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Riddle Rina This

Chapter 6

With a huff, Rina crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. The sight in front of her was unexpected; the world's most dangerous wizard stood at the foot of her bed, his skin flushed of color, his hair raven black. A very young, very handsome Lord Voldemort. In her room. As if he owned the damned place. His entire form was transparent - like the ghosts who roamed the castle of Hogwarts. But his color still shown.

"I don't like this," She pouted.

"I'm quite enjoying myself." the boy said with a pleasant smile. He couldn't help but be amused at the girl's state: her long, dark blue (really?) hair flung out in every direction, the look of pure 'I'm going to murder you for waking me up' on her face. Almost laughed out loud at her night-wear: A hot pink shirt and pants ensemble with some childish horse cartoon pattern all over of different colors.

"Now, for my favor."

Rina rolled her eyes and collapsed back on her bed with a groan.


That was a disaster! Rina wrote angrily after returning to her dorms.

I don't know what you're talking about.

You know, when you asked for a favor, I didn't think 'strangle a bunch of chickens' would be a part of it.

They weren't chickens, they were roosters. It is very important that you do this for me first.

What a waste of a Sunday morning. I spoke to Hagrid, he mentioned that his Roosters haven't gotten here yet or something . . . I forget, I wasn't paying attention - anywho, there isn't any here until next week I think.

Troublesome. But we must move on, we're already behind schedule. I need you to open something for me.

Schedule this, schedule that. Hey, do you pronounce schedule sh-eh-dule or sk-eh-duel?

What does it matter? I'm a book.

Yeah, now. When you materialized out of nowhere rudely awakening me at four in the morning, you could speak! And then you disappeared just as Hagrid caught me wandering around his house. Coward!

You misunderstand, I didn't disappear because I'm a coward, I disappeared because I ran out of time. I don't get to stay in your physical world for long.

What a rip-off! :(

Again, with the faces.



Rina hummed and 'dummed' the theme to Mission Impossible as she made her way around the corridor. Just as she'd hoped, Moaning Myrtle was missing from the girl's bathroom, just like Rina's amazing detective skills told her (the ghost-girl was attending Nearly Headless Nick's deathday party).

She slid into the bathroom just as her humming reached the high-pitched notes of the theme, and she stopped, her arms bent by her sides as she carefully took in the area to make extra sure it was clear. With a whoosh! she slid back to the door and locked it from any intrusions. Not that that would stop Myrtle from getting in, meaning she had to act quickly since she would - no doubt - get upset and return very soon.

The sink was just how she imagined, and the bathroom smelt like stale water if there ever was such a thing. And after half an hour of trying to pry the sinks apart with the crowbar she managed to snatch from the dungeon (though why such a thing was needed, she didn't know) she fell to her knees in defeat and threw a mini-fit like a troubled child.

Finally, with a calming breath, she took the diary and green gel pen out of her sleeve.

I am very frustrated.

Have you opened the Chamber yet?

No. No, I have not.

Then why are you wasting time?

Oh, gee, why in the world would I be writing to a spoiled brat at this time of night - IT WON'T OPEN!

It won't open? Is there a spell around it that I was not aware of?

God! Why would you put it in the girl's bathroom of all places?

I assume because it keeps the entrance well-hidden.

Salazar Slytherin, that little perve.

Do not insult the name of Salazar Slytherin!

You have no right to talk with your own obsession of little boys!

Excuse me?

This chamber thing is impossible! I tried a crowbar and everything!

I believe putting *sigh* here is appropriate. It can only be opened by speaking parseltongue! I told you exactly what to say and how to pronounce it!


You hopeless little - Put the diary on the ground and back away.

Rina stuck her tongue out at the diary before slamming it shut and dropping it on the ground.

"Rude!" she whined, stepping back just in time for Tom to materialize right out of the book. He stepped off the cover and rubbed his neck with a glare.

"Stop dropping me!" he hissed. Rina stuck her tongue at him again and snatched the diary off the ground.

"Stand back," he sighed, backing up and positioning himself in the correct spot.

Rina 'hmphed!' but did as she was told. Tom spoke the single word, 'open' in a deep, hauntingly attractive voice and the sinks began to move in a patterned sequenced. A loud screeching could be heard, possibly due to the age of the metal that was being scraped against and bent after who-knows-how long.

"We'll have to fix that," he noted, mostly to himself."

As the entrance came to a full stop, he turned with a proud smirk.

Rina glared back defiantly and after a second of silence she huffed. "Yeah, well . . . you're still an ass!"

"Come, we're wasting time." he says, ignoring her. Rina held on to the sides of two sinks and looked down the deep hole. With an interested hum she took a step straight back, as if ready to jump.

"Oh, hell no." she snapped, much to Tom's surprise. He blinked in confusion and tilted his head.

"You said you would do as I told you."

"No," she corrected. "I agreed that I would do you a favor."

"And part of that favor is going down this hole! Now hurry up!"

"You're so bossy!" And with another peak into the giant hole, she stood back and took a deep breath. Pointing a finger at the teenage dark lord, she said, "If I mess up my hair, I am eating your diary."

Tom rolled his eyes and with a sweep of his hand, a gust of wind pushed Rina forward with such force, she slipped and fell and down, down, down she went.

A surprise scream escaped her throat, lost in the echoes of the walls and once she hit the curved part of the tube she could feel a bruise forming on her lower back. The fall turned into a slide and once she reached the body her body rolled over the edge and on to the ground where loud crunches were heard for a soft-ish landing.

"Ow." She whined, laying on her back as the bumpy ground beneath her dug into the wrong areas of her back.

"That wasn't so difficult, now was it?" Tom asked, still smirking as he stood a ways from her fallen form.

"You're enjoying this too much." Rina looked as if she had no intention to move, sprawled out on the floor despite her discomfort.

"If you had just done as I told you -" Tom was interrupted as several bones flew through his face and hit the wall behind him with a loud crash. He stood with his eyes closed, unphased at the girl's tantrum as she turned on her stomach and met face-to-face with a disfigured skull.

"Am I laying on top of a pile of skeletons?" He gave no answer. Rina lifted herself to sit criss-crossed and picked the skull up with both hands. Her eyes narrowed as she turned it this way and that, and befor ehe knew it the skull came flying towards his face again.

He instinctively ducked and scowled. "Will you stop throwing things at me!?"

"I think I'm going to call you Mr. Tawney!" She giggled, ignoring Tom who twitched while she tossed another skull back and forth between her hands.

"Enough playing with the deceased. Let's go."

"You're no fun," Rina whined again, but reluctantly brought herself to her feet and followed quickly behind him. She stepped out into the rest of the cave and grimaced, her nose squinting as she took in her surroundings.

For the next three minutes, Tom grit his teeth as he dealt with Rina's complaining.

"It's cold!"

"Are there no air vents? What the hell is with the moist air in here?"

"You know, I'm not going to forget that stunt you pulled pushing me down that hole!"

"Are we there yet?"

"I'm hungry."

Tom internally groaned, rubbing his head from the phantom headache that was beginning to form. "I couldn't have been kept with Ginny . . ."

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