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Chapter 4: The one in the hole.

Everyone had spawned back into Achievement City after the Ray "Button" incident and immediately, everyone but Ryan started making their way to the Kingdom. Ryan broke the glass in which Edgar was being held in and fed him some wheat.

"Hey, buddy."

"Ryan, are you coming?" Gavin questioned.

"Yeah. I am." He quickly covered Edgar's hole and walked out of his house. He looked around and cursed under his breath. He had no idea where the Kingdom was. On a hunch, he started walking out to behind Geoff's House.

"Ryan, where are you?" He heard Jack exclaim.

"I am lost."

"How the hell did you get lost?" Geoff asked.

"He was too busy experimenting on Edgar to follow us," Michael exclaimed, which was met with laughter from everyone but Ryan.

"Ha ha ha. Very funny. Now will you help me out?" Ryan asked.

"Ok. But first, let me start the recording," Geoff said.

"No. Don't do that while I'm lost." Too late. The recording had started.

"Hey!" Gavin exclaimed and everyone followed with more thereafter.

"How are you?" Michael said in the most sarcastic voice possible.

"I'm still lost!" Ryan said.

"Why does it say 'Ryan wooooool'?" Gavin questioned.

"Ahhh you know why? It says woooooo!" Ryan pronounced it phonetically so Gavin could understand. Gavin approached the sign. He saw that what he had mistaken for an L was actually an explanation point. Everyone kept talking at the same time, forgetting that Ryan was lost. So Ryan had to bring it back to their attention.

"I have found soccer! Is that close?" Ryan asked

"You're close! Here, I will come get you Ryan!" Geoff said as he started depositing things into the "King Chest."

"Thank you," Ryan said.

"Fly over to him," Michael commented.

"Since you are the fucking king."

"Hey guys, look! I'm a spider jockey!" Gavin said as he jumped onto a spider that was outside of the thrown. Michael returned a snarky comment to Gavin.

"Naww. You're Geoff!" Michael said to Gavin.

"Oh, thank you," Geoff said uninterested

"I'm lost again," Ryan stated.

"God damn it," Michael says. A few others start to chuckle.

"Are you really?" Geoff asks mid laugh.

"I don't know. I'm going the direction you said! I haven't seen anything though."

"Oh, sorry nation. The King got lost, he is no longer here." Gavin replied sarcastically.

"Wait. Wait! I found something…What did I find? Awhhhh I'm back at Achievement City!" Ryan says, ready to give up.

Everyone at the same time bursts into variations of "Are you serious?" while Michael says "Really?" louder than all the others.

"Why doesn't he just go behind Michael's house and run straight?" Ray comments.

"Yeah. Just go behind Michael's house and run straight." Jack says to Ryan.

"You were so fucking close; you were so much closer to the Kingdom than Achievement City." Geoff comments.

"There you are. I see you! Look right!" Jack says.

"You see me?" Ryan asks.

"Look to your right!" Jack says again.

"It's a fucking field with a big chair in it! That's a pretty shitty Kingdom!" Michael exclaims.

"I see a pig!" Ryan says as he proceeds to slaughter it.

"Hey ther…no right! No left, left, left!" Jack yells. "Hey, there you are. That's a pig"

"A field with a chair! Welcome to my Kingdom." Gavin says, having a hard time keeping his laughter from coming out.

"You still see me? Am I walking towards you?" Ryan asks.

Michael starts saying something, but everyone starts talking over him.

"God Damn it, Ryan! How can you not see anything?" Geoff berates.

"Ok! Ok! I see a thing!" Ryan proclaims as he walks in the direction of Jack's name tag. "Heeeyy" Ryan says as he spots Jack.

"Hey! There is the King!" Jack cries.

"We should get the trumpets for when he walks in." Michael says as he starts impersonating a trumpet playing the Rocky theme. Ryan, using the dirt stair case, walked up the side of the throne and jumped in.

"Heyyy" several people say lethargically as Ryan enters into the throne room.

"Kings here," Ryan says as they all start cheering and shouting let's play.

"Alright, so Ryan?" Geoff says.

"YO!" Ryan repeats.

"So last time, we played King Geoff and you won."

"I uhhhh I did." Ryan agreed

"So I decided uhhhh that you should be King Ryan…"

"YAYAY" Ryan interrupted.

"And we will play the game only through your devious mind." Geoff finished.

"I'm looking up your Kilt." Jack says. Ryan starts talking, but he looks over at Jack. He smiles and jumps up onto the arm rest of the throne, so Jack gets a better look.

"Yup. Like this? Here it is." Ryan says

"You're looking up the royal kilt," Gavin says as Ryan and Jack keep making oh yeah noises at each other. That was until he fell off the side of the chair.

"Ok. So I'm not gonna bother changing the sign. So I will just put my gubbins down on Ryan's old chest." Geoff says as everyone starts to get increasingly louder. Gavin tells Geoff that he will change the sign for him.

"I'm gonna make a change." Ray says as he switches out his dirt for a sponge.

"Ray, going for the sponge." Michael said waiting for the game too start.

"Your king is about to starve to death! So maybe we should kick this off." Ryan said in a joking, semi-serious manor.

"You've got food in the chest right next to you." Geoff tells him.

"Do I? Sweet!" Ryan says as Michael and Ray get into an argument over food. Everyone starts talking at the same time, creating a buzz of voices.

"If I were you, King Ryan, I would definitely keep the bow and arrow on you for creepers." Geoff tells Ryan.

"So is Ryan like New King or Second King, cuz Geoff's still king. Right?" Michael asks, his voice dripping with malice.

"Uhhhhhh… Prince maybe? Could I be a duke?"

"Could he be the artist formally known as Ryan?" Ray adds in.

"Whoever wins is King till the next King." Geoff says, finally answering their questions while hinting at future kings to be played.

"So Geoff, you're like the right hand." Michael states as matter of fact.

"I'm the hand of the king" Geoff says.

"Alright, that makes sense." Michael says approvingly.

"I'm actually Jamie Lannister's hand!" Geoff states dawning his master chief helmet for the rest of the let's play. Ryan and Michael start laughing and Geoff adds "I'm hanging form Ryan's neck"

Finally, ready to begin the game, Ryan calls to them. "Minions assemble". They all run to the foot of the thrown and start talking about gubbins.

"Alright, were still missing one… there we go!" Ryan starts "Alright, Minions! Your first task. I desire a very specific piece of yellow wool."

Michael turns around and sees Ray behind him. "Ray stop fucking my ass!"

"What kind of yellow wool?" Jack asks.

"This yellow wool may be found….AT THE BOTTOM OF FILX BAUMGARDERNER! GO!"

After this they all head out, screaming, to find the yellow wool.


"WHAT THE FUCK GAVIN! YOU SLAYED THE KING!" Michael screamed. Everyone was laughing along including Ryan who thought Gavin was just being stupid as usual.

"King Slayer." Gavin says to himself.

"That's gotta be a forfeit! You can't go around slaying kings!" Michael exclaims

"That's like a negative five blocks, right?" Ray asks. Gavin explains how he didn't mean to kill Ryan and Ryan says he will get revenge on Gavin at some undetermined time in the future.

"Absolutely. Do that. Abuse your power as king!" Michael says in response.

"Absolutely. What other point is there to being king?" Ryan asks.

"Can we kill Edgar?" Ray asks.

"No you can not kill Edgar!" Ryan says astonished that they thought it was even a possibility to kill his best friend. Little did he know that right at that moment Edgar was in danger.

On the other side of the map from Ryan.

Michael turned down his microphone as he entered Ryan's house. Michael hears his co-workers start to bicker and vaguely catches Geoff getting blown up by a creeper. Michael getting frustrated with third person POV changes back to first person and starts breaking the glass of Edgar's cage. A white sheep is in his way. He whispers for it to get out, but it doesn't seem to work. He then accidentally pushes the sheep into the hole with Edgar.

"Oh, god damn it," Michael curses in response to pushing the sheep into the hole. He crouches around the hole thinking of ways to get Edgar out of the house. Finally, Michael made the decision to jump in the hole with Edgar and the sheep, and started to make a dirt staircase.

"Get up there! Get up there! Get up there! Get up there! Get up there! Get out of here! Run! Run, dear god, run! Run, run, run!" Michael said in hushed whispers at Edgar. Edgar was trying with all his power to get back in the house and it was making Michael more and more frustrated. "Oh, you fucking stupid sheep!" Michael whispered at the sheep who was blocking his path. He then proceeded to hit it out of the way.

"Is it Iron or my face?" Gavin asked.

"Michael is awful quiet right now," Jack pointed out.

"Yeah. It's troubling, isn't it?" Geoff asks. While this is being said, Michael is beating down the dirt walls of Ryan's home and killing a wolf that is trying to eat Edgar. After getting the walls of Ryan's home down he is finally able to push Edgar out the door.

"Go, go, go, go! Go Edgar! Go! You're fucking free! You're free! You're free! You're free! Run! Go run! Run bitch, run!" Michael says in hushed whispers. After he thinks Edgar has started to make his way out of downtown Achievement City, he walks back over to go repair Ryan's house and throws the door on the ground. He walks out to find Edgar still on the Achievement Hunter logo and tries to push him out of downtown Achievement city. Much to Michael's shock, Edgar attempts to go back into Ryan's house.

"Go, go, go, go, go!" Michael whispers to Edgar in an attempt to get him to leave, while Edgar keeps trying to return to his hole. Michael, at this point, was starting to get frustrated. "Damn it Edgar, don't go back! Don't go back you fucking idiot!" Michael said as he started pushing Edgar towards the cactus field. Edgar, determined to stay with Ryan, keeps trying to go back to the house, much to the dismay of the now thoroughly frustrated Michael.

"You fucking stupid cow! You fucking stupid fuck! You fucking stupid cow! Get the fuck out of here. Get out of the fucking house! You're free you idiot!" Michael whispered, growing more and more agitated. Edgar on the other hand was persistent in getting back to the house. "He wants to go back in?" Michael whispered to him-self confusedly. "Holy shit he wants to go in here! I can't get him out! I can't get him out!" Michael says as Edgar walks back in with Michael right behind him. Michael, with all his infinite wisdom, only now decides to cover up Edgar's hole. After covering up Edgar's hole he bashes out the back of Ryan's house and starts pushing Edgar towards the cactus fields again. "Get out now, Edgar! It's for your own good! Run Edgar! Run. You don't want to be experimented on anymore! Run! Run! Run! I just have to push him a little farther! Just a little farther!" Michael whispered as he led Edgar away.

"There may-be a hole in the Altar of Pimps." Ray said after being blown up by a creeper.

"There's a hole? Yeah, we're definitely not saving," Geoff says. Michael, hearing this after spending all this time trying to free Edgar, panics and turns up his microphone for a minute.

"We can save." Michael says trying to convince them to save. Michael then blocks off the cactus fields so Edgar can't get back to his hole.

"Alright. Looks like my work here is done." Michael says into the microphone. As he walks back to Ryan's house and changes the sign that says 'In case of cake BREAK GLASS' to 'Free Edgar 2013'.

"Michael, have you won yet?" Jack asks.

"No! I haven't won! I'm not doing good at all. I got nothing!" Michael says as he finishes the sign then starts to run away. To his surprise none of his co-workers have found Iron at all when he asks.

"Have you found any iron Michael?" Gavin asks in a knowing sounding voice.

"No, I haven't." Michael pauses for a moment then asks "You saw that Gavin?"

"I absolutely did."

"Yeah. The whole thing dude?"

"It was top."

"I glanced at first."

"It took a lot longer than I thought." Michael and Gavin had their laughs not knowing about what they had started.


Ryan was on his way home with the decision that he was going to improve Edgar's hole. He wanted to make it bigger. That way he could move around more. As he approached down town Achievement City he froze. He noticed from a distance that the Kung-fu had been knocked off his house. As he approached the house he saw that his door was also knocked off.

"Oh great," Ryan whispered under his breath. As he walked in he looked at the floor and froze. Slowly, he turned his microphone completely off and stared at the place where Edgar's hole use to be and fell to his knees. He sat there. He was willing himself not to cry, but it was not working. He sat there, staring for who knows how long until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Oh shit, was all he could think. He had been caught crying, in-front of one of them too.

"Go away!" Ryan said, his voice dripping with sadness.

"Ryan I only want to help," The voice said. Ryan looked up at the person.

"Kerry? What are you doing in Achievement city?"

"I saw what happened back at the office in Los Santos… I came to help you."

"How can you help me?"

"I can get you Edgar back."

"How? Do you know where Edgar is." Kerry looked down at his feet.

"Edgar is dead." Kerry whispered quietly.

"What happened?"

"Michael set Edgar free during the chest plate challenge and Geoff killed Edgar for leather, not knowing that it was him." Ryan sighed in defeat.

"Then how are we supposed to get Edgar back?"

"The Tower of Pimps."

"I don't care about the Tower of Pimps! I want Edgar back!"

"Just listen to me for a minute Ryan!" Kerry screamed and Ryan went silent. "When Gavin first invented the Tower of Pimps I sensed something within it, a power to be more specific."

"What kind of power?" Kerry motioned for Ryan to follow him outside of his house to the Tower of Pimps. He started digging through a bag he had on his person. He threw some dust on the Tower of Pimps and it lit up like a Christmas tree.

"The Tower of Pimps can do anything you want! Gavin you fame, power, money." Kerry said as he walked around the Tower of Pimps and healed it. "It can even bring back your friend."

"How will that happen?"

"I can use the Tower of Pimps to make it so that any cow that enters the hole will take on the spirit of Edgar, thus becoming him, and all you have to do is wish it." Ryan looked at the Tower and back at his house.

"I want Edgar back." Ryan said with no doubt in his mind. Kerry and Ryan then walked into the house. Ryan uncovered Edgar's hole then walked outside. About one minute later Kerry poked his head out of the house and motioned for Ryan to come back in.

"It is done. Now all you have to do is find another cow and put it in the hole." Kerry said as he walked out of Ryan's house. Ryan walked after him.

"Wait! Kerry!" Kerry was gone, without a trace. Ryan sighed and got to work. He tore down the sign that said 'Free Edgar 2013'. After that he went out and grew wheat. Then he found a cow and started to lead it back to Achievement City. This cow was really nasty. It even bit Ryan once. Ryan got so sick of it at one point when the new cow was close to Edgar's hole that he punched the cow into the hole. After pushing it into the hole, he joined him down there. He looked at the cow and the cow looked at him.

"Edgar?" At the sound of his name, Edgar smiled at Ryan and licked him on the face. Ryan cried tears of happiness and healed Edgar for a while. "You will be named Edgar… always Edgar" Ryan said as he turned his microphone back on to re-enter the game.


"Ray has won!" Ryan cheers and everyone is erupting into random yelling.

"I would like to dedicate this win... to Glagory." Ray says still in mourning over his dead pet creeper. Everyone starts laughing and Ryan sends condolences for Glagory's death. Ray and Gavin then get into a discussion on the strategy that Ray used to win.

"God Danmit! Well congratulations, Ray!" Michael says and everyone follows suit with variations of congratulations. "Let's go back to Achievement City and fucking erect this tower!" Michael says excited for Ryan's reaction to Edgar being gone. Everyone makes their way back to the city and Ray somehow gets lost in the process.

"Somebody knocked the Kung-fu off my house!" Ryan says as he enters the house.

"Someone did what?" Michael asked

"The Kung-fu is knocked off my house!

"Oh shit!"

"What's up Edgar?"

"EDGGGER!" Geoff says.

"Dude, Edgar's a fucking animal! No, literally. He is a cow." Ray says.

"How's Edgar doing?" Michael asks.

"He's fine." Ryan says. At this Michael runs into Ryan's house and sees Edgar and the house repaired and stares with a look of astonishment. "Oh and Edgar three has laid an egg."

"Yeah. Your chicken laid an egg dude," Geoff adds.

"Sweet!" Ryan finishes.

"Edgar three is the chicken?" Ray asks surprised.



Gavin, at this point, is really confused because he knows that Michael set Edgar free.

"I don't… I… You son of a bitch Ryan!"


"You son of a bitch!"

"That's bullshit. There is no way that is actually Edgar!"

"WHAT?" Gavin says running in to look at Edgar in the cage and now is just as confused as Michael. Gavin also just keeps saying what over and over.

"No way you got him back in there," he says as he runs over to the cactus patch. "There's no way! YOU BASTERED! HES MISSING!" Everyone was really confused at this point and just staring at Michael like he was crazy.


"I SET EDGAR FREE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE VIDEO AND RYAN RECAPTURED HIM!" Everyone bursts out laughing and you can hear a very loud and distinct noise come from Ray. Everyone is still laughing at this point. Michael, again, screams "YOU SICK BASTERED!"

"Oh my god! Michael's face!" Gavin says as Michael just looks completely destroyed.

"I was thinking. I was like. Did we restart?" Michael said.

"That was why Michael was coming to going 'Dude we gotta save! We goota save!'" Geoff says

"Well Edgar was free for about 16 seconds," Ray says.

"I wonder how long he was free for? Did you. Did you see me do it Ryan?"


"I'm so mad. We didn't get Ryan's reaction from it! So you saw that it was gone and silently repaired it" Gavin says.


"God damn it!"

"What did you do get him to follow you do? Did you get him to follow you with wheat or something?" Geoff asks.

"Yeah. I did!" Ryan says in a proud way.

"Push him in?"

"Yeah. I went and fucking grew wheat and lead a cow back in!" Ryan says

"Wait. Wait! Did you get Edgar back?" Michael asks.

"I don't know." Geoff has started laughing again.

"You got a random cow! So as far as we know the real Edgar is free either-wise."

"He doesn't give a fuck which cow it is!" Geoff says. Ryan keeps trying to talk and everybody keeps talking over him finally he just yells over them.

"Look! You don't understand! EDGAR IS THE ONE IN THE HOLE!" everyone immediately starts laughing again and making jokes about Ryan's metal health.

"Dude, if I end up in the hole, I'm Edgar!" Ray says.

"Oh my god! Ryan, you are a disturbing person!" Geoff says.

"Ryan is a lunatic!" Gavin comments.

"I am terrified of you right now!" Geoff says.

"You know what the worst part is! I came back to improve Edgar's living conditions! I was going to expand his hole! All you did was make it worse!"

"I'm gonna sleep better at night knowing the real Edgar is set free!" Everyone starts laughing and Michael has another thought. "Ryan just captured another poor cow and named it Edgar…"

Everyone is laughing. They continue making fun of Ryan as Kerry climbs the ladders up to the top of Geoff's house to see his master waiting for him.

"Did I do good, my friend?"

"You did perfect, my friend. Everything is going according to plan! Exactly as planed." Kerry and his master look over there revelry, knowing that the end is near.