A/N: Andrea/Taylor, of course because I seriously love these two.


Taylor's pretty sure that Kelly is absolutely mad because she's just walked into the hospital room with her hands resting on the shoulders of a goth girl as she explained to Taylor that this was in fact her girlfriend.

Her confusion must be evident because Kelly grins, even as the woman beside her fidgets uncertainly, pointedly avoiding looking at the utterly mind-fucked chav.

"Yes, I know. None of your friends could believe it either," Kelly says cheerfully and Taylor reaches a hand up to the bandage around her head as the distance ache there sharpens to an increasingly painful stabbing feeling.

She's just so fucking confused. "You okay?" Kelly quips.

"Fuckin' no!"

Kelly laughs and the woman beside her smiles slightly but there's a tightness in the gesture that bothers Taylor a lot more than she knows how to handle just yet.

She gazes at her for a moment, her foggy mind trying to come up with a name because it's there and it's hurting thinking so hard.

Cautiously, the strange, pale woman steps closer and hesitantly, like a mouse excepting to be caught in a trap, she takes Taylor's hand.

The Chav tenses instinctively but it doesn't last. She only stiffens for half a second before relaxing again, her gaze upon their hands. The touch is soft and the pale skin is smooth and the woman's dark nails have been chewed, evidence of anxiety and even now they're trembling slightly. There's such a contrast between this woman's and Taylor's but it doesn't seem wrong. It's familiar and it clears some of the fog and her chest constricts at having forgotten.

She looks up into eyes that are probably hazel but look caramel in the light and they're so weird and beautiful, just like the rest of this strange person and the name settles itself on her tongue.

"Andrea..." She murmurs in relief and lips that she knows are meant for her curl up into a smile that isn't nearly as strained and Taylor feels a strong flare of pride for a number of reasons.

She remembers her. At least bits and pieces, more and more with every second that's passing by but she's mostly just proud because this woman is hers. She smiles at her.

"Yeah, Tay..." Andrea confirms and Taylor lifts a hand rests it against her cheek then she chuckles.

"Fuck. I thought ya' were goth a minute ago! You ain't goth though..." She says and Andrea rolls her eyes gently. "You're an emo, ain't ya'?"

"Yeah, I am."

Andrea kisses the hand against her cheek then squeezes the one she's holding and her hand is still and calm now.

Taylor's feeling drowsy but she doesn't really want to sleep. She wants to remember. She wants to remember everything she can about Andrea.

The emo kicks her boots off then climbs onto the bed beside the chav who wraps an arm around her neck like she's done it a million times before and maybe she has.

"Get some sleep, Tay..." Andrea says gently and Taylor frowns slightly.

"Don't wanna though."

"We can talk when you wake up... I'm not going anywhere."

And somehow, that's all the reassurance that Taylor needs because with just a little gentle coaxing of a soft hand to her cheek and a warm smile lingering her mind, she's being lulled into pleasant dreams.

"Sleep well, Tay."

She smiles as soft lips press to the corner of her mouth and the ache in her head lessens.

She doesn't remember Andrea's birthday or how she met her or their first kiss but she will. She never felt so sure of anything as this woman...

A/N: Inspired in part by Memorise by CrazyRach which can be found at s/9703033/1/Memorise