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They say it all started with Edgar, but that is only half the truth… It started with Edgar, The King Series, Revenge, and The Tower of Pimps. Many people speculate as to how it happened, but I was there and I remember everything. I'm going to tell you everything. I may not be one of them, but I was there to see it all. I shall recount to you the story of Achievement City's greatest adventure and a friendship that concurred it all.

Part one of the Prologue: Edgar

It was a day like every other. The Achievement Hunters were returning to their homes after a long few days of playing Level 30 enchantment. Jack had won, and in the morning they were going to do the ceremony where they would erect the Tower of Pimps.

Ryan knew that Geoff hadn't built him his own house because he didn't want to, and not because he kept forgetting. However, he had long since stopped caring, mostly because he loved living in Kun-Fu house. He didn't know why, because it was the smallest house in Achievement City (unless you counted Caleb's house) in which case his house was the second smallest. He could hear his co-workers laughing and having a good time outside. As he entered the house, he almost fell out of the world because of an unloaded area of the map.

"Oh God!" Ryan shrieked out of shock. All of his co-workers had heard him shriek out, but only Jack had responded with concern.

"Did you die again Ryan?" Jack questioned, in a semi concerned semi joking way.

"I ran into my house and there was nothing there so I just fell out" He didn't get a response from that, but was satisfied. At least he asked, unlike his other co-workers, who could have cared less. It wasn't that Ryan didn't like his Co-workers, it was that they clearly didn't care about him. Sure, every once in a while they would complain about how he didn't hang out with them outside of work. That was only on a rare occasion though, and was only used to prove points.

Ryan suddenly noticed that there was a cow in his house and immediately reacted to it.

"But now it's me and a cow so we are good!" He looked towards the cow and shot off the first name he could think of. "Hey, Edgar, how are you doing?" He heard one of his co-works say that he can't sleep, then proceeded to try and sleep in his bed, only to discover that he can't sleep because there was a mob nearby. He turns around and sees a skeleton waiting outside his door. He walks to the door and shrieks upon being attacked. What proceeded was Gavin laughing at him and Jack making a smart ass comment. Jack then complained briefly about the Kung-Fu photo being knocked off the house, then proceeded to go to bed and was followed by the rest of his co-workers.

In the middle of the night, Ryan woke up in need of some water so he walked over to 'Caleb's house' and got a drink. He walked back to his house and Edgar looked up at him with the most innocent expression. Ryan smiles; he has always loved animals and his co-workers always knew that and made fun of him saying he "tested" on them. He walked over to his double chest and went digging through it. At last, he found what he was looking for, the last of his wheat. He proceeded to walk back over to Edgar and offered it to him. Edgar looked at him again with the eyes of a child.

"It's ok, I have other food, and I don't like the bread that much." Ryan said to his cow friend. Edgar smiled and happily ate the wheat. "How did you get in my house in the first place, Edgar?" Edgar looked at him for a minute, and continued to eat the wheat given to him by his new friend. Ryan sighed; there was no point in asking a cow that would never answer. Ryan spent the rest of the night talking to Edgar. No, more like venting. What about? Everything in general in his life. His insecurities about his wife, his friends, his co-workers, and how much he loved video games. He loved his wife and all, but god knows he could talk about video games for a millennium, if he wanted to. He sighed and left Edgar to his thoughts, and walked back into bed. He sighed, resting his head on the pillow ready for a full night's sleep.

Not five seconds after he rested his head on the pillow did he hear Gavin (his dumbest/loudest co-worker) screaming his head off about someone flooding his trophy room. He looked outside. Did he really just spend 4 hours talking to a cow? Apparently he did. He looked over at Edgar with bewilderment and sighed.

"What am I going to do with you?" Ryan asked getting out of bed and going to see what all the commotion was about. Ryan let off a huge grin at seeing what someone had done to his "trophy" room then jumped into the flooded room. Yet, all he could think about was Edgar, his new friend. He liked the thought of having Edgar as friend, surprisingly enough.

After the ceremony, Ryan went straight to sleep in his bed. He was exhausted. He felt someone get up on the bed with him; he opened his eyes to discover that Edgar had laid down next to him. He sighed and pulled Edgar in for a hug and fell asleep in his new best friend's embrace.

Part Two of the prologue: The King Series

A few months after Ryan found Edgar in his house, they had grown inseparable. He had even given Edgar a hole to live in. And of course, without fail, his co-workers started making jokes about him immediately. Mostly about how he was crazy, but he really didn't care anymore; he had heard it all before. Yesterday in fact, he had been taking a walk and Gavin and Geoff were building a "Let's play" that they would be playing in a few weeks called "Creeper Census", and Gavin had started asking Geoff if it would surprise him if Ryan was a cannibal. He knew he wasn't crazy, and that is all that mattered. Anyways, he was feeding Edgar and Edgar 3 the Emergency chicken when there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" He asked

"It's us." Gavin and Michael replied. Ryan covered up Edgar and the chicken's hole then answered the door.

"Sup," he said as they walked in. Gavin was an anthropomorphic creeper that they had befriended after meeting him at a con. He was a huge fan of Rooster Teeth that became part of the family. Michael on the other hand is an anthropomorphic bear/gamer that started working with them a little over two years ago. Gavin was known for is unworldly stupidity, and Michael was known for being one of the best gamers out there and having a great amount of intelligence. At first, Ryan didn't really get how they could not only get along so well, but also be best friends. However, after a while it started to hit him that not only were they the only anthropomorphic mobs in the group which would instantly connect them to each other, but also, despite the fact that Gavin is the dumbest person they know and Michael is so smart they are very similar in an almost frightening way.

"We have to get going to the new let's play, everyone is waiting." Michael stated.

"Ok, I will be out in a minute."

He walked out of his house and all his co-workers were ready to go. The walk to the new let's play was loud and annoying. Everybody was screaming and yelling. At least this time no one wandered off on the way to the let's play. As they approached what he could only describe as a throne, the others started questioning what was going on.

"LLLLLLLET'S PLAY!" Ray rang out over the beginning of the game they were about to play.

"Heyyy" Gavin said for no reason.

"SOOO, hello, loyal subjects!" Geoff rang out. A few of Geoff's Co-workers laughed when he said that.

"Should I kneel?" Ryan questioned, as he got closer to the throne, bending over to kneel.

"Well, this isn't right already. This should be a sponge." Ray said, as he stared down at his dirt block.

"Greetings, my liege." Jack said.

"Absolutely not." Geoff said in response to Ray and his new found interest in sponges. Then Geoff continues "So yeah. Today for a Let's Play we are going to play a little game called "King Geoff"…"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEOFF!" Ray exclaimed, interrupting Geoff mid speech. Everyone started to get worked up again and ignored Geoff when Gavin started talking about the sheep he just saw eat grass. None of them had ever seen it before, and all flocked around the sheep. Geoff told them he had seen it before, then everyone forgot about the sheep. Everyone started yelling at Gavin for interrupting the king, offering his head.

"So, today we are going to play a game called 'King Geoff'. Do you guys remember a game called uahhhh Simon says?" Geoff asked.

"I remember 'Bop It'" Ray says.

"Ahh yes Simon says." Jack says nostalgically.

"What if Simon was a ahhhhh all powerful murderous king?" Geoff asked. Jack made an uncomfortable laughing sound, and Ryan made a confused noise. "We're gonna play a game kinda like that." Geoff paused for a moment then added "That tortures his subjects for his amusement."

"You're gonna run out of people to play that real quick" Jack says

"So here is how it's gonna work. I am going to give you guys a task. I'm gonna say "On the count of three one two three be the first person to do and the first person to…" "Have sex! I lose." Ray interrupts as the crowd of gamers start become more restless.

"So uhhhh." Geoff was losing them slowly. Gavin was still paying more attention to the sheep and Jack was screwing around. "The first pero…. So I will say like this is an example but say I need gray wool. The first person to deliver gray wool to me gets one block for the tower of pimps.

"Oh shit." Michael replies excitedly.

"Oh wow." Ryan says sarcastically.

"That's pretty cool." Michael says, ready to begin.

"Yeah and then we keep going till someone has a completed tower of pimps." Geoff stated matter of factly and then it was decided that they would begin. The first task was to be the last man standing in a fight to the death which ended with Jack as the victor.

Several days (in Minecraft time) later.

Ryan won the tower of pimps. It was a great feeling for him, especially since he hadn't won the tower in a while. When they started to cheer for him, he told Edgar that he did it for him. It was a pretty good few days for Ryan.

Part three of the prologue: Revenge and The Tower of Pimps

As the Achievement Hunter gang celebrated Ryan's victory, little did they know they were being watched by two figures who were precariously perched at the top of Geoff's house.

"We should strike now, my lord, while their guard is down." One of the on-lookers said.

"Patience, Kerry. All good things come to those who wait. Now is not the right time."

"Then when is the right time? We have been spying on them for nearly 8 months now. Don't you think we have done enough reconnaissance?"

"Well of course we have, but we need to wait for the ample time strike."

"How are we going to steal the Tower of Pimps and take over Achievement City when you keep 'waiting'?" The hooded figure turned towards Kerry in a menacing way.

"The opportunity we have been waiting for is close."

"How so?"

"Let me answer your question with another question. How would you take down 6 assholes who run the world?"

"I guess you would attack their weakest point."

"And what is their weakest point?"

"Well that's easy Gavin. He is the dumbest and the worst at Minecraft."

"All the things you have said are true. Yes Gavin is the dumbest and the worst at Minecraft, but that was not the answer."

"Then what is?"

"How do you take down a kingdom run by 6 friends?" Kerry thought about it for a moment then smiled.

"You tear apart their friendship, then you tear apart Achievement City. So in order to take over we need to hit their friendship at its weakest point."

"And what is their weakest person, friendship-wise?"


"Quite right. Along with the fact that he barely cares for any of them. We also have done research that shows Ryan is very mentally unusable in contrast to normal people. It's not going to take much to crumble their lives. If we strike now, then we lose, but if we wait for the right moment, then we will win."

"And Ryan was just awarded the honor of being king of Achievement City, so it will be the perfect time to attack."

"No, it won't. We have to start building the seeds of deceit and betrayal now, and later we shall strike." The hooded figure looked down and around at all of them celebrating Ryan's win. "I want to destroy them the way they destroyed me."

"To be fair, you kind of did…" Kerry stopped midsentence to see his companion glaring at him. "Never mind."

"Just because I did that does not mean I deserved what they did to me."

"True enough." Kerry agreed. The two of them watched as their enemies celebrated without the knowledge that the enemy was watching them.

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