tell me Soul, can you hold back the feeling of your change in personality?" Stein asked.

"I try really hard, but it gets too difficult and I end up passing out." He mumbled. Stein nodded as he wrote everything down. There was a commotion outside of the door, a scream followed by more and doors slamming shut.

"What's that?" Soul asked. Stein didn't say anything as he got up and walked to the door.

"We're done for today, to your room." Stein ordered Soul and he nodded, heading to the room, crashing into Black Star and Kid.

"Everything okay?" Soul asked, walking with them.

"No, a murderer they have been looking for was emitted into the building. They're putting them into lockdown." Kid explained.

"A murderer?" Soul asked.

"Yeah, apparently charged with over 60 cases of brutal killings; they say he isn't working alone." Kid spoke, seeing his room ahead.

"What's his name?" Soul asked. Black Star looking at him.


Nothing important here that needs to be explained, just that I needed someone to help them in the future.