Author's Note: Max is completely different and this is a story about if she was not the flock leader (or in the flock-yet) and if she never escaped the school. Also, I kind of changed her looks and last name depending on her background in the story. The story takes place after the flock is captured and is brought back to the school. Max has been there for a majority of her life.
Also, I just want to upload this to see if I should continue.

Chapter 1: Deity

(Max POV)

"Dinner, you little brats!"

Ari, an Eraser (or human/lupine hybrid) bellowed out hid daily dinner call. Some of the mutants cringed next to me. I, however, stared defiantly at him. Seeing this, Ari promptly kicked my small dog crate harshly, causing my head to crash into the side of my prison. A small boy with a cowlick gasped across the walkway between our crates. I smiled at him reassuringly, causing all of his companions to look at me.

Their names popped into my mind. The boy that had the cowlick was Gazzy, who was eight or so. The little girl beside him was Angel, his sister, who was about six. Nudge, a dark skinned girl, was twelve, I think. Then there were the older ones. Iggy, a blind fourteen year old male, had reddish-blonde hair. Fang, also fourteen and male, could be described as emo. His longish black hair was flopped over his right eye, and he was as pale as could be. Oh, yeah. Last and least, my name is Makkusu Kurokarasu. No, I am not a boy despite my first name (which is Maximum in Japanese). I should also mention that I, unlike any of my neighbors, am not a mutant. In fact, I am barely human. To be exact, I am part angel, demon, a tiny bit of avian, and an even tinier bit of human. I'm talking about .00001% human. Oh, and I'm kind of a carnivore, if that counts for anything.

After feeding everyone else, Ari plopped down a tray of vegetables in front of me. I sighed. Guess I wasn't eating tonight. As I watched the other kids eat, I noticed they all had some form of meat. Anger flared up inside me. Oh, yeah. Did I mention that I have a horribly bad temper? Fang, the black haired one, noticed me staring at his meat, and looked at my tray of greens. He chuckled quietly. I shot dagger eyes at him, but that only fueled his amusement. His chuckle grew to full-on laughter. I rolled my eyes. Now his laughter was hysteric. Iggy gave him a strange glance in his direction.

(Iggy POV)

"Fang, are you okay?" I asked hesitantly.

"Never….Better." He managed to choke out in between laughs.

That's it. Fang finally went insane.

"What does she look like?" I whispered to Nudge.

"She has what could be wavy light brown hair, but it's kind of tangled at the moment. I think she is about...five-eight. Right Fang? Anyway, I think she is like us... but I don't know. Angel? Any info?"

"She isn't like us. At all. Only in appearance."

"What is she, then?" I asked hesitantly.

"By her thought patterns, I would say that she is in fact... this might sound strange, but she is part demon, part angel." Angel finished quietly.

I heard Fang make a strange noise. Wow. Even Fang can be surprised.

"I would appreciate it if you did not talk of me as if I were not here." I heard the girl say.

"What's your name?" Gazzy asked her.

There was a pause. "Why should I tell you?"

"If you tell us your name, we'll tell you ours."

"I already know your names." She responded.

"How do you know our names?" Fang asked coldly.

"Well, first of all, you are kind of notorious around here. Second, I have been here long enough that they keep me well informed around here. They also know that I have nowhere to go. Third, your names are engraved on your dog crates."

"Why is your name not on your dog crate?" Gazzy asked.

"Like I said, I've been here awhile. Everybody knows my name here."

"Except us." I heard Fang reply.

"Yeah, well you've been here less than twenty-four hours, bub."

"We escaped here about ten years ago."

"Oh, I know." She said icily, "I remember."

"You were there?" Fang asked incredulously.

"Yes. My crate was across from yours."

"You were the one who wouldn't speak!" He suddenly exclaimed after some thought.

When I could see, I remembered a girl that wouldn't talk, but always had a smile on her face. Except one day. The whitecoats took her in to "test" her. She came back and it looked like they sucked the life right out of her. She showed no emotion at all after that. A week later, I lost my sight, and the next week, we escaped. Without her. Now, apparently she has gained sarcasm.

"If you must know, my name is Maximum Blackraven."

"Are you really a demon-angel thingy?" I heard Gazzy ask.

"Yep. And I'm also two percent avian, but I'm also barely human."

(Angel POV)

I knew that we could trust her. Max's thoughts were sad, but safe. Honestly, she is more wary of us than Fang is of Erasers. At least she told us the truth about her name. I guess. Her real name is Makkusu Kurokarasu, which is Japanese for Maximum Blackraven. From digging through her memories, I can tell that she has had a bad life. She had twelve brothers, all older than her. Her parents wanted thirteen boys, for whatever reason. The last child, Max, ended up being a female. Seeing this, her parents hated her. She was abused throughout her time out of the school. Her having wings did not help her case at all.

"How long have you been here?" I asked.

"Since I was..." Max paused as if trying to remember. "Five." She finished.

Fang sucked in a breath. He was thinking about how we escaped the same year Max was put here. Sympathetic thoughts were rolling off of him in waves, which was not like him.

"How old are you?" Fang asked.

"About... fourteen or so. My parents never shared my birthday with me."

At this, Nudge gasped. She thought it was incredible that Max had parents. None of us knew if we had parents or if we were test-tube babies. The concept saddened us to no end. At the moment, only I knew the truth about Max's parents. I would definitely tell the flock later.