Hi, everyone. Here's a new story I thought up. It's a bit random and might not make a lot of sense, but bear with me here. As usual, if it doesn't get good reception I'll delete it. I don't own Fairy Tail and someone's probably thought this up before me, but here it is anyways. I present to you;

Nasty Freeloaders

Chapter 1: Not Enough Rainbow Dash?

Zeref's POV

I flipped idly through my book and skimmed the pages. It had been a awhile since Acnologia and I incinerated the guild on the island. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Well, when you live for hundreds of years, I suppose it sort of is like yesterday.

I flipped another page, glared at it, then shut the book and tossed it over my shoulder before turning to look around my cave.

I had been camped out here for awhile since the mortals were mad with me and I didn't want to accidentally kill any of them. Acnologia returned occasionally but normally he just hid elsewhere and ran for the quote, "troublesome, annoying, ant humans". Speaking of which, he should be visiting any day now.

I stepped down from my chair and leaned against the wall under a flaming touch. It reminded me of Natsu. Natsu...

I thought back to when I had last seen him, at that island, Tenrou, I think it was called. He had been with all his new friends in that guild; Fairy Tail. They had fought bravely and together.

I scratching sound interrupted my thoughts. I closed my eyes.

"Ah, Acnologia, I didn't see you there." I shifted my weight slightly.

"Yeah, right, stop trying to sound cool," came his answer. The huge black dragon loomed over me and I could see the red tinted in his eyes.

"I was being serious," I muttered back.

"Whatever. Did you notice all that stuff on the Infinity Clock while being tapped in here?"

"No, not at all," I said sarcastically. "It wasn't on the morning news."

"Ehh, I think there was something else I was supposed to tell you."

"Then tell me," I grumbled.

"Oh yeah, that guild I blew up 7 years ago returned a few months ago."

"That's ni- what!? Fairy Tail!?"

"I think that's the one."

I stared at him in shock.

"Oh, and they're the ones responsible for saving the world from the clock," added Acnologia. "Apparently some Celestial Mage got captured to be used as fuel."

Celestial Mage? "Right!" I exclaimed. "I remember now!"

"Remember what?" muttered Acnologia.

"I found a way for you to be safe from the humans."

"Oh?" hummed Acnologia, looking interested despite himself.

"Yessss," I hissed softly, rubbing my hands together evilly. I loved teasing Acnologia.

"What are you planning?" growled Acnologia.

I turned around holding a needle filled with a rainbow colored substance and smiled evilly.

"Zeref..." Acnologia growled a warning.

"If I put this in your body you will be transferred into Fairy Tail's Celestail Mage's body," I laughed softly. "She's so light she should be able to hold you." I held up the needle like a deranged scientist.

"I don't want to be stuck in some weakling human's body!" complained the large black dragon. "And what's in the stuff, anyways?"

"Anise seeds, darkness, nightshade, Rainbow Dash, pure death magic, sugar, and my own blood," I said.

"You put sugar in it!?" wailed Acnologia, staggering away from me. "I don't want it! Stay away!"

"Oh, no!" I laughed, enjoying insanity mode. Emo had been rather boring and badass got old after a while. "You're going into that girl's body!"

"I don't care about that, just keep that sugar away! And that sentence sounded really wrong!"


Acnologia took a deep breath and prepared to blast me. "Roar of the..."

I teleported onto his back and lifted the needle above my head, ready to strike between the black scales on Acnologia's neck. The rainbow colored liquid in the bottle glinted in the light from the torches. I stabbed downwards.

"WAIT!" someone yelled. The needle froze mere inches from Acnologia's neck.

A girl with golden hair braided down her back and a black cloak stood on the floor to the cave. She had 4 blood red beads in her hair and cat ears. I also spotted a long furry tail waving slightly from under the black folds of her cloak. Her hand was raised, palm out.

"Wait," she repeated.

In a flash she reappeared in behind me. In tensed, expecting her to attack. Instead she just pulled out a lab coat and draped it over me. Then she took a step back as if admiring her work. Acnologia and I stared at her.

"What?" she asked. "You wouldn't be a crazy doctor without the lab coat. Continue." She waved her hand at me.

I blinked a few times before shrugging and turning back to my work. The needle fell.

"W-wait, don't do it!" wailed Acnologia. Too late. I pushed down on the top and felt to the rainbow colored liquid squeeze out and into Acnologia.

Acnologia began to dissipate, his body dissolving into black smoke.

"Ha-ha, I did it!" I triumphed.

"Who's side are you on!?"

"Now you'll be stuck in that puny human's body forever!" I jumped up and down happily before realizing that being on the top of the quickly disappearing Acnologia was not a good idea.

"Oh, crap," I managed, before I dropped to the ground. Thanks to my brilliant reflexes I landed flat on my face.

I pulled my nose from the rock just in time to see Acnologia completely disappear with only a few wisps of black smoke and a fading echo of, "I'll get you my pretty, and your little dragon too. Wait, I'm the dragon. Never mind!"

I watched as the last of the mist faded. I yawned a rubbed the back of my head and walked over to my computer. I tapped a few buttons and a diagram projected onto the side if the cave. It had a blue background and showed a picture of the girl, Lucy something-or-another. I watched as the black orb that was Acnologia's soul move steadily towards her. I rubbed my hands together. Perfect.

The idea was that Acnologia would be transferred into her body and be trapped there. Nobody could hurt him and the girl was a Celestial Mage, which meant she used a version of light magic and goodness. Therefore, she should be able to hold Acnologia.

I narrowed my eyes at the screen as the soul collided with the girl. "Come on...come on," I muttered. The girl, Lucy whatever, glowed and then her image settled. I blinked. Something had gone wrong.

The girl who had had a human body and gold hair earlier looked very different now. She had large black wings just like Acnologia's and a long scaly black tail. The tip had an axe-shaped blue blade. Her nails were also black and sharp and she had a set of blue horns poking up from her hair.

I frowned and rubbed an imaginary beard. Apparently I had misjudged her strength a bit and now she had literally merged with Acnologia. A powerful Celestial Mage with the Dragon of the Apocalypse sharing a body. Interesting... I pulled the lab coat around myself feeling happily like a deranged lunatic.

I picked up a bloody blue feather from the floor and held it up to the light of the computer monitor. Then I held up the empty needle and looked at them together.

"Maybe I didn't prepare the potion well enough," I thought out loud. "I should have blotted Acnologia's power more. Not enough Rainbow Dash?


In a land far, far away, actually, no. It was only like a two hours train, 6 for Natsu. But getting back to the story. In a land not so far away Lucy Heartfilia woke from her happy dream feeling a bit weird. Her head felt crowded and she briefly wondered if someone had moved her breasts to her back.

'Whatever, I'm going to take a shower,' she thought, stepping out of bed and rubbing her eyes. She stopped when she noticed, in her bleary, half-asleep state, that her nails were black and sharp. 'What the...'

So, what'd you think? Should I bother continuing? I probably will anyways because I get to sit on a train for 6 hour tomorrow and have nothing better to do. Oh joy... Read and Reveiw!