So, yes, I know that I've got a lot of stories out at the moment. But I'm having a Klarion the Witch Boy obsession so deal with it. XD Now onward!

Title: Sleeves

Summary: The team is forced by Batman to go to the training room to "Bond" with Klarion, their newest team mate.

Klarion had joined Young Justice about roughly two months ago. If he gets the amount of time wrong, oh well. Sue him. (He'd like to see you try.) He never wanted to be a part of the team of baby heroes anyway. Stupid Nabu.

Or at least that's what Klarion says about Nabu. Wally knows from first hand how Doctor Fate can be. After all, he had been Fate for a short amount of time. So even though he still didn't fully trust the witch, he can see where he's coming from.

Wally's noticed some strange things about the mage. He wasn't stalking, thank you very much. Way's a scientist and he observes. Force of habit. He's not a creeper. (Artemis would say differently.) He could go on and on listing ways about how he's God's gift to Earth, but that still doesn't change her opinion. Or the fact that he's noticed these things about Klarion. Small and large.

If Wally remembers correctly (and he usually does) the first time he noticed some thing was when Batman had finally had enough of everyone skirting around Klarion and the fact that he was a part of their team now. That they actually had to talk to him and interact with him. A former villain who only changed sides because he was forced to by Doctor Fate. (He'd grabbed Teekl and threatened to throw her from the top of Everest while Klarion watched.) So as a bonding exercise they were going to suffer through a combat training sequence. He's pretty sure the others didn't say "suffer" in so many words, just himself. But whatever, he believes what he wants.

In the end though Wally guesses he should be grateful or something, because as it turns out watching Klarion fight is pretty entertaining, and he notices something kind of strange. No matter how hot it gets, the witch never rolls up his sleeves.

He's currently in combat against Connor and the clone already has his shirt stripped off. They've been at it for a good twenty minutes so it's not hard to see why Connor currently prefers to continue in half his birthday suit. Klarion however hasn't made even one move to unbutton the (admittedly cool) suit coat that's his trade mark attire or roll up the sleeves. Normally Wally would barely think anything of it but he's not fighting and can still feel the heat, it's enough to be at least a little uncomfortable.

So Wally's intrigued and finds his eyes more often then not straying to watch the long ends of the sleeves curl around Klarion's thin wrists.

"Aren't you hot, Klarion? You could always roll your sleeves up or something, dude. Take of your coat and shirt if you need to." he says. The witch boy had been in the in the process of throwing a pulsing orb of red energy at Connor when Wally asked the question.

Klarion loses his seemingly otherworldly grace for a fraction of a millisecond. The sphere of spells visibly misses Connor, whizzing past his shoulder and leaving a dent in the supposedly undentable wall. Wally hears Klarion mutter something (probably a curse to his family name) before Connor has him pinned to the floor mat.

He's obviously not a happy witch, because he hisses, "etativel siht fao ffo em won!" and Connor's squashed against the wall in the next second. Klarion stands up and brushes himself off rather stiffly and leaves the room with out another word.

It's been three days since then and Wally's brain is about to explode. He knows he shouldn't be over thinking things, his voice probably just startled Klarion and that's why he missed on his attack. But the brain of a scientist never rest and now Wally has to know. So he instigates the help of M'gann. With her telekinesis she had make Klarion's sleeves rise up while looking like an accident. It takes a lot, but he finally gets a reluctant Martian accomplice on his side of the field.

Later that day he casually (He thinks it is. He's Wally West. He's smooth.) signals M'gann and the poor girl nods her head and looks in the general direction of the witch boy as to not be too obvious, and lets her eyes take on a green fog like glow. Klarion's bringing his arm forward to pet Teekl again when his sleeve to his left arm "catches" and pulls up.



Wally wasn't expecting that. This scenario never crossed his mind.

Because running al over the surface of Klarion's skinny little white arms, are angry burn.

M'gann gasps and their cover is blown. Klarion wrenches his sleeve down and flies from the chair. He stares at them and his eyes are filled with an unfamiliar to the witch boy's face. There's anger and rage and over all chaos in those black eyes. But there's also what looks like fear.

"tegroF.", Klarion growls. M'gann looks like she does, turns her head and goes back to watching the tv. Klarion runs from the room.

Wally doesn't forget.